GLOBAL LAUNCH LMT series magnetostrictive level transmitters LMT

GLOBAL LAUNCH LMT series magnetostrictive level transmitters LMT

GLOBAL LAUNCH LMT series magnetostrictive level transmitters LMT SERIES, 2019 FOUNDATIONTM Fieldbus Sreekanth Madhavasherry Sreenivasan (Sree), Global Product Manager, Level Products Agenda Introduction Operating principle Features & functionality Key Configurations Key Applications Competition Summary This presentation only provides the FOUNDATION Fieldbus specific details of the LMT Series. Please refer to the PPT_LMT100_LMT200_LAUNCH_CUSTOMER_EXTERNAL_EN.pptx for the complete details including the features, benfits and configurations of the LMT Series of magnetostrictive transmitters. 2/29/20 Slide 2 Introducing ABBs LMT Series Next generation magnetostrictive level transmitters Introducing new LMT Series Transition to LMT series AT Series

Advanced LMT Series Classic design with component obsolescence threat and limited features 2/29/20 Slide 4 New & improved features with all major hazardous location approvals Introducing the LMT Series Next Generation Magnetostrictive Transmitter Why LMT Series? The LMTs principle of operation and simple setup ensure customer process is always measured reliably and accurately. This allows them to maximize their process efficiency, uptime and profits. LMT is available as an insertion style wetted transmitter (LMT100) or as an externally mounted, non-intrusive design (LMT200) for use with the market leading KM26 magnetic level gauge or with any other float and level chamber. 2/29/20 Slide 5 Magnetostrictive level measurement

Technology Operating principle 1. The device electronics generates a low energy current pulse at fixed intervals. 2. The electrical pulses create a magnetic field which travels down a specialized wire inside the senor tube. 3. The interaction of the magnetic field around the wire and the magnetic float causes a torsional stress wave to be induced in the wire. This torsion propagates along the wire at a known velocity, from the position of the magnetic float and toward both ends of the wire. 4. A patented sensing element placed in the transmitter assembly converts the received mechanical torsion into an electrical return pulse. 5. The microprocessor-based electronics measures the elapsed time between the start and return pulses (Time of Flight) and converts it into a position measurement which is proportional to the position(level) of the float. 2/29/20 Slide 6 LMT100 - Direct insertion LMT200 - Gauge mounted Key features and functionalities ABBs LMT Series FOUNDATIONTM Fieldbus LMT Series magnetostrictive transmitters FOUNDATION Fieldbus

Features Function blocks 5 AI (Analog Input) 3 PID (Proportional, Integral, derivative) 1 CS (Control Selector) 1 AR (Arithmetic) RB(enhanced) 2TB Field Diagnostics NE 107, according to FF-912 Resource Min_CYCLE_T 100 msec AI execution time 25 msec PID execution time 40 msec Integrated Interactive Waveform Linearization 2/29/20 Slide 8

LMT Series magnetostrictive transmitters FOUNDATION Fieldbus LMT FOUNDATION Fieldbus specification ITK6.3.0. FF Manufacturer ID = 0x000320 (ABB) FF Device type ID = 0x0096 (LMT Magnetostrictive) Device Type = Link Master Analog Input block CHANNEL CHANNEL CHANNEL CHANNEL CHANNEL CHANNEL CHANNEL = = = =

= = = 1= Level, 2 = Interface Level 3 = Distance-Ullage 4 = Process Temperature 5 = Level Volume, 6 = Interface Volume 7 = Level Flow Default for AI_1 Default for AI_2 Default for AI_3 Default for AI_4 Default for AI_5 Fully loaded features, unmatched benefits 2/29/20 Slide 9 For more details of each block, refer the LMT FOUNDATION Fieldbus Service presentation LMT Series magnetostrictive transmitters FOUNDATION Fieldbus Features Minimum operating voltage: 9.0 VDC Maximum operating voltage: 32.0 VDC Normal operating voltage: 24 V Quiescent current drawn: 17 mA Device Capacitance: less than or equal to 5 nF

Polarity sensitive terminal with diode protection against reverse polarity Device & Device description version: Device version 01, Device descriptor version 01 LAS (Link Active Scheduler) = LMT is LAS capable, By default LAS is disabled 2/29/20 Slide 10 LMT Series magnetostrictive transmitters Features & functionality Features Superior sensor design patented AccuTrack Torsional Piezo Sensor Integrated interactive waveform ABB common look and feel Modular and flexible design concept housing and HMI display Mounting flexibility enabling late configuration High accuracy level measurement 4-in-1 measurement : total level, interface, temperature & Ullage Advanced diagnostics and online self-verification Variable process connections Model differentiation LMT100 direct insertion and LMT200 gauge mounted

2/29/20 Slide 11 LMT Series magnetostrictive transmitters Features & functionality Features Approvals: ATEX, IECEx, FM US & Canadian, NEPSI, CRN, EAC & INMETRO Foundation Fieldbus ITK6.3 Modular design enabling field replace/upgradable electronics Dual compartment housing with separate field terminal compartment and secondary seal Meets NAMUR recommendations NE107 & , Built-in RFI/EMI filter Pressure to 165.48 bar (2400 psig) Std. 124.1 bar (1800 psig) Temperature range: -195.5 to 426.6C (-320 to 800F) Digital communications with software tools EDD Advanced semiconductor platform with faster update rate , built-in surge protection option 2/29/20 Slide 12 LMT Series magnetostrictive transmitters Features & functionality Accuracy Repeatability Update Rate Reliability

