Understanding Community Based Nurse Delegation 2018 Presented by:

Understanding Community Based Nurse Delegation 2018 Presented by:

Understanding Community Based Nurse Delegation 2018 Presented by: Nurse Delegation Program Managers 1 Nurse Delegation Program Managers Nurses who contract with Aging and Long Term Supports Administers (ALTSA) are managed by: Erika Parada RN 360-725-2450 [email protected]

Jevahly Wark, RN 360-725-1737 [email protected] Doris Barret, RN 360-407-1504 [email protected] 2 Nurse Delegation This training is: Required for all Registered Nurses (RNs) who would like to contract with DSHS and be paid for Nurse Delegation services Offered for RNs who wish to delegate in other circumstances Intended to clarify rules for community based Nurse Delegation

Todays training is not a certification course 3 Nurse Delegation Attendees will earn 7 contact hours of continued education hours if: 7.0 To receive full credit for the course The attendee must: sign the attendance sheet Stay for the entire training Complete the evaluation form 4

Nurse Delegation Pre-Work 1. What do you know about Community Based Nurse Delegation? 2. What do you hope to take away from today? 3. Parking Lot questions. 5 Nurse Delegation Common confusion Community Based Nurse Delegation- Describes certain nursing tasks which can be taught to long term care workers under a certain set of rules and circumstances. The rules apply only to community-based settings.

The rules for Community Based Nurse Delegation are defined within the Nurse Practice Act Accountability: RN is responsible for delegating the nursing task LTCW is responsible for performing the nursing task as instructed Based on written instructions WAC 246-840-910 thru 970 6 Nurse Delegation What laws and rules govern the program? Revised Code of Washington (RCW) is the law of Washington State 18.79A.260(3)(e)

Washington Administrative Code (WAC) are the rules of Washington State 246-840-910 thru 970 7 Nurse Delegation Give me the facts! The Nurse Delegation program serves approximately 8,600 clients The average cost is $794 per year/client What do you think is the average cost for a Skilled Nursing Facility per day? 8

Nurse Delegation Who's involved with community based nurse delegation Client Long Term Care Worker (LTCW) Registered Nurse (RN) Case Manager (CM)/ Case Resource Manager (CRMDDA) Program Manager (PM)

9 Nurse Delegation Nursing AssistantRegistered (NAR) Registered through DOH $65 registration fee to DOH Take 7 hour HIV/AIDS

course No CE requirement Must be renewed annually on birthday Home Care Aide-Certified (HCA-C)

Completes 75 hours of training Certified through DOH $85 application fee to DOH Take 4 hour HIV/AIDS course 12 hours of CE due each year Must be renewed annual on birthday Nursing Assistant-Certified (NAC)

Completes 85 hours of training (7 hour HIV/AIDS included) Certified through DOH $65 application fee to DOH No CE requirements Must be renewed annual

on birthday 10 Nurse Delegation Purpose of Nurse Delegation rules Rules create a consistent standard of practice Support the authority of the RN to make independent and professional decisions Enhance client choices Protect the public in community-based and in-home settings 11

Nurse Delegation Nurse Delegation Program Description: The RN will: Assess a client to determine stability and predictability Teach the long term care work the nursing task Evaluate the performance of the long term care worker Provide ongoing supervision of the clients condition Provide ongoing supervision and evaluation of the long term care workers performance of the nursing task 12 Nurse Delegation Who do the rules apply to? Clients receiving services in their private homes

Clients receiving services in Community Residential Settings (SL, GTH, CH) Clients receiving services in Adult Family Homes (AFH) Clients receiving services in Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) Formerly known as Boarding Homes 13 Nurse Delegation 1996-97 2000 2009 2017

Nurse Delegation Rules established through DOH Task list created Three settings identified Assisted Living (AL) Adult Family Home (AFH) Supported Living (SL) Task list eliminated In home setting added to approved settings Law change to include insulin injects and blood glucose monitoring as delegatable tasks Prohibited list created Rule clarification to include non-insulin injections, used to treat DM as delegatable tasks Examples include: Byetta, Victoza, Toujeo

14 Nurse Delegation Client Type DDA LTC Other 15 Nurse Delegation

Who are long term care (LTC) clients? Client 18 years or older Often times referred to as aging clients Live in a community- based setting Have case managers who work for Home and Community Services (HCS) or an Area Agency on Aging (AAA) office. 16

