Awards Brenda English, DTM Barbara Kryvko, DTM George

Awards Brenda English, DTM Barbara Kryvko, DTM George

Awards Brenda English, DTM Barbara Kryvko, DTM George Noll, DTM Save the dates Classic Hollywood 1930s and Beyond June 1, 2013, 8:30 10:00 am Early Bird Officer Training Eye Care Charity of Mid-America Office 732 Goddard Ave, Chesterfield MO June 29, 2013, 8:30am- 12:30 pm District 8 Leadership Institute Wells Fargo Advisors 2701 Market St, St. Louis MO District 8 Spring Conference Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel Friday May 17, 2013 Saturday May 18, 2013 Celebrate Hollywood of Any Era! Curtis Scroggins, DTM District 8 Governor Welcome to the 2013 Spring District 8 Conference! This years theme, Classic Hollywood 1930s and Beyond gives you the chance to let loose the burgeoning star that has always been inside you! Expect a record turnout and plan on hobnobbing with the rich and famous and rekindling relationships with existing and upcoming stars. Of course, seeing stars is not all the conference is about! Friday night we see the best evaluators in action as we hold the Evaluation Contest Finals. Saturday morning we meet Keynote Speaker, Cathy Newton, who has presented at the Toastmasters International Conference! Our Saturday breakout sessions include information and insights on holding great meetings, using social media, building membership, succeeding in contests, and a lot more. The future of our district is brightso be part of determining how bright it can be by attending the District Council meeting on Saturday. Let your voice be heard as we vote on several issues impacting the direction of the district and elect our incoming district officers. Be sure to stay for the pageantry, glitz and glamour that is our Saturday night banquet. Lets celebrate our success, award our International Speech Champion, and present our new leadership team. By the end of this conference, you will not only be seeing stars, you will be a star! 2 Credits Thanks, committee, for keeping the cameras rolling! Wendy Clothier, Conference Chair Farzana Chohan, Conference Advisor Rebecca Clark, Education Chair Bob Heaton, Facilities Chair Carol Warner, Facilities Co-chair David Kincaid, Audio-Visual Coordinator Jeanette M Lynch and Wells Fargo Advisors 8974, Publicity Yolandea Wood and Mallinckrodt Speaks 2907792, Hospitality June Jeffries and Creve Coeur 1267, Registration Michael Warner, Registration Advisor Tom Coscia, Website and Email Wayne Allen, Treasurer Kat Mokriakow, Bookstore Edward Allen, Contest Director & Jean Craft, Asst. Director Leigh C Britt & Jeanette M Lynch, Contest Masters Phil Mueller, Master of Ceremony - Friday Casetta Stevens, Mistress of Ceremony - Saturday Special Thanks to Dignitaries and Special Guests Cathy Babis, Roseanne Barr Cathy Newton, Keynote and Breakout Speaker Dietmar Wagenknecht, Region Advisor Breakout Presenters John Barry, Taffy Cobb, Kevin Derosiers, Dori Drummond, Jerry Hoeflein, Genevieve Howard, Mary Kerwin, Mike Kotur, Jeanette M Lynch, Jef Williams, and Bridgette Wesley Panelists Wayne Allen, Cynthia Scroggins, and Jacquie Vick 15 Notes Lora Mather, DTM Lieutenant Governor Welcome to

our Classic Hollywood conference, where our stars come out to play. Leadership happens when you are having fun and our Conference Chair, Wendy Clothier, had a fair share of fun with the Classic Hollywood theme. She shared her vision for club-level participation and drew members in to take leadership roles in planning, organizing, and working our event. With each step, the Conference Committee thought of you. As a result, this conference is fun-packed! Throughout their work, our Conference Committee displayed these Toastmaster values: Integrity Follow the rules and deliver what you promise Respect Value every persons opinion and make it count Excellence Seek the best presenters and promote our talented speakers Service Serve our members so each one finds value in and has fun at our conference; from learning a new speaking technique, to listening to our talented speakers, to enjoying laughter and friendship As you participate in our conference, listen, learn, speak. and play with joy in your heart and friends at your side. Together we reach for the stars because District 8 Toastmasters are the best. 14 3 International Speech Contest Dietmar Wagenknecht Regional Advisor Saturday May 18, 2013 Director: Ed Allen Asst. Director: Jean Craft Contest Master: Jeanette M. Lynch Chief Judge: Mary L. Kerwin Starring ____ Shreya Gopal ____ Clarice R. Jones ____ Matthew L. Prose ____ Valerie M. Rasche ____ David Evans J UDGE'S GUI DE AND BAL L OT SUGGESTED POINT VLAUES As a Toastmaster for over thirty years Dietmar has served in many capacities at the club, district & international level, serving on the Board of Directors from 2006 to 2008 and as Region Advisor from 2011 to 2013. JUDGING ITEMS (See Bel ow for Des criptio n) Structure, Orga ni zatio n, Support Ma teri al Achievement of Purpos e, Intere st, Receptio n Speech Value Idea s Logic, Ori ginal Thought Physical Appea ra nce , Body Language , Spea ki ng Area Voice Fl exibil ity, Vol ume Manner Directne ss , As s ura nce, While we finish the last bites of lunch Saturday, Dietmar takes to the stage to deliver a talk titled, What a Difference One Can Make. V E R Y G O O D

