Roadmap for EDXL Standards Denis Gusty, EDXL Project

Roadmap for EDXL Standards Denis Gusty, EDXL Project

Roadmap for EDXL Standards Denis Gusty, EDXL Project Manager September 30, 2009 EDXL Standards Achieved much success in the development of messaging standards including: Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Resource Messaging (RM) Distribution Element (DE) Hospital AVailability Exchange (HAVE) Situation Reporting Standard Information Tracking of Emergency Patients (ITEP) 2 Problem Definition No comprehensive view of the current state What standards exist? Who else is working on standards? With whom do we need to coordinate? Numerous standards and standards making bodies Results in reinventing the wheel No way to measure progress 3 Gap Analysis A Gap Analysis was conducted in 2008 to: Assess the current state of data messaging standards Identify a list of gaps between the information sharing business requirements of the

emergency response community and the current state Prioritize and develop future data messaging standards activities to support emergency response 4 Approach (2/03/08) Gap Analysis (04/23/08) Post Gap Analysis Validate requirements with PSG Review Scenarios/ Develop Use Cases Identify High Level Business Requirements /Capabilities Identify the gaps between requirements and existing standards

Use existing information to assess current state and identify Capabilities/high level requirements for emergency response Identify Business Case/Value proposition for each gap/ standard Illustrate the need for each potential standard This will result in a list of gaps that will require standards development Existing Standards 1 2 Capabilities/ Requirements A B

3 Gap/ Future Standard C D 5 Work with PSG to prioritize standards for develpment 5 Gap/ Future Standard Gap/ Future Standard E F G Results Requirements

Capabilities General Alerting & Notification Vehicular Emergency Sensor Information Alerting and Notifcation Situation Reporting Incident Information/Updates Situation Reporting Resource Ordering and Acquisition Resource Tracking and Monitoring Resource Utilization/Facility Status Decision Support Information Personal Information Sharing Resource Management Patient/Victim Tracking Credentialing of Responders Traffic Information and Advisory

Weather Information and Forecasts Geospatial Criminal Information Clinical Information 6 Results Researched standards for each information exchange requirement High Level Results table presents findings at the Capability level Based on lowest level in the Maturity of Standards model below Standard s Label Standards Tag Approved Standard (AS) Voluntary Standard (VS) Draft Standard (DS) Development Lifecycle At least one version of the Standard has been adopted and approved by a formal Standards Development Organization (SDO). It includes voluntary consensus standards. A voluntary Standard Currently in a SDO Standards Development Process Initial Development (ID) The Standard is in the pre-SDO development process either it could be in the requirements gathering or specification development process

Gap A gap exists or there are no near term plans to address the development of the Standard 7 High Level Results Table Capability Category A lerting and Notification Resource M anagement Capabilities General A lerting and Notification Gaps May Exist Vehicular Emergency A lerting Gaps May Exist Sensor Information N otification Gaps May Exist Resource Ordering and A cquisition Gaps May Exist Resource Tracking and M onitoring Draft Standard

Facility Status/ Resource Utilization Gaps May Exist Traffi c Information and A dvisory Weather Information and Forecast Decision Support Information Situational A wareness and Reporting Personal Information High level Findings Facility and Site A ssessment Information Approved Standard(s) Approved Standard Gaps May Exist Suspicious A ctivity Information Voluntary standard Vehicular Information Approved Standard Situation Reporting and A wareness Standard in Development Incident Information/ Incident Status

Gaps May Exist Patient/ Victim Information and Tracking Gaps May Exist Responder Credentials Gaps May Exist Citizen Information Gaps May Exist Note: Further validation/information is necessary to evaluate the gaps. 8 Next Steps Obtain Input and feedback on Standards Mapping from key stakeholders SDOs and other organizations Prioritize gaps with practitioners Establish the EDXL standards development roadmap 9

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