Nurse Delegation Who are developmental disability (DD) clients? Diagnosed prior to the age of 18 May be an adult or child Referred to as developmentally disabled Live in a community-based setting Have case resource managers through Developmentally Disabled Administration (DDA)

Referrals managed through a regional nurse delegation coordinator 17 Nurse Delegation DDA Coordinators: Region Name Phone number Email address

Region I Gail Blegen-Frost (509) 374-2124 [email protected] Region II South Aaron Peterson (253) 372-5850

[email protected] Region II North Claire BrownRiker (206) 568-5773 [email protected] Region III

Brian Wood (253) 725-4282 [email protected] 18 Nurse Delegation LTC clients

Chronic conditions Diabetes Arthritis Mental health diagnoses Alzheimer's Dementia Congestive heart failure Lung disease Obesity WAC 388-106

DDA clients Mental retardation Autism Mood disorders Bipolar Major Depressive Disorder

Schizophrenia Cerebral Palsy Epilepsy or seizure disorders WAC 388-825 19 Nurse Delegation So whats the difference? DDA client may have: Unique or complex medical needs Behaviors managed through a positive behavioral support plan (PBSP)

Frequent medication changes High staff turn over 20 Nurse Delegation Rewind The rules for Community Based Nurse Delegation are defined in the Nurse Practice Act. Any RN in the state of Washington can delegate There is no certification course to delegate in the state of Washington Only contracted RNs with DSHS may receive a referral and be paid for delegated services for Medicaid clients The assessed client must be stable and predictable for delegation The LTCWs could not perform the nursing tasks without the supervisor

and evaluation of the RN delegating 21 Nurse Delegation 22 Nurse Delegation Nurse Delegation is based on the Nursing Process:

Assess Plan Implement Evaluate 23 Nurse Delegation Assess

Setting Client Nursing Task Long term care workers (LTCWs) 24 Nurse Delegation Approved HCS Settings: Adult Family Home (AFH)

2-6 clients No nurse required Regulated by RCS. Contracted RND paid to delegate to clients. Assisted Living Facility (ALF) In-Home 6 or greater clients Often times a nurse on staff during the week.

Regulated by RCS Contracted nurses are NOT paid to provide delegation in ALF. Clients live in their private homes. May be cared for by an IP or AP No oversight, unless agency provider Contracted RND paid to delegate to client.

25 Nurse Delegation Approved DDA Settings: Supported Living Clients may live in their own home, or share a home with up to three others Clients are cared for by a

state contracted agency No nurse required Contracted RND paid to delegate to clients. Group Training Homes Group settings, clients may live in a facility with which serves two or more adults.

Clients are cared for by facility staff. No nurse is required Contracted RND paid to delegate to clients. Companion Home Clients reside in their home

Clients are cared for through an agency No nurse is required Contracted RND paid to delegation to clients 26 Nurse Delegation

Delegation does not occur in the following settings: Hospitals Jails Schools Other community programs (adult day, senior centers, etc.) 27 Nurse Delegation Assess Assess the client: Full system- head to toe assessment

Completed within 3 working days of accepting the referral Is the clients condition stable and predictable 28 Nurse Delegation Not a standardized form 29 Nurse Delegation Assess What does stable and predictable mean?

The RN determines the clients clinical and behavioral status is non-fluctuating and consistent. The client does not require frequent nursing presence The client does not require frequent evaluation by an RN Clients with terminal conditions and those who are on sliding scale insulin are stable and predictable WAC 246-840-920 (15) 30 Nurse Delegation Assess Assess the nursing task to be delegated: Does the nursing task fall within your skill set? Is the nursing task on the prohibited list

Do you need additional assistance to determine delegation Consult the decision tree WAC 246-840-940 If task determined for delegation is different from the original request, discuss findings with the referring case manager on page two of the referral form. 31 Nurse Delegation Assess Prohibited nursing tasks: Sterile Procedures or processes Injectable medications

Except insulin and non-insulin injections for DM Central line of IV maintenance Acts that require nursing judgement 32 Nurse Delegation Assess Examples of nursing tasks 33 Nurse Delegation Assess

Assess the LTCW: Does the LTCW have the appropriate training and credentials to perform the nursing task Assess the competency of the LTCW performing the nursing task Identify additional training needs for the LTCW to properly and safely perform the nursing task Consider language and cultural diversity which may affect delegation Is the LTCW willing and able to perform the nursing task 34 Nurse Delegation Credential type, expiration

date, and original issue date Training classes Exempt LTCW letter of employment verification 35 Nurse Delegation

