The role of African-americans In the pacific During

The role of African-americans In the pacific During

The role of African-americans In the pacific During world war ii Overview SERVED IN SEGREGATED UNITS AND HAD SEGREGATED FACILITIES 1.2 MILLION SERVED DURING

WWII MOSTLY SERVED IN SUPPORT AND SERVICE UNITS Staff Sergeant Timberlate Kervin and Corporal Samuel J. Love, Sr., the first African-American Marines decorated by the 2nd Marine Division. They received Purple Hearts for wounds received on Saipan. The navy

A gun crew posing for a group photo aboard their ship. March 1944, the first thirteen African-American naval officers are commissioned. The navy Doris Miller

Leonard Roy Harmon The navy Storing ammunition at a naval supply point. Taking a break

while unloading supplies on a beach. Building a storage facility at a rear base. The army An engineer unit on Attu, in the

Aleutian Islands, takes a break for chow. An American soldier and a Chinese soldier mount each others flag on the lead truck of the first convoy to travel the Ledo Road from Burma to China. The army

AFRICAN AMERICAN COMBAT UNITS IN THE PACIFIC At the headquarters of an anti-aircraft battalion, plans are made for the future deployment of the gun batteries. Troops from the 24th Infantry Regiment supported by a Sherman tank move towards Japanese positions on the island of

Bougainville. Marine corps A gun crew from one of the Defense Battalions poses with their gun on an island in the Pacific. Marines from an Ammunition Company help evacuate a wounded Marine on Iwo

Jima. coAsT GUARD A young Coastguardsman aboard his ship. A gun crew loading their 20mm cannon aboard a Coast Guard frigate in the Southwest Pacific.

Texas Admiral Nimitz pins the Navy Cross on Doris Miller. The Navy Cross is the Navys second highest award for bravery. Medal Of honor

George Watson (1915 March 8, 1943) AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN Captain D.H. Raney of the Army Nurse Corps at her desk at a base hospital. Nurses tend a wounded patient at a Field Hospital somewhere in the

Pacific. AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN Lieutenant Junior Grade Pickens and Ensign Wills after graduation from a Navy school. A Navy Commander swearing in a group of

women who are enlisting in the U.S. Navy.

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