G O O D F A I R 1 2 Speech Development Effe ctiveness Professionally he is a research scientist where his career spanned from laboratory chemist to vice-president of pharmaceutical sciences. Dietmar has many scientific publications and several patents and specialized primarily in the development of sterile pharmaceuticals in the cardiovascular and organ transplant areas. E X C E L L E N T Enthus i a s im Approprieteness To Speech Purpos e a nd Audi ence Correctness Gra mma r, Pronunci atio n, Word Sel ectio n C O N T E N T 5 0 D E L I V E R Y 3 0 L A N G U A G E 2 0 20 14-19 9-13 0-8 15 11-14 8-10 0-6 15 11-14 8-10 0-6 10 7-9 4-6 0-3 10 7-9

4-6 0-3 10 7-9 4-6 0-3 10 7-9 4-6 0-3 10 7-9 4-6 0-3 TOTAL SCORE (100 POINTS Possible) 4 13 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Cathy Newton Evaluation Contest Friday, May 17, 2013 Director: Jean Craft Contest Master: Leigh C Britt Keynote Speaker Saturday Morning Asst. Director: Ed Allen Chief Judge: Carole Sue Breckner Starring ____ Raymond F. Allen ____ Kathleen M. Arnold ____ Daniel A. Darnall ____ Thomas S. Huling ____ Debbie Lacy-Anderson J UDGE'S GUIDE AND BALLOT SUGGESTED POINT VLAUES JUDGING ITEMS (See Below for Descriptio n) Analytical Quality Clear, Focused Recommendations Positive, Specific, Helpful E X C E L L

E N T V E R Y G O O D G O O D F A I R Living in Full Swing 1 2 3 4 40 28-3917-27 0-16 30 22-2913-21 0-12 Technique Sympathetic, Sensitive, Motivational Summation Concise, Encouraging Former educator, coach, school district wellness/employee assistance coordinator, and KC Chiefs Cheerleader, Cathy Newton inspires professionals to get in the full swing of risk taking. In her keynotes, professional development workshops, or executive retreats, Cathy targets the risks needed forChange, Leadership, Performance Improvement, Teambuilding, Wellness, or Work/Life Balanceall areas of risky business! Cathy is the author of three books: Living in Full Swing, RISK IT!, and It Takes Character. 15 11-14 8-10 0-6 15 11-14 8-10 0-6 TOTAL SCORE (100 POINTS Possible) 12 5 6 7 8 9 10 Lights, camera, action! Youre in the spotlight! Will it be a Classic Hollywood performance? Communication, leadership, confidence---its all risky business. And it demands high performancein full swing. Maybe you sense that you were meant to swing higher? Get up, get out, and get in the swing of improving your skills. Exercise your "risk taking" muscles and learn practical strategies to maximize your Classic Hollywood potential. Risk It! Learning Outcomes: 1. Understand the full swing metaphor. 2. Define the concept of risk as it relates to performance skills. 3. Identify practical strategies for Intellectual risk-taking (communication) Social risk-taking (leadership) Emotional risk-taking (confidence) 4. Examine the correlation between you taking the right risks and the positive impact it will have on your performance style, the accomplishment of your mission, and on the people you serve. 5 Workshop Synopsis Director: Mary Kerwin, DTM, PDG 1:15 pm Heathrow B