Whos exempt from the Home Care Aide training? NA-R working with a aging client, who worked one day from January 1, 2011-January 6, 2012. The NAR must provide a letter of employment verification showing dates of employment. NA-R working with a DDA client, who worked prior to 2016. The NA-R must provide a letter of employment verification showing days of employment (the DDA 32 hour letter will work). HCA-C NA-C LPN https://fortress.wa.gov/doh/providercredentialsearch/SearchCriteria.aspx 36

Nurse Delegation Whats included in the Home Care Aide training? 75 hours Home Care Aid training 40 hours basic training 30 hours population specific Mental health Dementia 5 hours orientation and safety Training must be completed within 200 days of hire WAC 246-980 37 Nurse Delegation

Assess HCS LTCW credentials: NAR Non-exempt (after 2012) 1. Verify current NAR credential 2. Verify 9 hour Nurse Delegation for Nursing Assistants 3. If delegated insulin, verify 3 hour SFOD 4. Verify completion of 40 hour

Basic Training HCA-C 1. 2. 3. Verify current HCA-C (HM) credential Verify 9 hour Nurse Delegation for Nursing Assistants If delegated insulin, verify 3 hour SFOD

NAC 1. 2. 3. Verify current CNA credential Verify 9 hour Nurse Delegation for Nursing Assistants If delegated insulin, verify 3 hour SFOD Exempt (January 1, 2011-January 6, 2012)

5. Verify NAR credential 6. Verify 9 hour Nurse Delegation for Nursing Assistants 7. If delegated insulin, verify 3 hour SFOD 8. Verify completion of basic training: 1. FOC

2. RFOC 9. Obtain a letter of employment verificationstating dates of employment 38 Nurse Delegation Assess DDA LTCW credentials: NAR Non-exempt (after 2016) 1. Verify current NAR credential

2. Verify 9 hour Nurse Delegation for Nursing Assistants 3. If delegated insulin, verify 3 hour SFOD 4. Verify completion of 40 hour CORE Basic Training NAC 1. 2. 3.

Verify current CNA credential Verify 9 hour Nurse Delegation for Nursing Assistants If delegated insulin, verify 3 hour SFOD Exempt (prior to 2016) 5. Verify NAR credential 6. Verify 9 hour Nurse Delegation for Nursing Assistants 7.

If delegated insulin, verify 3 hour SFOD 8. Verify completion of basic training; 32 hour letter 9. Obtain a letter of employment verification- stating dates of employment 39 Nurse Delegation Consent form (13-678)

40 Nurse Delegation Assess Consent for delegation: Discuss the process of delegation with the client or the clients authorized representative Obtain consent Verbal consent acceptable for first 30 days Written consent must be obtained after the first 30 days Scanned, emailed, or faxed consents are acceptable Consent is only needed for initial delegation

No need to get new consent when nursing task changes Must get new consent if the authorized representative changes 41 Nurse Delegation Nurse Delegation is based on the Nursing Process: Assess Plan/Implement Evaluate 42 Nurse Delegation Instructions for Nursing

Task (Form 13-678) 43 Nurse Delegation Plan/Implementation Written instructions Steps to follow when performing nursing task Predicted outcome Specific side effects of medications To whom do LTCWs report side effects Teach LTCW how to perform the nursing task Based on the written instructions

Determine caregiver competency Return demonstration Verbal description Record review Delegation of a nursing task is at the discretion of the RN assessing and delegating; including the delegation of insulin 44 Nurse Delegation Plan Instructions: Rationale for delegation- the why

Specific to the client and their condition Not transferable to another client or LTCW Clear description or nursing task with step by step instructions Expected outcomes of delegated nursing task Possible side effects of medications prescribed To whom do LTCWs report AND when How to document the nursing task as completed or omitted. 45 Nurse Delegation Plan If the nursing task is medication administration:

Verify what medications are prescribed Pharmacy list MARs Conversation with Health Care Provider Verify medication changes AND how they were verified Determine if there is a need to retrain the LTCW on the task Update delegation paperwork Update instructions and task sheet

46 Nurse Delegation Plan Insulin delegation: Teach proper usage of insulin Instruct and demonstrate safe insulin injection technique Determine competency of LTCW in performing safe insulin administration Drawing up the insulin in a syringe Dialing the dose of insulin on the prefilled syringe Administering the insulin Competency: Must verify LTCW once a week for the first four weeks of insulin delegation

