Bell Work Take out a sheet of paper,

Bell Work Take out a sheet of paper,

Bell Work Take out a sheet of paper, fold it and cut it in half hotdog style, put an MLA heading on it, title it TKAM Ch. 15-17 Quiz, and number 1 to 15. Do not skip lines. Take out your Study Guide for Ch. 15-17 and Vocabulary Monster #4 to be checked. Open up the Vocab packet to the correct page so we dont have to flip through pages! PLEASE make sure you have underlined or highlighted the vocabulary words! We are

going to start taking off a point if they are not underlined or highlighted. Objectives: I can discuss and find examples of theme and symbolism. I can find and discuss examples of themes and symbolism in TKAM. Introduction: On a separate sheet of paper 1.) MLA Heading 2.) Write down any questions that you have about TKAM. 3.) Do you like the book so far? Why or why

not? 4.) What do you predict will happen in the book? 5.) What is your favorite quote or section from the book so far? Symbolism A symbol is an object, event, person, or animal that has been given a special meaning, outside of its original meaning. Writers use symbols to create layers of meaning

in simple ways, add power to the words, make stories rich and more memorable. Types of symbols: Public- Have been inherited or handed down over time, are widely known, show in in art and literature Invented- Writers make it stand for human concern. Sometimes become well known and gain the status of public symbol

Partner Time With your partner, discuss the following: 1.) What the symbols represent. 2.) If they are public or invented 3.) What are some symbols you know? Applying to TKAM: Symbolism Mockin g bird Boo Radley Tim

Johnson (Rabid dog) Theme A theme is the storys view on life and how people behave. It is NOT directly presented; you find the theme yourself. It is a message about life There CAN be more than one theme

Themes Theme is sometimes defined as the moral of a story, though theme doesnt have to be a moral. Morals that double as theme include these: cheaters never win, honesty wins the day, and good guys finish first. Themes are often a declaration of the human condition. Or a truth that explains human behavior. Maybe

the author pursues the same theme in every bookthe relationship between Themes may deal with a specific grouppre-school boys are fearless; immigrants are both clannish and brave; pirates live out the maxim, Im looking out for number one. Themes may deal with principles and abstractions rather than peoplelove means sacrifice, hope is

painful, death stalks each of us from the moment of birth. Themes dont have to be true in the real world they are true in terms of the story they come from. That is, you dont have to believe the theme is true in your daily life; you may actually hold the opposite viewpoint. But if the story has been written such that the theme is obvious to readers, the theme is true in terms of the people and events in the story. Theme is often stated in absolutes:

someone/something is/does something. Themes tend to be universal. The theme love conquers all can work for peasants in 1350 Europe, wealthy owners of a 1880 New York townhouse, colonists on Nebulus 5 in 3535. Themes tend to be serious, even in humorous works. When you describe the way people behave or how big concepts (such as love) work, youre getting into peoples beliefs and strongly held opinions. Partner Time With your partner discuss what the themes of

these movies are, and how you came to that decision. Theme (Thematic Ideas) The main idea or an underlying meaning of a literary work that may be stated directly or indirectly Examples: Love and/or Friendship War

Violence Revenge Appearance vs. Reality HOWEVER. Thematic ideas are not, in and of themselves, accurate representations of the complexities of a text. We need to discover what is being

said throughout the text as a whole. Thematic Statements Take a theme/thematic idea and turn it into a statement (1 or 2 sentences), or commentary, thus highlighting the message within the text. Thematic statements must be Universal They must be able to be applied to

other works from around the world. Theme vs. Statement Examples Example from The Hunger Games: Theme: Fear Thematic Statement: Uncontrolled fear leads to violence and regret. Example from The Fault in Our

Stars: Theme: Love Thematic Statement: Applying to TKAM: Make these Themes into Thematic Statements Value and importance of courage Innocence and Maturity Individual Vs. Society Thematic Statements Courage is doing the right thing,

especially if it isnt the popular thing. We shouldnt hurt innocent things or people. Prejudice leads to injustice. Scavenger Hunt When I say go, you will get into your groups Use the paper that bellwork was written on. Write what you find on the paper. Share with the group.

Person 1 and Person 2: Search for examples of Symbolism. Write down the symbol USE THE TEXT to support your reasons why you chose the symbol. Person 3 and Person 4: Search for examples of Theme. Write down the Theme. USE THE TEXT to support your reasons why you chose the symbol. Must turn in this paper before you leave. Lets play: Name that theme! The teacher said that she hopes all of her

students would pass with good grades. Name that theme! All of the family members were dressed in black, with somber faces, as they stood at the gravesite of their loved one. Name that theme! He watched in hopes as the ball soared toward the goal, screaming when it hit its mark. Name that theme!

What Does This Symbolize? Love. Is it public or invented? Why? What Does This Symbolize? Love? What makes it different?

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