Measurements 2/29/20 Slide 13 0.01% of full scale or 0.05,whichever is greater 0.005% of full scale or 0.015, whichever is greater Up to 10 updates per second Measurement signal quality is unaffected by process conditions Total level, Interface level, Process temperature LMT Series magnetostrictive transmitters Superior features, simpler to use, safe & reliable Feature

Safety Ease of Use Flexibility Reliability Onboard Waveform Display & Diagnostics Easy Setup Menu Dual Compartment with secondary Sealed Electronics Floats do not require batteries Reliable interface measurement

DTM & EDDs for Remote viewing and calibration Built-in RTD Option LMT100 wetted sensor Mounting orientation can be changed in field High Temperature & Cryogenic Capabilities Non-Intrusive - Externally Mounted LMT200 Insertion Well for removal even when process is in vessel

2/29/20 Slide 14 HART 7 & FF ITK6.3 Communication ATEX/IECEx, cFMus, NEPSI, EAC, INMETRO, SIL2/3 Key configurations ABBs LMT Series magnetostrictive level transmitters LMT Series magnetostrictive transmitters LMT100 and LMT200 LMT100: accurate level and interface measurement 2/29/20 Slide 16

LMT200: non-intrusive configuration LMT200: valve position transmitter Key Applications ABBs LMT Series magnetostrictive level transmitters LMT Series magnetostrictive transmitters Applications Tough process conditions Easy to apply, powerful results Total level and Interface level Interface with heavy emulsion layer Extreme pressures and temperatures Extremely low specific gravity Extreme foaming Steam and heavy vapors

Toxic vapors and fluids Condensing atmospheric conditions Hydrocarbons, acids or basic chemicals Turbulent surfaces Viscous fluids Paraffin's and buildup can be defeated Extreme accuracy requirements LMT Series: Intrusive or nonintrusive level measurement 2/29/20 Slide 18 LMT Series magnetostrictive transmitters Industry Power Chemicals - Boiler level Acid storage tanks - Feedwater heater level Cryogenic

Ammonia Vaporizer Control HCL storage tanks - Condensate tanks 2/29/20 Slide 19 Oleum Acid Tower Ion exchange tanks Oil & gas Pulp & paper Water & wastewater Hydrocarbon Storage Level Floatation Cell Level Sump level Separator HT/LT Purified Water Level

Distillation Column Chemical storage tanks Chemical storage tanks Propane storage Glycol Purified Water Level Portfolio ABBs LMT Series magnetostrictive level transmitters LMT Series magnetostrictive transmitters Features Positioning LMT100 and LMT200 Standard Base 2/29/20 Economy No Display, Blind Cover OEM Applications

Replaces AT500/600 Slide 21 Standard Aluminum Housing TTG Display, all approvals Replaces AT100/200 Premium Top 316SS Housing TTG display and all approvals Corrosive and offshore application Summary LMT Series To help you do your level best LMT Series benfits in a glance Easy to apply, powerful results Vertical head rotation Easy display view at any angle Reliable performance with foam, emulsion, flashing, steamy, and

changing process conditions Waveform Display Easy calibration No oscilloscope required IEC61508 Certified SIL2/3 Factory calibrated to your Safe for use in critical applications Capable Reliable performance Faster commissioning application Minimal skill set required NE107 Messaging Improved Diagnostics Troubleshooting assistance 3-in-1 measurement Total level, Interface and temperature Common design for all mounting orientations Digital 4-20mA, HART7 & FF ITK6.3 Reduced startup delays

EDD integrated with Installation flexibility HHT475 Easy modifications in the field FDT DTM FDI device packages for For any application FIM Wide range of probe and process connection materials 2/29/20 Slide 23 Customer benefits Signal quality not process dependent Full Full assembly assembly and and accessories accessories installed(LMT200), installed(LMT200), tested tested and and calibrated calibrated and and shipped shipped from from factory

factory results results in in lower lower cost cost of of ownership ownership No No piping piping modifications modifications or or process process interruptions to add transmitters interruptions to add transmitters to to aa KM26 KM26 MLG MLG results results in in lower lower cost cost of of ownership ownership Improved Improved design design results results in

in increased increased accuracy accuracy of of level level measurement measurement increasing increasing the the energy efficiency and throughput. energy efficiency and throughput. Advanced Advanced built-in built-in diagnostics diagnostics tools tools minimizes minimizes downtime downtime ,, increase increase asset asset life life and and modular modular parts results in maximize parts results in maximize

productivity productivity and and profits profits Increased Increased safety safety global global Hazloc Hazloc approvals, approvals, secondary secondary seal seal and and SIL SIL capability for critical applications capability for critical applications LMT Series ABBs next generation magnetostrictive level transmitters Lower total cost of ownership Key features Improved Delivery : modular &late configuration Gain creators 3-in-1: total level, interface & temperature

Patented piezo sensor Easy startup and low maintenance 360o rotatable HMI & housing Wide range of applications: Oil & Gas, Petrochem, chemical, Power etc. Integrated interactive waveform Advanced diagnostics Digital communications DTM, EDD, FDI 4..20mA, HART, FF/PA Global Market: Hazloc approvals with SIL 2/3 capability

Retrofittable Variety & flexible in any MLG mounting options Common parts: Optimize operations, inventory management Advantages SIL2/3 capable Meet market expectations - Ease of installation, mounting and Pain relievers configuration - Ease of commissioning & troubleshooting - Advanced tools for best asset managementreduce total cost of ownership Variants based on applications Products & services Wide environmental conditions: All variants with all approvals - base model without display option direct insertion vs gauge mounted Aluminum vs SS dual compartment ABB Technical support & service personnel's RoHS 2.0

2/29/20 ATEX/IECEx, cFMus, CRN, NEPSI Slide 24 IP 66 -40C to 85C

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