Dr S H Quraishi Consultant Psychiatrist Lancashire Care

Dr S H Quraishi Consultant Psychiatrist Lancashire Care

Dr S H Quraishi Consultant Psychiatrist Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust PMETB How to prepare a successful Application Portfolio for CESR PMETB

Functional- September 2005 Applications under article 14(4)- July 2005 PMETB CCT- In all specialities GP Certification Another route to Specialist Register- Article 14 (4) & (5)

PMETB Establishing standards and requirements for postgraduate medical education and training. Making sure these standards and requirements are met. Developing and promoting postgraduate medical education and training across the country

PMETB Article 14 (4) Objectives of this session Why Portfolio How to structure Portfolio Before Preparing Application

Portfolio Check Speciality

Guidance & Application Forms Speciality Specific guidelines Speciality Curriculum www.pmetb.org.uk www.rcpsych.ac.uk Why a Portfolio

Changes to postgraduate medicine Competency based curriculum Need to demonstrate competence Stress on ethical and professional practice

Continuing professional development Licensing and revalidation What is a Portfolio Is it a Logbook? Scrapbook? Compilation of certificates? Display album for your presentations?

Summary book of publications? Portfolios in other Professions Artists portfolio

Company Directors portfolio Educationist portfolio (teachers) Educational portfolio (learners) Company Directors Portfolio Is this Director worth for your company? What is his/her track record? How is he/she doing currently? Profits how will these be maintained by this director?

Losses how will these be addressed by this director? Will he/she meet the companys future plans? Portfolio of a doctor- Applying for CESR Are you worth investing in terms of Patient care? Health Service?

What have you done in the past? Strengths how would you continue to excel? Developmental needs how will these be addressed? What are you doing currently? Where are you heading in the future? What portfolio needs to

Demonstrate Knowledge- Education Competence- Training & Experience Skills- Training & Experience Attitude- Safe doctor How to to prepare effective Portfolio


Collect Organize Reflect Present PMETB Collect evidence Revise and Improve CV

Contact Consultants and Hospitals- Human Recourse by Phone or letter PMETB Complete Application form Structure your evidence Portfolio to PMETB

Letter to PMETB Application Forms Portfolio Index Proof of Identity Photograph

Passport Affidavits Qualifications MBBS/MD Other Postgraduate Diplomas, Degrees or Memberships of Relevant Colleges Certificate Courses Prospectus of each Course/Degree

Section, 12(2) Registration GMC Other Country Registration if Relevant Specialist Registration CV This should be detailed & factual

Think hard & list every thing Relevant in accordance with Good Medical Practice & Speciality Curriculum Make sure you have evidence List experience in reverse order Evidence of Current Employment

Contract or Appointment letter Job description- Description of duties Job Plan including On Call rota Open References: MD, Colleagues, Managers, Secretary, MDT, Trainees, Medical Students, Student Nurses

Evidence of previous Employment Same as above Training

UK training Outside UK training Human Resource Confirmation of post Consultants Confirm training and speciality experience & duties/Appraisals University/training courses confirmation On Call rota

Teaching Evidence of teaching trainee doctors/ Medical students, Nursing colleagues Any evidence --Organising teaching events Any evidence --Organising a conference evidence of teaching, community/schools Any evidence that you may have approval as educational supervisor Teaching Qualifications

Audit/Research Audits

Case studies Thesis/dissertation Research Publication CPD Evidence of CPD with College Evidence from attending courses/conferences

Evidence from In House teaching/Presentations Appraisals Evidence of yearly Appraisals 360 appraisals Anonymised letters and cards from patients and carers Open References from members of MDT

Letters of appreciation and cards from colleagues Other Clinical Commitments

ECT CPD Coordination AuditLead Membership of any committee or group Management

BMA Minutes of CMHT/Drs meetings attended Any Management Responsibility/Appraiser Any Lead Responsibility

MHA Work College work/ Organised examinations Deanery/PMETB Service Development Membership of Steering committees Modernisation- Any Role such as development of any thing new Communication with MD/Management

Health & Probity Note from GP Letter from HR Good Standing -- GMC Log Book Log Book Anonymised Case Studies

Time Acknowledgement

Checklist Referees College- 12 Weeks PMETB- Out come Conclusion

Onus on the Applicant PMETB Guidelines Good Medical Practice, GMC/College ST 6- level of experience Comprehensive evidence

Authenticated by MD/Solicitor THANK YOU

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