SMALL BUSINESS SHOWCASE Internal Computer Services (ICS) Small

SMALL BUSINESS SHOWCASE Internal Computer Services (ICS)  Small

SMALL BUSINESS SHOWCASE Internal Computer Services (ICS) Small Business Size: SDVOSB Niche Areas - IT Security: Intrusion Detection/Prevention Services To Include Vulnerability Assessments - Help Desk HW + SW Maintenance Support - Network Design & Support: LAN/WAN/VPN To Include Managed Services Treasury Contract: Financial Management Services (FMS) Largest Treasury Award: FMS - 5 Yr $3.3M Largest Award: Chesterfield Cty VA - 5 Yr $1.2M SMALL BUSINESS SHOWCASE Internal Computer Services (ICS)

FMS: IT Security Staff Augmentation #1Vulnerability Assessment Infrastructure To Meet FISMA, NIST & FDCC Regulations and Guidelines McAfee Foundstone V6.5 & Nessus #2 Web Security Gateway / Content Filtering Websense #3 IDS / IPS Enterasys Dragon & CISCO #4 SEIM Security Event Information Management ArcSight #5 Patch Management Systems for Security Servers

MS Software Updates & Red Hat Satellite Services SMALL BUSINESS SHOWCASE Internal Computer Services (ICS) Healthy IT: Existing Clients Want and Demand - Maximize Existing Systems w/ Help Desk HW/SW Services & Infrastructure Support ( >7,000 Systems) - No Bleeding Edge Want Economical & Secure Solutions ICS Attributes: Stability and Survivability Creditability - Past Performance + Flexibility To Adapt To Market - Teaming To Share Resources & Reduce Risk To Govt Past Performance: - Federal, State, Cty Govt + Commercial Contact Information

Eric Sundin Eric Sundin [email protected] Gray Blankenship [email protected] Phone 804-672-1009 CAGE code 47T18

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