The first visit MUST be in person Each subsequent visit may be verified through Observation or demonstration of the task Verbal communication Record review 47 Nurse Delegation Plan In private homes RN must set up the clients chart, which includes all of the following:

Nurse delegation forms Medication orders Medication administration records (MARs) Credentials for all delegated LTCWs Progress notes 48 Nurse Delegation Plan In the process of writing your plan, you may

need help determining if the nursing task is appropriate for delegation. Review the decision tree located in the nurse practice act: WAC 246-840-940 49 Nurse Delegation Nurse Delegation is based on the Nursing Process: Assess Plan/Implement Evaluate 50

Nurse Delegation Evaluate Evaluation of delegation occurs every 90 days. There is no exception Supervisory visits have 2 components: 1. RN evaluates the client: Head to toe assessment Assess client to determine if the client status continues to be stable and predictable Evaluate the clients response to the delegated nursing task Modify tasks if needed Retrain LTCWs if needed 51

Nurse Delegation Evaluate 2. RN evaluates the continued competency of each delegated LTCW: Evaluation can be direct or indirect Observation or demonstration Record review Verbal description Assess care provided Documentation submitted in last 90 days Validate current credentials 52

Nurse Delegation Evaluate Modifications to tasks: Update Instructions and Task form Retrain LTCWs on updated tasks Rescind LTCWs who are no longer delegated to client Rescind entire caseload Assumption of caseload

53 Nurse Delegation Evaluate Update instructions and task form if: Nursing task has changed Added, discontinued, or modified RN verifies the new orders with the health care provider Determines if the task can be delegated Determines if delegation can occur immediately or if a site visit is required. If the task can not be completed immediately the RN initiates and participates in developing an alternative plan to meet the needs of the client. 54

Nurse Delegation Evaluate RN role in rescinding: RN initiates and participates in a safe transition plan with case managers, family member's, and the client. RN documents the reason for rescinding and the plan for continuing the nursing task Who will provide the service in lieu of delegation 55 Nurse Delegation Evaluate Rescind delegation if:

Client safety is compromised Client is no longer stable and predictable Staff turnover makes delegation difficult Staff unwilling or unable to perform nursing task Task performed incorrectly Client requests new staff When any license lapse Facility LTCW RN 56 Nurse Delegation Evaluate

Transferring delegation to an assuming RN: The RN may transfer their case to another RN willing to assume. The assuming RN will: Assess the patient Assess the nursing tasks as being delegatable and within his/her skill set Assess the LTCWs competency Assess the written instructions and task sheet Once the care has been assumed, the assuming nurse must document: Reason for assumption Notification to client and LTCWs 57 Nurse Delegation

Evaluate Document the entire Nurse Delegation process Including Assessment Written plan Training and credentials Verification of competency 58

Nurse Delegation Summary Nurse Delegation is based on the Nursing Process Assess Plan Implement Evaluate Only occurs in four community settings Not hospitals, jails, or skilled nursing facilities The client must be stable and predictable Select nursing tasks can only be delegated

Prohibited list No other list available LTCW must have appropriate training and credentials There must be an individualized written plan available 59 Nurse Delegation Summary Frequency of insulin delegation How to access the decision tree and when Evaluation of nurse delegation occurs every 90 days Not every 3 months

When to update nurse delegation documents When to provide additional training How to rescind a caseload of LTCW 60 Nurse Delegation 61 Nurse Delegation Training and Credentials Breakout into small groups: 3-5 people Each group will be assigned a scenario

Take 5-10 minutes to review the scenario, determine what training and credentials are required and complete the required training and credentials form Present your findings to the entire class 62 Nurse Delegation 1. A Licensed Practice Nurse who works in an Adult Family Home providing suctioning to a client. 2. An NA-R working for a Supported Living agency, in April of 2012 administering insulin. 3. An NA-C worked in an Adult Family Home in 2013, applying a fentanyl patch. 63

Nurse Delegation 4. A HCA-C is working in an Assisted Living Facility giving insulin since. The HCA-C has worked for the same ALF since February of 2012. 5. An NA-R is working with a client in their private home. The client requires insulin injections and wound care daily. The LTCW was hired before January 7, 2012. 6. An NA-R is currently working for a Supported Living agency. The NA-R has been asked to give insulin to a client. The NA-R previously worked for a Home Care Agency in 2011. It is now February 2014. 64 Nurse Delegation 7. A NA-R was just hired in an Adult Family Home, on

