Prophix Corporate Presentation Final May. 2014 Customer Logo

Prophix Corporate Presentation Final  May. 2014 Customer Logo

Prophix Corporate Presentation Final May. 2014 Customer Logo Centered Horizontally in this space Top issues

facing CFOs today Prioritizing and effectively responding to the demands on the finance function Gathering insights about their firms from

the massive data streams available to today's companies Ensuring the necessary skills and capabilities are available Source: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and the Institution of Management Accountants Survey

Leveraging Corporate Performance Management (CPM) An integrated CPM system, the backbone of your management operating system, is the foundation for building an agile enterprise PwC CPM has two main objectives, both resulting in greater organizational agility and more-insightful financial analyses: It supports more-efficient financial processes and provides related control and transparency (tactical goals)

It enables competitive advantage by providing critical performance management capabilities(strategic goal) Gartner Your challenges (Use this slide to highlight the challenges that your prospect has identified see samples in next 2 slides)

[Example] Finance struggles to provide strategic value Limited by ineffective resources and tools Unable to get the data required leading to missed opportunities [EXAMPLE] High-Level Needs Analysis: What We Heard

Key Challenges Desired Capabilities Business user accessible, intuitive and easy to use, multi user

Manual data extraction/ transformation into Excel from multiple data sources, heavy IT involvement Complex models, formula errors/ calculation integrity, single-user Single source of truth, integrating multiple disparate data sources Automated workflow management

Consolidating budget inputs and managing process is time-consuming. Flexible budgeting/ reporting at different levels of detail

Cannot do planning allocations due to complexity/ potential for error in Excel Seamless and automatic roll-up and consolidation Monthly reporting package creation/

distribution requires extensive effort Ad-hoc analysis is challenging due to extensive manual manipulation of data required

Not currently doing forecasting and what-if analysis Automated and powerful data manipulation tools Streamlined monthly report generation and distribution Self-service reporting, analysis and decision support Quick and easy forecasting, what-if scenario capabilities

[EXAMPLE] Expected Benefits Reduce reporting and planning cycle time Accelerate responses to ad hoc information requests Minimize time to find, extract and reconcile data Ensure one version of the truth

Enhance predictive analytics capabilities Improve understanding of Product and Customer Profitability A na lys is

Analys is Data collection & reconcilia tion

Before After The CPM maturity model 5% 25% Why cant everyone

progress? Capability Cost Access to Data 25% 5% Why Prophix? Capability

Functionality to address ALL models Enables your move through the CPM Maturity Model Complex modeling at daily and/or weekly levels possible Cost Configure dont customize No additional software to buy ever Access to data Full integration to all systems as often as is required

Simple and automated No security risk Customers with Prophix Representative Customers Education Customers Education Customers

Detailed revenue planning and forecasting planning detailed faculty employment costs and benefits, performing allocations across programs budgeting by academic units, departments, school districts, campuses, and programs accurate cash flow forecasts for student

enrollment, public and private funding, planned faculty costs, and expected capital expenditures on costing Construction and Engineering Construction and Engineering Detailed revenue planning and forecasting

generating cash flow forecasts consolidating and reporting project costs managing personnel costs and performing allocations across projects planning for new projects, and performing what-if scenario analysis of key project cost drivers on costing Defense

Defense Detailed revenue planning and forecasting Reporting and planning for Inter-trading Budgeting of costs including personnel across changing business entities Sales order tracking, reporting, drilldown and assessment across different currencies

on costing Understanding resource availability Manufacturing Manufacturing Detailed revenue planning and forecasting Precise product and production costing Understanding resource availability

Financial services Financial services Measure product and service line profitability Determine risk exposure Balance sheet forecasting

Life Sciences Life Sciences Measuring product line profitability Controlling research and development costs Predicting cash flow variability Effectively managing government regulation

Not-for-profit Not-for-profit Manage fluctuating cash flows Create detailed revenue forecasting Gain efficiency through KPI analysis

Utilities Utilities Measure and analyze KPIs Capitalize on revenue planning Effectively manage resources Media & entertainment

Media & entertainment Minimize risk exposure Manage international audiences and revenues Benefit from R&D Maintain financial strength Professional Services

Professional Services Analyze revenue and future growth opportunities and Report on key KPI metrics Determine margin and contribution by resources, by project Track and plan by billable hours, billable rates and utilization rates Create an effective forecasting process Utilize in-depth professional service reports on costing and personnel expense

management Healthcare Healthcare Manage complex consolidations typical of the complex, multiple ownership interests in medical practices and hospitals Integrate data from multiple data sources based on the many entities involved for a health care company

(and therefore possibility of multiple GL systems) Handle highly detailed allocation methods due to industry regulations, or other arrangements Address complex budgeting practices based on expected hospital visits, type of visit, and duration of visit. About Prophixour solutions About Prophix

Established in 1987 in Toronto, Canada Prophix serves more than 2,500 customers in over 92 countries

International presence with offices in UK, Denmark and Brazil Privately held In 2013, Prophix was awarded the following:

About Prophix Privately held company established in 1987 in Toronto, Canada Prophix serves more than 2,500 customers in over 94 countries across all industries International presence with subsidiary offices in London, Denmark and Brazil Recent awards for Prophix Business Finance Awards finalists in 2013 and 2015 British Accountancy Awards finalists in 2012, 2013, and

2014 Recognized by PROFIT 500, Software 500, and Branham 300 Contact info: Your name here Title Telephone: +1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx +1 (800) 387-5915 ext. xxx

Email: [email protected]

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