Re-cap Vote With Your Feet 1. Creatio ex

Re-cap Vote With Your Feet 1. Creatio ex nihilo means to make new things 2. A Literalist Christian believes that the Bible is a very important book but that it shouldnt be taken too seriously 3. There are no conceivable circumstances in which the Catholic Church will allow for the termination of a pregnancy 4. Peter Singers idea of speciesism is silly 5. If the Genesis Creation narrative is not literally true then there really is nothing to learn from reading it Agree Disagree RE Department

Prayer Lord, Help us in our work today, Grant us the understanding to achieve, the wisdom to succeed and the courage to let your love guide our way. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen Objective TWAL about the key theological beliefs that are expressed in The Tree of Life Apse mosaic in San Clemente, Rome.

Success Criteria I can attempt to present Christian beliefs in image form. I can relay to others what The Tree of Life Apse mosaic is. I can independently research and annotate effective notes on the key beliefs that are depicted in this artwork (show understanding). I can analyse scripture and locate the source of certain beliefs. I can explain the nature and importance of at least 4 key beliefs that are presented in this artwork in an 8 mark C question. Starter 10 minutes Requirements:

1. Pencil 2. Blank A4 paper 3. Ruler (possibly) 4. Colouring pencils (possibly) Task: I want you to imagine that you are an accomplished artist. A senior Bishop of the Church has asked you to produce a piece of artwork that shows what Christians believe about Jesus/God. The Bishop tells you that you have free reign in terms of how you do it but you must include at least 3 of the following key beliefs: 1. God is the first and the last. 2. The battle against evil is won by the Cross of Christ. 3. Jesus sacrificed himself to save humankind. 4. The importance of peace for a Christian.

5. The importance of the four Gospels as a means to hear Jesus word. SC: I can attempt to present Christian beliefs in image form. Reveal Could 3 students please reveal what they have produced and explain some of your ideas How have you put the key beliefs across? SC: I can attempt to present Christian beliefs in image form.

Apse Mosaic at San Clemente Name: Apse Mosaic at San Clemente Artist: Masolino da Panicale Location: Church of San Clemente, Rome Date: 12th Century AD Medium: Mosaic The task you just completed is the task that Masolino da Panicale was given in the 12 th Century. This is his attempt to depict the same beliefs that you were asked to, and more.

I can relay to others what The Tree of Life Apse mosaic is. Research You will now visit 8 Stations and examine and note the beliefs that are depicted in this artwork. At each station, you need to read the info first and then attempt to complete the sentence starters or answer the questions that appear on the corresponding section of your research learning mat. Please do not move to the next station until I say so.

I can independently research and annotate effective notes on the key beliefs that are depicted in this artwork. Alpha and Omega - the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. This is used to symbolise the belief that God is the beginning and the end of all that can be seen and all that cant. Scripture to support this belief: Revelation 22:13; Revelation 1:8 Isaiah 44:6 The Chi-Rho emblem can be viewed as the first Christian Cross. As a pre-Christian symbol, the Chi-rho signified good fortune. The Chi ro became an important Christian symbol when adopted by the Roman Emperor

Constantine, representing the first two letters in the name of Christ- the Chi, or ch, and Rho, or r. According to Church Father Eusebius, on the eve of the Battle of the Milvan Bridge, the Emperor saw the emblem in a dream, with the inscription, By this sign, you shall conquer. According to the story, the battle was won. In return for the victory, Constantine legalized the Christian religion and built many Christian churches. The Apostles are represented at the very bottom of the Mosaic as twelve sheep that face toward the Lamb of God, an image based on the Book of Revelation. Due to the traditional golden halo around his head, Jesus can be found represented as a lamb in the center. Jesus used the metaphor of sheep throughout the New Testament and was also referred to as the Lamb of God. Jesus is the sacrificial lamb from God. Scripture to support:

John 1:29; Revelation 12:11; Revelation 17:14 The Apostles are represented several different ways in the mosaic. First, the apostles appear as doves surrounding Jesus on the cross. In the Catholic faith, doves are symbols of peace and is a sign of the Holy Spirit filling the earth on Pentecost. Also, God lets Noah know that his anger/wrath is over through a message delivered by a dove. Scripture to support: Psalms 55:6; Matthew 3:16; Genesis 8:11 This apse mosaic centers on a cross that relates to a vision of Paradise that merges with images of the Church in the contemporary world. Its most prominent feature is a vast

vine studded with figures of lords and stewards, Doctors of the Church, and peasants engaged in their daily tasks. The vine/Tree Of Life is identified as the Church by an inscription along the band just above the sheep: Ecclesiam Christi viti similabimus isti de ligno crucis Jacobi dens, Ignatiiq[ue] insupra scripti requiescunt corpore Christi quam lex arentem, sed crux facit esse virentem, "We have likened the Church of Christ to this vine; the Law

made it wither but the Cross made it bloom. Underneath the tree of Life, there are four streams of water coming out of the tree that signifies the four rivers of Eden. Two deer are drinking these waters flowing out the tree of life. This scene comes from Psalms 42:1, As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God. Behind the deer there are two peacocks, one on each side of the mosaic. According

to ancient beliefs, the Peacock had pure immortal flesh, which is why it became associated with the resurrection of Christ. Where the apse meets the flat surface, the mosaic represents Bethlehem on the left and Jerusalem on the right. Both are presented as loci of historical events, not as heavenly idealizations. In Bethlehem we see an image of the boy Christ and of another boy running down a flight of stairs; in Jerusalem a cross and a cock remind viewers that this city was the scene of the Crucifixion and of Peter's denial. Scripture to support: Luke 2:4-7; Mark 14:66-72 The risen and reigning Christ is above the entire work, in a medallion over the highest point of the arch.

Scripture to support: Mark 16:6-8 The Gospel according to Mark The image attributed to Mark is that of winged lion. His Gospel begins with references to the Prophet Isaiah. John the Baptist is the messenger who proclaimed the coming of the Messiah. The winged lion, which signifies leadership and royalty, is therefore seen as an appropriate symbol for the Son of God. The Gospel according to Luke The image attributed to Luke is that of a winged ox.

A calf or indeed oxen were used in sacrifices in the Temple. The opening of Luke's Gospel begins with the announcement of the birth of John the Baptist to his father Zechariah a priest in the Temple who was offering sacrifice there. The winged ox is seen as a reminder of the priestly character of Jesus and of his sacrificial death for the sins of all mankind. The Gospel according to Matthew The image attributed to Matthew is a divine man. His Gospel is concerned to show the family tree of Jesus from Abraham to King David to Jesus. Matthew is seen as the Gospel of Christ's humanity and His humbleness and

humility are highlighted throughout the book. Mathew saw Gods human nature in Christ as essential to understand. The Gospel according to John The image attributed to John is a winged or flying eagle. This book is totally unlike the three synoptic gospels in that it begins with a proud theological reflection upon the meaning of the fact of Christ. The reference in the Gospel to the disciples receiving the Holy Spirit perhaps makes the symbol of a winged or flying eagle even more powerful.

Task: I want you to look up key pieces of scripture from your research today and unearth the links between the beliefs depicted in the mosaic and the origins of these beliefs in the Bible. Scripture reference: What it says (summarise, if too long): The belief that this addresses: Relevance to this artwork: Revelation 22:13

Isaiah 44:6 John 1:29 Revelation 12:11 Genesis 8:11 Psalms 42:1 Mark 16:6-8 Example

I can analyse scripture and locate the source of certain beliefs. Progress Check Agree Disagree 1. The Tree Of Life Mosaic in Rome is a piece that focusses on the story of Abraham and Isaac 2. Alpha and Omega refers to the idea that God is first and last 3. A lamb with a shiny head is on the piece to show that lambs are believed to be intelligent

4. I understand why this artwork is special to Catholics 5. I can explain to others two important symbols that are portrayed in the mosaic I can independently research and annotate effective notes on the key beliefs that are depicted in this artwork (show understanding). Section C practice GCSE question Explain the rich Christian symbolism that you will find in the Tree Of Life Apse mosaic 8 Marks 4x RE needed to gain full marks

1 X RE - First 1 X RE Secondly 1 X RE Thirdly 1 X RE Finally I can explain the nature and importance of at least 4 key beliefs that are presented in this artwork. Peer Assessment Use your Green

pens! Possible content: God as Alpha and Omega (scripture). Jesus as the Risen Lord (scripture).

The immortal nature of God/Jesus (peacock). Chi Rho Christ helps you to beat evil. Jesus as the Lamb of God (scripture). Doves symbolising the apostles/peace/Gods messengers (scripture). The vines representing the wide range of services that the Church provides. Significance of Bethlehem and Jerusalem in Jesus story (scripture) 8 Marks Review 3 things you now know about the Tree Of Life mosaic 1 thing that is square with you (you

understand) and you could explain it to others 1 question still going round in your head

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