January 15, 2017 and is asked to administer insulin to a client. The NA-R did not work in 2011. 8. A HCA-C is working in an Adult Family Home administering oral medications, it is February of 2013. 9. The NA-R is working in Supported Living, after January 1, 2016, administering insulin injections. 65 Nurse Delegation 66 Nurse Delegation To delegate or not

When delegation may not be needed Personal care Basic first aid Self directed care Medication assistance 67 Nurse Delegation Personal care tasks

Medicated shampoos Chlorohexidine mouth rinse Topical lotions Indwelling catheter care Antiembolism stockings (TED)

Emptying a colostomy bag Peri care Filing nails 68 Nurse Delegation Basic First Aid Applying a bandage to a cut Reinforcing a bandage Administering epinephrine under the

Good Samaritan Law RCW 4.24.300 69 Nurse Delegation Self Directed Care Nursing care provided to a client who resides in their private home by an Individual Provider (IP). Only occurs in private homes Only if an Individual Provider is providing care Client trains and supervises the Individual Provider on their completion and competency level Client must be cognitively aware

As determined by the case manager in her assessment The clients physician must be aware the client is self directing their care The IP can provide any nursing task an able bodied person could do for themselves. WAC: 388-825-400 RCW: 74.39 70 Nurse Delegation Medication Assistance Rules written by the Board of Pharmacy

Describes ways to help an individual take their medications Remind Coach Open Pour Crush Dissolve Use of an enabler Mix with food or liquids (client must be aware the medication is in the food or liquid) Medication assistance can be performed by anyone Client must be in a community setting WAC 246-888-020

71 Nurse Delegation Medication Assistance If medications are crushed or dissolved it must be noted on a physician or pharmacy order Examples enablers: Cups Bowls Spools Straws Adaptive devices

Hand over hand is never allowed as an assistance Client maintains the right to refuse medications at any time. 72 Nurse Delegation Components of Medication Assistance In order for medication assistance to take place, the client must meet both: Functionally ability: able to get the medication to where it needs to go Medication to mouth Ointment on back AND Cognitively aware: he/she is receiving medications Doesnt need to know the name of the medication Intended side effect

If client is not functionally able to take medications and cognitively aware he/she is receiving medications, the medication must be administered by a person authorized to do so. Delegation is appropriate 73 Nurse Delegation Medication Assistance Assisted Living Exception Rule: Clients who reside in an assisted living facility who are unable to independently self-administer their medications may receive medication assistance as follows: If the client is physically unable to self-administer medication they can accurately direct others to do so.

This is not self directed care 74 Nurse Delegation Medication Assistance So what is covered under medication assistance? Oral medication administration

Topical medication administration Ophthalmic medication administration Insulin pen set up Medications via G-Tubes 75 Nurse Delegation Medication Assistance What is not covered under medication assistance: Injectable medication Intravenous medications Oxygen administration 76

Nurse Delegation Blue Board Exercise Review nursing takes which may need delegation, may not need delegation, or are strictly prohibited from delegation 77 Nurse Delegation 78 Nurse Delegation FORMS:

Referral Consent Credentials and verification Head to toe assessment Instructions and nursing task Nursing visit PRN Change in medication or treatment Rescinding Assumption SOP documents

Billing tracker Review sample chart: 79 Nurse Delegation Step by step process for delegation Forms review Initial delegation: Referral Case Manager will scan, email, or fax if a state client Attached to the referral:

Copy of most recent CARE assessment Including behavior support plans Release of information Authorization number Date of birth Assessment of client must be completed within three days from the date of accepting referral. If unable to meet this deadline, discuss with case manager 80 Nurse Delegation Referral form

(01-212) Page 1 81 Nurse Delegation Referral form (01-212) Page 2 82 Nurse Delegation Consent for delegation

Obtain client or the clients authorized representative consent for delegation. Obtain prior to initiating delegation Verbal consent is good for 30 days After 30 days you must have a signed consent form. Consent only needs to be gathered one time, at the start of delegation If the client authorized representative changes If assuming a case and the new RN wants to explain the delegation process 83 Nurse Delegation Consent form

(13-678) 84 Nurse Delegation Credentials and verification form Check credentials for all delegated LTCWs Complete training and credentials form or print copies of training and credentials Document verification of all training and credentials Verification of exempt LTCW letter of employment 85 Nurse Delegation

Credentials And Training Verification (10-217) 86 Nurse Delegation Head to Toe Assessment Full systems nursing assessment Currently no standardized form required Must be completed at each supervisory visit RN may chart per exception after the initial assessment.

