MEANINGFUL WORK ROLES: MEANING IN OUR LIVES Jacek/Jack Haciak, Psy.D. 2017 Annual Conference of the Oregon Supported Employment Center for Excellence Oregon Gardens, Silverton, OR Working Assumptions: 1. Productive work need not be paid employment 2. Meaningful productive work is determined by the individual performing the work 3. Meaningful productive work can be experienced in a less-than-ideal work role 4. When work becomes meaningful, an added dimension of personal

satisfaction and pride can develop, with accompanying mental, emotional, and physical benefits 5. The benefits of meaningful productive work emanate from the person working, and positively affect those around them 6. Its the little things in life that matter. Kindness abounds all around us. Empathy Is An Action Word Decision Enactment Hope and Inspiration

If our engagement, on average, does not help generate hope and inspiration, we are likely off some fundamentals --- Self-determination; strength-based; inquiring and listening; sharing/revealing. Existential and phenomenological outcome measures --- Spontaneity and engagement Sharing and Disclosure Professional guidelines based on the expert model - avoid our own life circumstances from becoming a distraction

- preserve confidence in the expert Recovery concepts bring in a different perspective and strengths - mutual sharing from different (equally important) roles (what you are helping me recall for myself that I can lose track of) - context of past event, not all the details - recalling successes following mistakes - silence when I dont know what to say I am not sure what to do - appreciation for their patience Some paths to reality-based hope and inspiration

Little things in life proactively being noticed (comments; notes; reports/summaries) Ask for help (display measured frustrations and disappointments with yourself; talk your problem-solving thoughts aloud; collaborative note-writing) Normalizing mistakes and errors; setting expectations for errors; error learning log; if a repeated lack of needed performance, That is what we have learned for now; its not yet a strength; good information learned through good attempts and different approaches Have them overhear you

Pair the person with a star Assign some measured responsibility in an area of skill Always be kind

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