NGAP Attracting, educating, training and retaining aviation professionals

NGAP Attracting, educating, training and retaining aviation professionals

NGAP Attracting, educating, training and retaining aviation professionals Michiel Vreedenburgh Chief, Implementation ANB Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan 10 October 2017

Next Generation of Aviation Professionals Since 2008, ICAO, IATA, Airbus and Boeing have forecast a shortage of aviation professionals pilots, air traffic controllers, aircraft technicians

NGAP Initiative established by ICAO in 2009 with a Task Force Upgraded by ICAO in 2015 to the NGAP Programme 2 NGAP: Vision and Mission NGAP Vision A global aviation community that has sufficient competent human resources to support a safe, secure and sustainable air transportation system. NGAP Mission

To develop strategies, best practices, tools, standards and guidelines as applicable and to facilitate information sharing activities that assist the global aviation community in attracting, educating, training and retaining the next generation of aviation professionals. 3 NGAP Partner Organizations 39th ICAO Assembly NGAP Programme supported and Resolution adopted:

Urges Member States to work with the aviation community to identify longterm human resources needs and establish strategies to attract, educate and retain in the sector aviation professionals, considering gender equality Encourages Member States to promote best practices that focus on meeting the needs and values of the next generation of aviation professionals to enable employee productivity, performance, recruitment, retention, and safety;

Encourages Member States, international and regional organizations, academia and industry to support the NGAP Programme, as one of the integral elements of capacity building, by providing technical expertise and guidance, and resources (human, financial and data) to help achieve the Programmes objectives. Pilot Forecast 2017-2036 Boeing Company "Pilot and Technician Outlook Technician Forecast 2017-2036

Boeing Company "Pilot and Technician Outlook NGAP Programme In 2015 the ICAO Council recognized importance of the NGAP Initiative and elevated it to an ICAO Programme NGAP Programme has been incorporated into the ICAO Business Plan and the Global Aviation Safety and Global Air Navigation Plans. NGAP Programme Today

support outreach for attracting youth, from pre-school to university, into aviation education and professions, by promoting career opportunities, at global, regional and national levels resourced by voluntary contributions from States, international organizations, service providers and industry, academia and training institutions 3 working groups Outreach, Implementation, Strategies and Planning NGAP Outreach and Promotion

NGAP Programme Work Plan

Outreach activities and communication media/products including: Website; Newsletters; NGAP articles in ICAO Training Reports; Presentations at regional conferences/events around the world Dream Soar Initiative summer 2017 1st NGAP Global Summit November 2017 Fundamentals of the Air Transport System course - 2017 Aviation Training and Education Directory - 2017 Update of Doc. 9956 aviation personnel forecasts 2018 Guidance for States to develop a national NGAP Strategy and Action Plan 2018 Collaboration with IPTA to create outreach videos, gather data on pathways, barriers, and best outreach practices for pilot careers

Gather aviation and education sectors Promote NGAP including STEM and gender equality

Supported by UNESCO and UNWOMEN Events: Summit with panels

Model ICAO Forum for students Speed mentoring for students

Exhibition and careers fair for students Promoting STEM and Gender Equality Dreams Soar YAAPA NGAP Tomorrow

Unite aviation and education sectors to implement NGAP strategies and plans at national levels Regions to drive outreach activities, coordinated by the ICAO Regional Offices, supported by the ICAO global NGAP Programme Assist States with guidance and tools to attract and engage the next generation and promote aviation careers to youth THANK YOU! Questions?

How to attract, educate, train and retain aviation professionals? What changes does the aviation sector need to make, to how they do business, in order to attract and retain enough competent personnel? What links does industry need with education bodies in order to promote

aviation careers to students/youth? How to address the challenge of the attraction of personnel to work in other organizations, countries and industries? What more can ICAO do to support States with NGAP implementation? How can the benefit of the ICAO NGAP programme be measured? NGAP Summit video

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