87 Nurse Delegation Head to toe assessment 88 Nurse Delegation Instructions and Task Sheet Complete instructions and task sheet for each delegated task Oral medications Topical medications

Wound care List medications delegated Method of verification MD order MAR review Pharmacy Step by step task analysis to complete nursing task 89 Nurse Delegation Instructions and Task Sheet Expected side effects

When to notify the RN Provide contact information When to notify MD Provide contact information When to notify 911 Be specific when giving examples of side effects. Remember, side effects and steps to perform task are specific to the client 90 Nurse Delegation Instructions And task

Form (13-678) 91 Nurse Delegation Nursing Visit Form The nursing visit form is the most widely used form Initial assessment Supervisory (90 day) visits Change in condition Change in delegated task Rescinding of LTCW Delegation to new LTCW

other 92 Nurse Delegation Nurse visit form (14-484) 93 Nurse Delegation Supplementary Forms The following forms are not required, but can be used: PRN Change in medical orders

Assumption Rescinding 94 Nurse Delegation There is room for multiple PRN medications to be listed 95

Nurse Delegation Not an acceptable order due to ranges 96 Nurse Delegation Acceptable order for delegation 97 Nurse Delegation Change in Medical Orders Form

If there is a change in medications mid review cycle Change in dosage Addition of short term medication 10 day course of antibiotic ointment Change in a nursing task The change in medical orders form is similar to the instructions and task form 98 Nurse Delegation Change in Medications Or treatment

(13-681) 99 Nurse Delegation RN can make the decision to delegate immediately or require a site visit 100 Nurse Delegation Rescinding Form Document date rescinded Who you rescinded

Why you rescinded 101 Nurse Delegation Rescinding Form (13-680) 102 Nurse Delegation Assumption Form If you are assuming a case complete the

assumption form to verify date assumed This is the date you will begin assuming liability Document the reason why assumption occurred. 103 Nurse Delegation Assumption Form (13-678B) 104 Nurse Delegation

Additional Billing tracker 105 Nurse Delegation 106 Nurse Delegation Group Activity Background: On 11/20/2016 at 10:15am you receive a call from Judy a Case

Manager in your local Home and Community Services office, she is looking for a nurse delegator to evaluate a client to determine if delegation is appropriate. He currently has informal support at home however has enlisted the help of three caregivers to help complete his care needs. 107 Nurse Delegation Group Activity Break out into groups of 5 Take 10 minutes to work through the following scenario. Answer questions as a group, on slide 111. Be prepared to talk about your response. Client History:

Alfonso Green a 66 year old male with a history of insulin dependent diabetes, diabetic foot ulcers, hypertension, congestive heart failure, immobility, and rheumatoid arthritis. 108 Nurse Delegation Group Activity Medications and Treatments:

Novolog Lantus Lasix Metoprolol Methotrexate Weekly dressing changes to foot ulcers 109 Nurse Delegation Forms Scenario Current Caregivers: Lisa- CNA (9 hour nurse delegation course completed and 3 special focus on diabetes completed)

Rachel- NAR completed on Feb. 11th 2010 and has worked at the same long-term care facility since acquiring NAR. David HCA-C- (9 hour nurse delegation course completed) 110 Nurse Delegation Group Activity What form and attachments will you need from the case manager before you complete your assessment? Is there specific information you need on that form to complete an accurate assessment? Are the caregivers prepared for delegation (Use the Credential and Verification form to help you)? What do you need to complete and send back to the case manager? What would your delegation process look like, from start to finish?

What information do you need Who would you contact What forms would you use At what frequency would you return to Alfonsos home to assess him and his LTCWs 111 Nurse Delegation Contracting with DSHS for Nurse Delegation RNs interested in being paid to delegate for Medicaid clients, in the following settings must be contracted: Adult Family Homes DDA Supported Living

Private homes 112 Nurse Delegation Contracting with DSHS What services can I provide with a DSHS contract? Nurse Delegation for both DDA and HCS clients Skin Observation Protocol for existing clients One time skilled nursing task For DDA clients ONLY 113 Nurse Delegation Skin Observation Protocol (SOP)

Specific protocol for DSHS clients Case manager will refer a client to you if: Their annual CARE assessment triggers SOP RN must follow specific protocol to assess skin Specific forms Specific documentation criteria Document on triggered referral Timeline must be followed without exception. 114 Nurse Delegation Skin Observation Protocol (SOP)

