FIND NEW BUYERS, FINANCE DEALS, AND GET PAID World Trade Month Go Global Webinar Series Webinar #1: May 9, 2019 Go Global Webinar Series We are here to help you Go Global. Get answers to your top questions on Finding and Financing New Buyers, Managing Trade Challenges, Using Online Tools, and Discovering International Opportunities Brought to you by your federal trade partners: the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Export-Import Bank of the United States, U.S. Census Bureau, International Trade Administration, U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Agency for International Development and

U.S. Trade & Development Agency. Access more international trade resources on Webinar 1: Find New Buyers, Finance Deals and Get Paid Why should I consider selling my goods or services outside the U.S.? How do I target markets and find foreign buyers? How can I finance global market deals and make sure I get paid? Todays Speakers Host: Omari Wooden U.S. Census Bureau

Presenters: Stephen Sullivan, Senior International Trade Specialist U.S. Small Business Administration Howard Melamed, CEO and President CellAntenna Corporation William Lawton, Senior Trade Specialist, U.S. Commercial Service, Miami U.S. Export Assistance GO GLOBAL Webinar Series Todays Speakers Presenters: David Leonard, Regional Export Finance Manager Atlanta U.S. Export Assistance Center, U.S. Small Business Administration Jennifer Simpson, Regional Director, Eastern Region Export-Import Bank of the United States GO GLOBAL Webinar Series

Who we are Woman Owned Small Business Located in Coral Springs Florida 17 years in business Mom / Pop Exporting for more than 15 Years our MADE IN THE USA Services and Products 45 Employees Main Product Focus : 1. Cellphone and Public Safety Distributed Antenna Systems ( DAS) 2. Engineering Services for Interference Mitigation ( Noise on towers) 3. Design and Manufacture Equipment that Intercepts, ReRoutes, Secures, and Jams Cell Phones. CONFIDENTIAL Countries Where We Do Business

Canada New Zealand Australia Philippines Thailand Singapore Mexico Bermuda Cayman Islands

Turks and Cacoas Colombia United Kingdom France Switzerland Poland UAE

Israel Nigeria Ivory Coast CONFIDENTIAL Why Export? Diversification Profit Patriotism Pick a Country Or the Country Picks You Nice place Google Search (Through VPN Connection) Attend Department of Commerce Events Contact Local Department of Commerce Rep See what they have to say CONFIDENTIAL

Interested in expanding your global sales? DoC Find Markets and Clients! In-country Expertise Gold Keys and Market Research Foreign and Domestic Trade Shows KEEPS YOUR COSTS DOWN SBA Arrange for Financing Without tying up your Domestic Line of Credit Offer great terms to overseas customers building in cost of credit Exim Bank Arrange for Export Credit Insurance Non-payment Insurance up to 95% of the contract Low Cost to Protect Risk CONFIDENTIAL The U.S. Commercial Service Worldwide network

110 Export Assistance Centers throughout the U.S. (Most large U.S. Cities) 157 offices in 84 countries ( Most US Embassies and Consulates) Market Intelligence Best market reports Country Commercial Guides GO GLOBAL Webinar Series The U.S. Commercial Service Trade Counseling to help develop export strategies Trade Advocacy on behalf of U.S. businesses Business Matchmaking (finding overseas reps and joint venture partners) Overseas and Domestic Shows GO GLOBAL Webinar Series

How to contact us Please visit To find local USEAC or foreign post contact information Or For trusted market intelligence, practical advice and business tools to help U.S. companies expand in global markets. GO GLOBAL Webinar Series State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) What: Awards to eligible state/territory to assist U.S. small business exporters seeking new export

business. Small business receives the grant as a reimbursement of eligible expenses. Why: STEP financial support helps new or expanding exporting small businesses: Learn how to export Participate in foreign trade missions, foreign market sales trips, and trade show exhibitions Obtain services to support foreign market entry Develop business websites to attract foreign buyers Design international marketing media Who: 47 states & territories in 2018- $18 million total Where:

See our page about SBA's Grants for exporters or contact [email protected] (link sends e-mail) for more information. GO GLOBAL Webinar Series SBA Export Loan Programs Lender loans guaranteed by SBA that support U.S. small business export activity for existing businesses. Export Working Capital Program- Revolving working capital loans advanced against exporters foreign purchase orders, contracts or foreign receivables and export inventory related to export activities. Export Express- Fast-track loan guaranty program for smaller export-related term loans or lines of credit to support market development, acquisition of fixed assets and refinancing of eligible loans. International Trade Loan- Fixed asset financing to significantly impact new or expanding export sales and improve applicant competiveness. Loans are used to buy, build or remodel facilities and buy equipment, refinance debt or for permanent working capital. Export finance programs GO GLOBAL Webinar Series Network of Export Finance Specialists at U.S. Export Assistance Centers ATLANTA serving Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, West/Central Tennessee [email protected] 404-7302706 ARLINGTON, VA serving VA, MD, DC, WV [email protected] 202-557.4063 BOSTON temporarily vacant; ME, VT, NH, CT, RI

contact Tampa; MA contact Atlanta CALIFORNIA IRVINE serving Southern CA, NV [email protected] 949-6608935 LOS ANGELES serving Southern CA, AZ [email protected] 213-894-8267 SAN FRANCISCO serving Northern CA [email protected] 415-902-6027 CHARLOTTE serving NC, SC, Eastern TN [email protected] 704-333-4886 x226 CHICAGO

serving IL, WI temporarily vacant; WI contact Minneapolis; IL contact Cleveland CLEVELAND serving OH, Western NY, Western PA, [email protected] 216-522-4731 DENVER serving CO, NM, UT, WY [email protected] 303-844-6622 DETROIT serving MI, IN [email protected] 313-226-3038 FLORIDA MIAMI serving South FL , Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands [email protected] 305-526-7425

x21 TAMPA serving Central & North FL [email protected] 727-464-7177 HOUSTON serving TX, OK [email protected] 202-412-4657 MINNEAPOLIS serving MN, ND, SD [email protected] 612-348-1642 NEW ORLEANS serving LA, AR, MS [email protected] 504-589-6730 NEW YORK CITY serving NY City & 5 Boroughs, Eastern Upstate NY, NJ [email protected] 212-809-2645

PHILADELPHIA serving Eastern PA, DE [email protected] 215-597-6105 PORTLAND serving OR, Southern ID, MT; HI & Guam [email protected] 503-326-5498 SEATTLE serving WA, AK, Northern ID [email protected] 206-553-0051 ex.228 ST. LOUIS serving MS, IA, KS, NE [email protected] 314-540-7587 GO GLOBAL Webinar Series Export Credit Insurance

Risk Protection: Sales Tool: Financing Aid: Protect against nonpayment by foreign buyers due to commercial risks and political risks Offer competitive terms to foreign buyers (generally up to 180 days, some products may qualify for 360-day terms) Enable additional Financing. Insured foreign receivables

may be added to your borrowing base by assignment of policy proceeds (claim payments) to a lender GO GLOBAL Webinar Series Jennifer M. Simpson Regional Director Export-Import Bank of the U.S. [email protected] 305.586.2022 1-800-565-3946 | Questions?

Global Market Finder An Interactive Tool for U.S. Exporters Data by 10-digit Schedule B Code Search with a Schedule B number or Keywords Annual Data by Country 2013-2017 (2018 coming soon) Interactive Visualization That Tells a Story in a Glance 20 Global Market Finder Graph and Table View for Each Visualization 21

For More Information Exporter Challenge Solution Access Export Data U.S. Census Bureau Email: [email protected] 800-549-0595 Option #4 Find Buyers U.S. Commercial Service Find a local office:

Access Financing Small Business Administration Email: [email protected] 855-722-4877 Protect Against Nonpayment EXIM Bank Email: [email protected] 800-565-3946 Upcoming Webinars For more information on our next webinar go to: Managing Challenges in the Global Marketplace: May 16

Online Tools for Finding New Markets: May, 23 Opportunities in International Development: May 30 ALL WEBINARS START AT 2pm ET

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