The Toastmaster Meeting: How It Works! (Etiquette and Basic Roberts Rules) Screen Writers: Ralph C. Smedley and General Henry Martyn Robert Producer: District 8 Toastmasters Come participant in group auditions for a new Classic Hollywood film and you could be the star in real time at the conference! Leading Man: May be you! Leading Lady: May be you! Supporting actors and actresses: Everyone in the Session! Learn such protocols and etiquette as: how and when to enter stage left or stage right; learn your lines in real time; learn the dialogue and structure of a Toastmasters meeting; learn the stage instructions that answer questions like How long do I applaud? and When should club members vote and how? See what role you will get in the film! Workshop Synopsis Jef Williams, ACG ALB, 1:15 pm Heathrow A A Star is BornYou! Come and see what new toastmasters must do to become exceptional leaders and speakers. For some, joining Toastmasters can be overwhelming and sometimes intimidating; however, it does not have to be, especially if you are willing to learn from some of Hollywoods greatest speakers and mentors. In this session, you will learn how to make the most of your manuals, how to be proactive, set goals, and more importantly, have the best Classic Hollywood Toastmaster experience of your life. This is how stars become superstar leaders and speakers. What are you waiting for? You, too, can be the next star! Kevin M Desrosiers, DTM, 2:30 pm Heathrow A Critics Corner: Evaluating the Performance Taffy Cobb, DTM & Mike Kotur, DTM 1:15 pm Gatwick B Mock Contest Part 1: Casting Call Its time for your Classic Hollywood close-up! Are you ready? Learn the innerworkings of Toastmaster contests at every level. This interactive session will allow attendees to experience the contestants perspective without the pressure of competing. Get in it to win it! 2:30 pm Gatwick B Mock Contest Part 2: Roll credits! This session will spotlight the crew involved with every Toastmasters contest. Attendees will learn all the insider information to become a successful contest functionary because after all, the show must go on. Thats Classic Hollywood! 6 The speaker has left the stage. Now it is your turn to be Siskel and Ebert. Can you identify the high points? Will you pick up on the opportunities for improvement? Finally, will your delivery effectively express your views? Join this interactive event led by a repeat District 8 Evaluation Contest winner to see if you have what it takes to influence performers to make their next appearance Classic Hollywood. Director: John Barry, DTM, 2:30 pm Concourse B Lights, Camera, Action! Anatomy of a Humorous Speech In Classic Hollywood style, when the director cries, Action! the characters spring to life. Whether you are making a movie, presenting a stage play, writing a book or telling a story, well-defined characters make the story unforgettable. In this session, we will perform a forensic evaluation of a District 8 winning humorous speech and the character development within the story. This interactive session will challenge you to add spice and bring your characters to life. 11 Workshop Synopsis Genevieve Howard, M Ed, 3:45 pm Concourse B Use Social Media to Help You Go from Starlet to Star! The place to be in the 1930s and 40s was Classic Hollywood. Where's the place to be now? In social media like Facebook and Twitter! Learn how to add glamour to your online presence. We'll talk about setting goals for your communication efforts. You'll receive handouts to help you create your own action plan screenplay and apply what you learn. Whether you want to be seen as chic, elegant or dashing, you'll learn how to understand your audience and get them interested in your image and message. You'll leave ready to make your name top billing! Dori Drummond, DTM, PDG, 3:45 pm Heathrow B Leading District 8: How to Get Involved and Run the Show Panelists: Wayne Allen, Cynthia Scroggins, Jacquie Vick Workshop Synopsis Cathy Newton, 1:15 pm Concourse B A Look behind the ScenesCreating Audience Interaction in Presentations Youve probably heard the adage: Facts tell and stories sell. This session will add another dimension to your Classic Hollywood performance style: and audience interaction rings their bell! As a Toastmaster, you engage audience members who want quality, depth, and connection in learning. Learn how to provide that connection with many types of interactive challenges. This experiential approach will help you practice these strategies, incorporate them into your presentations, and make this session lively and fun! Jeanette M Lynch, DTM, 2:30 pm Heathrow B Fill those Seats! Promoting The Movie, "My Toastmasters Club" In Classic Hollywood, a handful of studio moguls ran the show for years; not so in District 8 Toastmasters. There are 32 leadership positions and countless committees and leadership roles that ensure district success. Learn the how and