HCS DDA Referral sent by CM Referral sent by CM RN has 48 hours to accept or RN has 48 hours to accept or deny referral deny referral 5 days to contact client, assess 5 days to contact client, assess client, document clients skin client, document clients skin assessment, and return assessment, and return documentation to the CM

documentation to the CM If the client can not be assessed after two attempts or the client declines the assessment APS or CPS and the CM must be notified. 115 Nurse Delegation Skin Observation Protocol (SOP) Forms to be used when SOP is triggered: Nursing Service Referral: HCS DDA

Basic Skin Assessment Pressure Ulcer Assessment Only complete if there is a pressure injury Complete a pressure ulcer assessment for each Pressure injury 116 Nurse Delegation HCS Nursing Service Referral form (13-776) 117

Nurse Delegation DDA Nursing Service Referral form (13-911) 118 Nurse Delegation Basic Skin Assessment (13-780) Page 1

119 Nurse Delegation Basic Skin Assessment (13-780) Page 2 120 Nurse Delegation Pressure injury Assessment

Form (13-783) 121 Nurse Delegation Skin Observation Protocol (SOP) Forms and Power Point can be found on ND website or: https:// www.dshs.wa.gov/altsa/residential-care-services/sk in-observation-protocol-sop-resources 122

Nurse Delegation Requirement for Contracting with ALTSA RN must attend 8 hour Nurse Delegation Orientation WA state RN license without restrictions 1 years RN experience or equivalent experience, determined by ND program managers Professional liability insurance 1 million incident/ 2 million aggregate

Pass a criminal background check Have a National Provider Index (NPI) number Complete a Core Provider Agreement (CPA) Have a business license 123 Nurse Delegation Contract Requirements

Resume or letter of interest Copy of Drivers License Copy of RN license Copy of business license Copy of professional liability insurance Completed background check Completed W-9 Private business owner 124 Nurse Delegation Nurse Delegation Application Process

1. Return completed packet to ND Program 2. ND Program Manager 3. ALTSA Contract Unit 4. CPA to Health Care Authority (HCA) 5. HCA to ALTSA Contracts Unit 6. ALTSA Contract Unit to RN 7. RN to Contracts Unit 8. Contracts Units to RN Program Managers 125 Nurse Delegation What Can I Bill for?

Assessments Documentation Collateral contacts Travel time Billing time 126 Nurse Delegation Payment RN delegators must track time billed

Billed in units 1 unit= 15 minutes 4 units= 1 hour Current rate is $11.33 per unit $45.32 an hours Rate set by Legislation 127 Nurse Delegation Billing HCS clients are authorized: 36 units per month x 12 months

DDA clients are authorized: 100 units per month x 12 month If additional units are needed RN must complete an additional unit request form outlining rationale 128 Nurse Delegation HCS Addition Unit Request form (13-893) 129

Nurse Delegation DDA Additional Request Form (13-903) 130 Nurse Delegation How do I bill? Billing is completed through the Health Care Authority (HCA) You must complete a CPA in order to get access to ProviderOne for billing

Once you have access you will: Receive a welcome letter via US mail Receive your domain and user name via email Receive a second email with a temporary password 131 Nurse Delegation Rolodex sheet 132 Nurse Delegation Group work: Billing Scenarios

Use provided scenario to track units used from the initial date of your referral until the time you billed. This may include: Conversation regarding referral Assessment of client Task analysis Training caregivers Returning documentation Billing 133 Nurse Delegation Health Care Authority

ProviderOne self study billing: https:// www.hca.wa.gov/billers-provi ders/providerone/provideron e-social-services 134 Nurse Delegation Billing practice: Take 5-10 minutes to walk through purple billing scenario

Complete sample billing chart Track units in category (there is no right or wrong category) Add units up based on your billing schedule (weekly, every two weeks, monthly) 135 Nurse Delegation Other DSHS Contract Community instructor contract Train LTCW for 9 hour ND for NA Train LTCW for 3 hour SFOD HCS

Contact Training Unit at (360) 725-2548 DDA Contact Doris Barret: (360) 407-1504 136 Nurse Delegation Other DSHS Contracts Skilled Nursing Waiver Contract Provide skilled nursing task Similar to Home Health Wound care Indwelling catheter insertion Injections

