New Hire Orientation The Red Carpet Experience Presented

New Hire Orientation The Red Carpet Experience Presented

New Hire Orientation The Red Carpet Experience Presented By Dalinda Galaviz Human Resources The Role of

New Hire Orientation Department You Are Welcome Here!

Diversity and inclusion have played important roles in shaping the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. With great intention, Parkside has created a learning environment that celebrates diverse knowledge and perspectives through academics and partnerships in our communities. The result: Students are better prepared to be effective contributors in today's multicultural society. Parkside's classroom environment promotes individualized attention that speaks to both traditional and nontraditional students. Parkside offers you a quality university experience that goes beyond the

classroom. Our top faculty members teach all levels of undergraduate courses. They become your mentors, engage you in their own research, and are actively involved with businesses, groups and organizations in our region. Our student-to-faculty ratio is just 18 to 1, and more than three quarters of the classes offered have fewer than thirty students. "Parkside is a perfect example of the Wisconsin idea bringing the university to the people. And the people of this region have demonstrated that they want it. Fred Harvey Harrington, University of Wisconsin President, 1970

University of Wisconsin presence in southeastern Wisconsin since 1933 In 1965, UW Parkside was created in Kenosha and Racine Chancellor Irvin G. Wyllie selected the name Parkside to represent the picturesque campus and to exhibit service to all of southeastern Wisconsin Architect Gyo Obata designed the complex with a major library/learning center at its heart. July 1, 1968, the University of Wisconsin Parkside was officially founded.

Our President of UW Parkside is Chancellor Deborah Ford Supervisors Role New Hire Orientation The Role of the Supervisor Plays a pivotal role Provides factual information and clear and realistic performance expectations

Emphasize the employees likelihood of succeeding at UW Parkside Encourages newcomers acceptance by coworkers What is the purpose of New Hire Orientation To Reduce Startup Costs

To Reduce Anxiety To Reduce Employee Turnover To Save Time for the Supervisor To Develop Realistic Job Expectations,

Positive Attitudes and Job Satisfaction ** A thoughtful new employee orientation program can reduce turnover and save an organization thousands of dollars.** Include in Your New Employee Orientation Commitment to

continuous improvement & learning Payoff for the individual employee, department and UW Parkside Employees being the organizations greatest resource so ask them

What do they like or not like about orientation Trust in your employees feedback Benefits What is The Red Carpet

Treatment? Feel welcomed Smooth integrate into UW Parkside Have the tools and resources to perform their job successfully Have targeted goals Make the first day a celebration Make new hires productive on the first day Its not boring, rushed or ineffective

Discuss the expected contributions and how they will help UW Parkside (how they fit in) Common Mistakes . . . Be Prepared! Work area created or assigned. Schedule the new hire to start when the Manager is out or on vacation. Leave the new hire in the reception area for a hour.

Leave the new employee at their workstation. Give the employee the paperwork in a noisy area to sign off on paperwork. Show the new employee his office/cube and not introduce them to coworkers. Showing all day orientation videos Common Mistakes Be Prepared!

Assign the employee who was not aware they were meeting with the new hire. Assign the employee to a negative, unhappy employee on staff Assign the employee busy work that has nothing to do with their core job description because you are too busy to work with them. Overwhelm them with facts, figures, names and faces packed into one eight hour day.

Failing to prepare for the new hire by not providing appropriate equipment and adequate assignments. What is Important to Review

A Safe Work Environment The Job Description Benefits Who are the people they will be working

with Company Culture The Organizational Chart How do they fit in Fun activities to participate in the department as well as on Campus Put Our Best Foot Forward Welcome aboard email

once the candidate has accepted the offer Goodie bag i.e. pen or tie a balloon on their chair Be in the office on their First Day Intro Email to the Team Intro Email across the

Campus Assign a mentor or buddy. Team Meeting. Start with a company overview and then a department overview Follow-up with them at

the end of their first week, 30 days and finally 90 day After one month have a wrap up have coffee or a soft beverage outside of the department HR

Ne w ee y o l p Em n o

i t a t Orien st li k c e

h C your re. rts he a t

s y e journ New Employee Orientation Checklist

Admissions Department I am Welcomed, Therefore, I Belong Celebrating a New Employee means Schedule a welcome luncheon

(potluck) in the department either the first day or at the end of their week. Lunch with the Immediate Supervisor at the end of the week Evaluate the Success Ask for feedback on their new employee orientation

after 30 days Send out a brief, five question survey Find out what information was overload or unneeded. Incorporate the suggestions to improve the program First impressions both good and bad after the first day Other observations Your new employee orientation is a make em or break em

experience. 4 Simple Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Valued 1. Be Intentional with Everyday Conversations 2. Show Them that Others Need Them, Too 3. Challenge Them 4. Recognize Them as Individuals

If you want your employees to stick around.

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