Oklahoma City Public Schools FY20 Beginning of Year

Oklahoma City Public Schools FY20 Beginning of Year

Oklahoma City Public Schools FY20 Beginning of Year Updates Financial Services Financial Secretary Training Presented July 26, 2019 AGENDA Courier Services Contracts/Mileage/Graduation Grants Budget School Accounting (Student Activity

Funds) Purchasing Accounts Payable Courier Service Dustin Brown Lead Courier [email protected] 405-587-1115 Courier Service Deposit Log CONTRACTS

Send ALL Contracts to PK-12 Schools Department (Jamie De La Rosa [email protected] 587-0010) Rule of Thumb: If it requires a signature, send it to Jamie. Contracts include but are not limited to: Types: Grant-Related Agreements, General Agreements, Memorandums of Understanding/Agreement (MOU/MOA), Fundraisers, Royalty Agreements, Scopes of Work, Terms & Conditions, Quotes, etc. Email Subject Line: Vendor Name and School Name (i.e. Lifetouch Yearbook_Lee) Principal Approval: Get the Principal's approval before emailing it to Jamie. Legal Approval: Contacts must go through Legal for Approval. (Upload Legals Approval (Lextree) email and contract to PR )

Contracts: Will only be accepted from the Principal, Assistant Principal, Financial Secretary, or the Principals Secretary. Contract Signature Designees: Cabinet Level ONLY Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent(s), Exec Directors (HR/Student Services), PRINCIPAL FORMS: EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT MILEAGE CLAIM STIPENDS Instructional Leadership Director (ILD) Signature: Email ALL forms to Jamie De La Rosa [email protected] Expense Reimbursement: Complete claim, compare to PO lines, & Scan Incidental Receipts.

General Funded Claims: After ILD signs, claim will be returned to Secretary to Good Receipt (GR) and to email to Accounts Payable (AP). Title I Funded Claims: After ILD signs, claim will be emailed to appropriate Title I Staff Member, and cc: Principal & Fin. Sec. Title I will review, sign, and email/contact Fin. Sec. to GR and then Title I will email claim to AP for processing. Principal Mileage Claim: Principal must signs before emailing to Jamie. DO NOT GR until ILD approves/signs claim. Claim will be returned to Secretary to Good Receipt (GR) and to email to Accounts Payable (AP). Principal Stipends: Include Sign In Sheets for ALL dates listed. Forms will be emailed to the appropriate Title I Staff Member. Title I will email forms to Payroll for processing. GRADUATION Any questions contact Jamie De La Rosa [email protected] 587-0010

FINANCIAL Email Purchase Requisition (PR) Release Strategies Requests to Jamie. Principals (BL) must released first. Confirm Release Strategies - SAP ME52N or ME53N under the Item > Release Strategy Tab. FINANCIAL SERVICES New School Finance Webpage Key Points Facility Rentals Kit A Kid (BluSource) Grants/Budget/SAF/Purchasing/

Accounts Payable SCHOOL FINANCE RESOURCE PAGE: Located on OKCPS Website Departments > Financial Services > School Finance Resource Page Forms All current Financial Forms (fillable) 9 FINANCIAL SERVICE POINTS: TRAIN - Sponsors need to be trained on policies and procedures.

Game Start-Up/Refs - Athletic Directors handle start up cash, officials, and non-officials payments (Payments are through RefPay {ArbiterSports}). Asset Numbers - Single items >$5,000 require Asset Numbers. Fin. Sec. Position Principal should notify School Accounting of any vacant or new Financial Secretary. (Contact - [email protected]) On-Line Bank Access - Notify Treasury of any personnel changes related to the online bank access. (Contact - Mark Waldrip, Treasurer [email protected]) Finance Training Available every Wednesday (Contact [email protected])