Contact local Area Agency on Aging (AAA) office 137 Nurse Delegation Other DSHS Contracts Private Duty Nursing Provide 1:1 care Client must require four hours of continued nursing services Vent Trach Contact Jevahly Wark (360) 725-1737

138 Nurse Delegation Setting Up Your Business You must market your business and yourself Contact CMs Develop marketing materials Business cards Flyers Website Contact other RN delegators in y our community Attend quarterly meetings 139

Nurse Delegation Responsibilities Contracted RN responsibilities Case manager responsibilities ND program manager responsibilities 140 Nurse Delegation Contracted RN

Document when, how, and from who referral was received If necessary arrange interpreter services with CM Assess client within 3 working days of receiving the referral Provide SOP documentation to CM within five days Return page two of referral to case manager Notify CM if there is a change in client condition or nursing task delegated Notify CM if rescinding or assuming a caseload 141

Nurse Delegation Contracted RN Maintain duplicate copies of all ND files for six years Send client files to case managers as requested Send client files to program managers if requested If client resides in a private home, set up client chart Teach LTCW how to safely perform the nursing task

Maintain a current RN license, business license, and liability insurance Report suspected abuse or neglect 142 Nurse Delegation Case Manager

Send referral to RN Send current CARE assessment Send positive behavior support plan Send release of information Authorize payment for 12 months Communicate changes in client eligibility If client referred is in their private home, the case manager will verify LTCW credentials prior to referring 143 Nurse Delegation Program Managers

Resource for all contracted RNs Resource for RNs in the state of WA Resource for all CMs in the state of WA Provide follow up and investigations on all delegation complaints, with contracted nurses Maintain contracted RN records Contract Monitoring on all contracted RNs Train statewide 144

Nurse Delegation Summary of delegation RCWs and WACs are the same for all clients receiving delegation Nurse delegation is based on the nursing process Communication is key to having a successful business Program managers are available for support 145 Nurse Delegation 146 Nurse Delegation

Program Evaluation Complete orientation evaluation Submit evaluation to Program Managers for certificate of completion 147 Program Managers Erika Parada RN 360-725-2450 [email protected] Jevahly Wark, RN 360-725-1737 [email protected]

Doris Barret, RN DDA 360-407-1504 [email protected] 148

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    is very relevant today. There is a global acceptance that health and social wellbeing are determined by many factors outside the health system which include socioeconomic conditions, patterns of consumption associated with food and communication, demographic patterns, learning environments, family...
  • Olympex: Overview of Proposed Instruments and Locations

    Olympex: Overview of Proposed Instruments and Locations

    "OLYMPEX" November-December 2014 Physical validation Precipitation estimation Hydrological applications PMM Hydrology Telecon, 22 October 2010 Change operational to real time, change streamflow to hydrologic (need to get interior streamflow points & snowpack as well as stream output Assimilation is more...
  • (1) arch- means chief; first

    (1) arch- means chief; first

    (16) Extra-/extro- means beyond;outside Examples. Extracurricular = beyond the curriculum. Extraterritorial = beyond a nation's boundaries. Extrovert = a person mostly interested in other people and things
  • Lecture #1, Sept. 30, 1996

    Lecture #1, Sept. 30, 1996

    Judgments for mini-Java Multiple type environments Class Hierarchy Setting up an ML typechecker for mini-Java Subtyping Rules for Java Declarations as functions over environments
  • Helping your Child Deal with Adversity

    Helping your Child Deal with Adversity

    Helping your Child Deal with Adversity. Five ideas for helping your child deal with adversity: Give them the time and space to work through things, to a certain extent, themselves. Reality check: God gives our kids free will. They decide...
  • Name of presentation - WSHIMA

    Name of presentation - WSHIMA

    Kristi Pollard, RHIT, CCS, CPC, CIRCC. AHIMA-Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Instructor & ICD-10 Ambassador. ... Finally, we cut and contoured 2 pieces of rod from the Universal Spine System and attached these to the screws on each side. All attachments were torque-tightened...
  • Lectures 5 Multiple Regression: Basics

    Lectures 5 Multiple Regression: Basics

    Multiple Regression The Basics Multiple Regression (MR) Predicting one DV from a set of predictors, the DV should be interval/ratio or at least assumed I/R if using Likert scale for instance Assumptions Y must be normally distributed (no skewness or...
  • CSCE 330 Programming Language Structures

    CSCE 330 Programming Language Structures

    "Act only according to that maxim by which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law" "Act as to treat humanity, whether in your own person or in that of another, always as an...