This driver should have stayed at a Holiday

This driver should have stayed at a Holiday Inn. Governing Instructions include: MSHA mine safety OSHA occupational safety CAL OSHA State OSHA TXI Ex: Safety Manual Plant Rules Ex: drug testing

Lab Rules See handout Lab safety training at Oro Grande mirrors the comprehensive plant safety training plan required by 30 CFR Part 46. Laboratory

Plant Safety Safety Training Training

Plant training topics include: Hazard Awareness Respiratory Protection Hearing Conservation Electrical Safety Manual Lifting Radiation Safety Railroad & Traffic Safety Bloodborne Pathogens, First Aid, CPR

Chemical Handling & MSDS Accident Prevention, Good Housekeeping Topics within the plant safety training program are tailored for Lab Techs: Respiratory Protection Sample Hop, Phys Test Hearing Conservation Sample Prep Electrical Safety Test Equipment

Manual Lifting 5 gallon buckets Radiation Safety x-ray machine (dosimetry) Railroad & Traffic Safety Sample pick-up Chemical Handling storage, usage, Success Story #1 Pre-shift inspection form (see handout). Used to identify hazards

both inside and outside the Lab. Lab Techs routinely identify hazards in other spaces and report to Production Supervisor. Success Story #2 Monthly training Discussed chemical handling

and first aid remedies for chemical burns. Identified absence of proper treatment for hydrofluoric acid burns. Purchased calcium gluconate gel Keys to Success Effective two-way

communication Good listening skills Action and Follow-up Interdepartmental cooperation Ownership Questions? Lets be careful out there!

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