why you should become a District 8 leader. The panelists will review such roles as Area Governor, Division Governor, and the Top 3. Maybe you would like to chair a committee, a Toastmasters Leadership Institute, or a conference. Like the studio moguls of yesteryear, you can excel in these roles while running the show! Be the Louis B. Mayer of your own MGM movie studio! All the great actors (speakers), scripts (manuals), and directors (club officers) can't help your studio if you don't sell tickets (memberships) to your blockbuster movie, "My Toastmasters Club. Learn from Classic Hollywood how to promote your cluband all it offersto prospects in a variety of ways. We will conduct silent brainstorming and share how to fill your theatre with enthused patrons (members). Since everyone plays a leading role in making their club successful, everyone is invited to attend! Jerry Hoeflein, DTM, 3:45 pm Heathrow A And The Table Topics Winner is Bridgette Wesley, ACS, ALB, 3:45 pm Gatwick B Creating Big-Screen Productions with Table Topic Designs Focus on preparing to win Table Topics in Classic Hollywood style! You know you need a snazzy opening, a solid body, and a dynamic closure. Easy right? Don't make it harder than it is! Learn from a District 8 repeat winner how to draw on your own experience and style. Plus, review the elements of all great table topics: opening, body, conclusion, vocal variety, and more. Its show time! As Table Topics Masters, you design the production by creating lively, energetic, and stimulating table topics modules at your meetings. In this session, learn a wealth of great ideas for making your next Table Topics session the best coming attraction in Classic Hollywood style. 10 7 District 8 2013 Spring Conference Schedule FRIDAY NIGHT, May 17, 2013 5:00 pm Registration Foyer (Media Wall) Hospitality (until 6:15 pm) Lambert D Bookstore (until 6 pm) Gatwick A 6:30 pm Conference Call to Order, Dennis Roth, Sergeant At Arms Buffet Dinner Concourse A Master of Ceremony, Phil Mueller 7:15 pm Comic Relief, Rosanne Barr Celebrity Contest and Hollywood Trivia Registration Foyer 8:00 pm Contest Briefings Gatwick B 8:30 pm Evaluation Contest Concourse A Contest Master, Leigh Britt Registration and Hospitality Closed 9:45 pm Announce Winner and Pictures 10:00 pm Bookstore (until 10:30 pm) Gatwick A Hospitality Room (until 12 am) Lambert D SATURDAY AFTERNOON/EVENING, May 18, 2013 1:15 - 2:15 pm EDUCATIONAL SESSIONS I 1. A Look Behind the Scenes (Cathy Newton Concourse B) 2. Mock Contest, Part I (Taffy Cobb/Mike Kotur Gatwick B) 3.A Star is BornYou! (Jef Williams Heathrow A) 4. The Toastmaster Meeting (Mary Kerwin Heathrow B) 2:30 - 3:30pm EDUCATIONAL SESSIONS II 1. Lights, Camera, Action! (John Barry Concourse B) 2. Mock Contest, Part II (Taffy Cobb/Mike Kotur Gatwick B) 3. Critics Corner (Kevin Desrosiers Heathrow A) 4. Fill those Seats! Promoting The Movie, My Toastmasters Club (Jeanette M Lynch Heathrow B) 3:45 - 4:45 pm EDUCATIONAL SESSIONS III 1. Starlet to Star Social Media (Genevieve Howard Concourse B)

2. Designing Table Topics (Bridgette Wesley Gatwick B) 3. And the Table Topics Winner is (Jerry Hoeflein Heathrow A) 4. Leading District 8 (Dori Drummond & Panelists Heathrow B) 5:00 - 6:30 pm Registration Table Foyer Bookstore (until 6 pm) Gatwick A Hospitality Lambert D 5:30 pm Contest Briefings Gatwick B 6:00 pm Dignitary Lineup/Procession Invocation/Dinner Concourse A Hollywood Trivia, Phil Mueller 8:00 am SATURDAY MORNING, May 18, 2013(until 10 am) Credentials Desk/Registrations Foyer Hospitality Room (until 9 am) Lambert D Bookstore (until 8:30 am) Gatwick A 7:15 pm Awards Presentation 8:30 am Banner Lineup 7:30 - 8:00 pm Registration Foyer 8:45 am Mistress of Ceremony, Casetta Stevens Parade of Banners Concourse B 8:00 pm International Speech Contest Concourse A Contest Master, Jeanette Lynch 9:00 - 9:45 am Keynote, Cathy Newton Concourse B 9:00 pm 10:00 am Business Meeting Concourse B Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Line Announcements / Committee Recognition 11:00 am - 1:30 pm Registration Foyer Bookstore (until 12 pm) Gatwick A 9:30 pm Winners Announced (photographs at Media Wall Foyer) 10:00 pm 12:00 - 1:00 pm Lunch, Invocation, Awards Concourse A Keynote, Dietmar Wagenknecht Bookstore (until 10:30 pm) Gatwick A Hospitality (until 12 am) Lambert D 8 9

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