Record of Work Dr. Cheryl Spulecki President, NYSANA

Record of Work Dr. Cheryl Spulecki President, NYSANA

Record of Work Dr. Cheryl Spulecki President, NYSANA August 2018 Media Relations Media List Generation: Baker PR developed a regional media list that includes targeted health, political and general news media contacts across New York state Press Releases: Governor Cuomos support to afford CRNAs full scope of practice in his 2018 budget proposal

Dr. Cheryl Spuleckis 2/12 testimony Lobby Days (March and May) Rebuttal for Rome Sentinel Partnership with The Society for Opioid Free Anesthesia Counter to NYSSA accusations against CRNAs Response to NYSSA making false claims against NYSANA Media Pitching/Outreach and Media Interviews: More than 60 outlets from downstate, Capital Region, North Country, Central New York, Western New York and

the Southern Tier Baker PR submitted letters-to-the-editor to newspapers across New York state on behalf of Dr. Cheryl Spulecki and NYSANA members Secured pieces included POLITICO, Capital Tonight on Spectrum News with Liz Benjamin (statewide show), Times Union, WNYT with Benita Zahn, Legislative Gazette, Democrat and Chronicle, WCNYs The Capitol Pressroom, News 10 ABCs Morgan McKay, Malone Telegram and Watertown Daily Times

Media Relations (continued) Media Placements Print: Politico Pro (subscription required) Legislative Gazette Watertown Daily Times Rome Sentinel WICZ Malone Telegram

SOFA Partnership Video: Joint Legislative Public Hearing Spectrum News: Capital Tonigh Social Media Baker PR developed a social media strategy (Facebook and Twitter) and posts to solicit awareness regarding NYSANAs campaign. Baker PR created social media campaigns dedicated to full scope of practice, title recognition and Lobby/Advocacy days. Social Media Metrics: Facebook January 2018 60,128 Impressions 33,322 Reach 2,884 Engaged Users 390 Video Views April 2018

12,148 Impressions 6,779 Reach 648 Engaged Users 389 Video Views June 2018 17,388 Impressions 11,122 Reach 1,019 Engaged Users 1,234 Video Views February 2018 68,834 Impressions

39,988 Reach 3,420 Engaged Users 0 Video Views May 2018 35,850 Impressions 19,963 Reach 3,801 Engaged Users 2,092 Video Views July 2018 7,245 Impressions 3,972 Reach

414 Engaged Users 76 Video Views March 2018 103,632 Impressions 67,024 Reach 5,588 Engaged Users 12,943 Video Views Social Media Metrics: Twitter January 2018

May 2018 March 2018 2,223 Tweet Impressions 232 Profile Visits 6 New Followers 8 Mentions 2 Tweets 17.1 K Tweet Impressions 928 Profile Visits 11 New Followers

107 Mentions 33 Tweets 4,182 Tweet Impressions 183 Profile Visits 3 New Followers 1 Mention 10 Tweets February 2018 11.5K Tweet Impressions

531 Profile Visits 17 New Followers 45 Mentions 23 Tweets April 2018 5,824 Tweet Impressions 143 Profile Visits 8 New Followers 11 Mentions 5 Tweets

June 2018 5,874 Tweet Impressions 89 Profile Visits 3 New Followers 2 Mentions 10 Tweets July 2018 2,001 Tweet Impressions 41 Profile Visits 8 New Followers

0 Mentions 0 Tweets Advertising Baker PR made recommendations for radio and digital ad buys, created the content and placed ads with TALK1300, POLITICO, Legislative Gazette, and Facebook Baker PR drafted copy for sponsored newsletter with POLITICO

Social Media Advertising Digital Marketing Baker PR coordinated testimonial video shoots with Plastic Surgeon Dr. William DeLuca and CRNA Jennifer Wojtusik on behalf of NYSANAs pursuit of full scope of practice Email Marketing

Baker PR drafted and distributed multiple email campaigns to NYSANA members, soliciting engagement and action Email Marketing Metrics Print Marketing Baker PR created and finalized multiple fact sheets (including coalition members) to distribute publicly and to legislative decision-makers informing them about the facts and the role

of CRNAs in health care Baker PR coordinated literature drops at the L.O.B.

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