Idioms 4 Each idiom has two slides. In

Idioms 4 Each idiom has two slides. In

Idioms 4 Each idiom has two slides. In the first slide you get a picture clue can you guess the idiom? In the second slide three possible meanings are given can you guess the correct one? Authors of photos are attributed in the notes of the relevant slide.

7 6 Answ er A drop in the ocean. 7 6 Rain falling at sea.

? An insignificant amount. ? Part of the water cycle. ? The 10 raised for the new school tennis courts was just a drop in the ocean.

7 7 Answ er Clam up. 77 Go silent.

? Catch a clam for cooking. ? Watch out for the clam up ahead. ? As soon as Mum mentioned Emmas new boyfriend, she clammed up.

78 Answ er Crunch time. 78 Time for breakfast cereal. ?

When your credit runs out. ? A crucial time when the right action has to be taken. ? With the score 1-1 he realised, as he stepped up to take the penalty, that it was crunch time.

79 79 Answ er Kill two birds with one 79 Lose a stone in weight. ?

Complete two tasks with one action. ? Drop a stone on two chickens. ? If you shop at the supermarket near the office, you can drop me off and kill two birds with one stone.

80 M e Answ er Over my dead body. 8 0

I am not allowing it. ? Someone walking on my grave. ? A coffin lid. ?

Im thinking of staying at my boyfriends after the party. Over my dead body! 81 Answ er A basket case. 81

A battered old case. ? A suitcase made of basket material. ? A useless person or thing. ?

His football team is a basket case they let in 12 goals last game. . 82 Answ er Give someone the cold 82

Not wear enough clothes. ? Ignore someone deliberately. ? Ice treatment for a sprained arm. ?

When she found out I had beaten her in the test, she gave me the cold shoulder. 83 3 3 Answ er Out of the blue.

83 Unexpectedly. ? From the ocean. ? From a cold place. ?

He just turned up out of the blue. 84 Answ er Water under the bridge. 8 4

Fast flowing water. ? In the past and not relevant. ? Shaded water. ? What you did last term is water under

the bridge we dont need to discuss it. 8 5 = Answ er Be as right as rain.

85 Be fully fit. ? Welcome rain for the crops. ? Not left in the wet. ?

Last month he had the flu but now hes as right as rain. 8 6 Answ er Put the cat among the 86

Release a predator. ? Cause trouble. ? Let the cat into the garden. ?

If you sit Megan next to Carla, that will really put the cat among the pigeons. 8 7 Answ er Sit tight. 87

Sit down wearing tight clothes. ? Sit close to the wall. ? Stay where you are. ?

The doctor will be back soon I suggest you sit tight until he returns. 8 8 Answ er Pull the wool over someones 88

Fool somebody. ? Pull a woollen bobble hat down over the eyes. ? Blindfold someone. ?

Megan was pulling the wool over her mothers eyes when she told her she was doing her homework. In fact she was on her 89 Answ er In the bag. 89

Invisible. ? Recently purchased. ? Almost certainly won. ?

Now that we are 6-0 up, I think the game is in the bag! 9 0 Answ er Dig in your heels. 90

Refuse to change your plans. ? Admire someone well dressed. ? Wear the wrong footwear for gardening. ?

When I asked him to help in the garden, he dug in his heels and said that he would carry on playing 9 1 Answ er A penny for your thoughts. 91

Ill pay you for any bright ideas. Your thoughts arent worth much. Tell me what you are thinking. As Tom slipped into a daydream, his sister said, A penny for your thoughts. ? ?

? 9 2 Answ er Hold your horses. 92 Dont let go of the reins.

? Stop and think. ? Keep yourself to yourself. ? Hold your horses its no good setting off to see Clive hes still in Australia.

93 9 3 + Answ er Stick to your guns. 93

Remain fully armed. ? Dont budge from your point of view. ? Lock onto the target. ?

My Mum said that I should go to school but I stuck to my guns and insisted I was ill and then stayed at 9 4 Answ er On top of the world.

94 Really happy. ? At the north pole. ? At the top of a mountain. ?

Now that she has a new job, shes on top of the world. 9 5 Answ er Th at

That really takes the 95 Help yourself to someone elses food. ? Be very greedy. ?

Be the worst in a series of bad things. ? He let in 6 goals but what really took the biscuit was when he got sent off for spitting at the ref. 9 6 Answ

er Be caught between two 96 Fail to qualify for either of two options. ? Become unbalanced.

? Be unable to reach high enough. ? At Alton Towers, Sarah (1.3m), too short to go on Nemesis and too tall for Wobble World was caught between two 9 7

Answ er Let sleeping dogs lie. 97 Make sure your pet gets enough sleep. ?

Tread carefully round fierce dogs. ? Decide not to mention something you know might be upsetting or uncomfortable. Janice didnt mention the strong smell coming from Joes feet, preferring to let sleeping dogs lie. ?

9 8 Answ er Off the hook. 98 A freshly caught fish.

? No longer in trouble. ? Straight out of the wardrobe. ? As Miss isnt here today and we have a nice supply teacher, it doesnt matter that you havent done your homework

Lead Answ er Go down like a lead 99 An idea not well received. ?

Sink very quickly. ? Give you indigestion. ? Dads idea of going on a long walk in the Peak District went down like a lead balloon.

10 0 Answ er Im all thumbs. 10 0 Im trying to hitch hike.

? I have fat fingers. ? Im clumsy with my hands. ? Dont ask me to thread the needle Im all thumbs.

The End Also available: Idioms 1, Idioms 2 & Idioms 3.

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