Needle Exchange Seminar Tuesday 4th June 2019 Geraldine

Needle Exchange Seminar Tuesday 4th June 2019 Geraldine

Needle Exchange Seminar Tuesday 4th June 2019 Geraldine Duggan Belfast City Centre Management Agenda

Welcome & Introduction- Belfast City Centre Management Context / benefits of needle exchange scheme for individuals & families / substitution programme- Public Health Agency (PHA)

Multi-agency Approach / Support available- PSNI/ Welcome/ BCC / Belfast Trust / Extern SISS program/ Harm reduction/ Basic protection / Handling- Extern

Question & Answers Kelly Gilliland Public Health Agency (PHA) Injecting Drug Use in a Belfast Context Belfast context

There are currently 20 PHA/HSCB funded community pharmacy needle and syringe exchange services in Northern Ireland, four of which are in Belfast. Two of the services in Belfast have been in

place for over 17 years with 2 new providers having come on board this year. In the last four years, the number of needle exchange visits by Belfast residents has gone up by 82%. Role of NSES

Main aim - to reduce the transmission of bloodborne viruses (Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV) and other infections. Not just opioids (heroin), but also performance enhancing drugs (steroids), tanning agents, stimulants (cocaine), NPS (mephedrone) Crucially - a means of contact providing opportunities for harm reduction advice and

support to help the person stop injecting. Low Threshold Services Advice on safer injecting practices minimising the harm done by drugs how to avoid and manage an overdose

Information about safe handling and disposal of injecting equipment Access to

help to stop drug treatment blood-borne virus testing, vaccination and treatment services other health and welfare services PHA funded D&A Services (Belfast) Drug Outreach Team (DOT) BHSCT

Drugs Accommodation Support Project (DASP) and Alcohol Housing Support Service (AHSS) both Extern Street Injecting Support Service (SISS) and Dual Diagnosis Rough Sleepers Service both Extern (pilots, with other funders also) Step 2 services for those ready for help For young people (11-21/25yrs) Start 360/ASCERT and for adults (18+) Addiction NI

Belfast SHARPS Working Group BCC, BCCM, BDACT Connections, BHSCT, BPCSP, Extern, PHA, PSNI, Translink, Welcome Organisation Drug-related litter/cleansing responses Coordination and targeting of services Information sharing Sharing of learning and good practice / Starbucks Business Case Study Multi-Agency Support PSNI / Welcome Organisation / BCC / Belfast Trust / Extern

Caroline Ferguson PSNI- Crime Prevention Officer 1) Business Security Tips 2) Reporting Crime Reporting Crime Non Emergency

101 Emergency 999 Crime Stoppers 0800 555 111 Intruder Alarm & CCTV Systems

NSI & SSAIB National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Security Systems & Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) Intruder Alarm BS EN 50131 & PD6662 Grade 1 would only be of interest in domestic properties (without an insurance requirement for an alarm system).

Grade 2 would be most domestic properties and low risk commercial (e.g. florists) Grade 3 would be for high-risk domestics and most commercial properties (e.g. Newsagent with cigarette sales) Grade 4 would be for extremely high-risk domestic and higher risk commercial properties (e.g. bullion stores) CCTV Systems BS EN 50132-7

The Operational Requirement forCCTV a system to detect, observe, recognise, and identify using a Rotakin target. CCTV

Detect 10% Observe 25% CCTV Recognise 50% Identify 100%

SIGNAGE SIGNAGE Susan Duncan Welcome Organisation Life Saving Services

Richard Mc Lernon Belfast City Council- Safer City Coordinator Lynsey ONeill Belfast Health and Social Care Trust Drug Outreach Team (DOT)

Drug Outreach Team We are a Low Threshold High Tolerance Service open 9am- 5pm Monday to Friday. We work with people who are Intravenous drugs users and people who use strong Opiates. Individuals who meet the above criteria have to be known to The Drug Outreach Team or Community Addiction Team in order to get a referral for treatment. We work with people who tend not to access existing services and provide outreach to make our service more accessible and engage those service users who otherwise would not present.

We work alongside partner agencies such as Treatment Services, homeless services, Housing, hostels and voluntary/ community sector service. Referrals to Drug Outreach Referrals can be made in several different ways to DOT 1. 2. 3. 4.

Self Referrals Through your GP Through any service already working with the person Through a friend We do have a referral form for professionals to complete and I will give our contact details at the end if you wish to contact us to get a referral form DOT has an open door policy

Contact Details The Drug Outreach Team GDP House 59 Durham Street BELFAST BT12 4GB Alana McCullough (Team Leader) 07714847337/ 02895 049521

Lynsey ONeill (Deputy Team Leader) 07738117360 / 02895 042469 Leanne McConnell James McCreight Aileen Keenan Zoe Campbell Wilma Kennedy (Outreach Worker)

07858925301/ 02895 041148 (Outreach Worker) 07961494582 (Outreach Worker) 07546517109 / 02895 044725 (Outreach Worker)07546512965 / 02895 041063 (Team Secretary) 02895 046771

TEAM EMAIL FOR REFERRALS [email protected] Natasha Connolly Extern Meeting people at point of need Street Injecting Support Service- SISS

SISS can be contacted for information and support around inappropriately discarded injecting equipment and provide support to drug users in Belfast City Centre. Extern also have a Dual Diagnosis street team that responds to people with chronic mental health and addiction issues.

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