10 Contracts Submit to Jamie De La Rosa (ILD Office). Contracts are submitted through Lextree & approved by RENTAL OF AUDITORIUM/GYM/STADIUM: District Policy D-09 and Board Regulation D-09-R OKCPS Homepage Families & Community Rent our Facilities OKCPS Facility Use. Information - Step-by-step video on how to rent. Make sure ALL school activities are posted on your school calendar to block those dates and times. OKCPS District activities have priority use for all

facilities. 11 Kit-A-Kid Campaign: (BluSource # 307383) BluSource has established an OKCPS Kit-A-Kid Website. ( https://okcps.bluschoolsupplies.com) School Supplies funds from parents/sponsors must be receipted into Cost Center XXX60936. Complete Requisition Form (total # of Kits and Bulk Items) & Signed by Principal Create PRAF PR

General Ledger (G/L) # 5219961900 Cost Center XXX60936 Internal Order (9041050 Elementary; 9040000 Middle/High) Vendor will be #307383 BluSource Requisition Form serves as Quote - Upload to PR First Line needs to read: SAF-KIT separate lines for each (Kits/Bulk Items) Access Website, create order, put PR # in Order Notes, and park the order. (i.e. like Staples) PRAF PR follows the Release Strategies depending on dollar threshold. PRAF PR converted to SAF PO by Purchasing. Purchasing will e-mail PO to BluSource. (Orders will not be shipped without PO number) The Secretary must enter Goods Receipt (GR) for items received BluSource will send individual Invoices w/ PO # to Accounts Payable [email protected] GRANTS

Audrey Fitzsimmons, Grant Writing Manager [email protected] 587-0117 Grants BEFORE applying for ANY grant... OKCPS Website Departments>Financial Services>Grant Writing (Follow Instructions) Teachers Must coordinate with Principal Principals Must coordinate with ILD ILDs Must coordinate with appropriate Director / Administrator

Intent to Apply for a Grant Submit prior to applying for ANY grants or prior to having a 3rd party apply on the Sites behalf. Allows for the collection of necessary Districtlevel approvals. Complete basic information Grant funder, Amount requested, District Match, and Project Description.

BUDGET DEPARTMENT: Send Budget questions to [email protected] Sydney Ward Kayla Mauldin Director of Budget Budget Specialist [email protected] [email protected] 405-587-0017

405-587-0169 (Vacant) Debra Woody Budget Manager SNS Office Coordinator 405-587-0014 [email protected] 405-587-1024 Michelle McCarrell Budget-Federal Program

Analyst [email protected] 405-587-0178 BUDGET: To find out the balance of any cost center (subaccount) you will need to run a Y_OKD_48000045 report Cost centers are XXX(site) 60(BA) XXX (project) [e.g. 71260801 general funds for US Grant] SCHOOL ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT Reports and Questions on Student Activity Funds should always be sent to [email protected] Sherrye CravensCrawford

Director of School Accounting [email protected] g Lisa Rodgers Accounting Specialist [email protected] 405-587-0108 Linda Henry Accounting Specialist 405-587-0479 [email protected] 405-587-0510

Accounting Specialist School Assignment Lisa Rodgers [email protected] 405-587-0108 Administration Adams Adelaide Lee Arthur Bodine Cesar Chavez Coolidge Eugene Field Fillmore Hayes Heronville Hillcrest

Martin Luther King Prairie Queen Shidler Southern Hills Thelma Parks Wilson Capitol Hill Mid F D Moon Mid Jefferson Mid Roosevelt Mid Webster Mid Wheeler Mid Capitol Hill High Classen SAS High Douglass High Emerson South

US Grant Accounting Specialist School Assignment Linda Henry [email protected] 405-587-0510 Britton Buchanan Cleveland Esperanza Hawthorne Kaiser Mark Twain Monroe Nichols Hills Quail Creek Ridgeview

Rockwood Rogers Spencer Van Buren Willow Brook Belle Isle Enterprise Classen Mid John Marshall Mid Mary Golda Ross Mid Southeast Mid Taft Mid Emerson North John Marshall High NW Classen Putnam Heights Academy

Southeast Star Spencer Student Support Service STUDENT ACTIVITY FUND (SAF) Cost Centers SAF Manual - Board approved July 15, 2019 SAF Policy requires SAF Manual must be board approved annually which includes all approved Cost Centers, program codes, revenues, and expenditures. SAF Procedures are updated as necessary.

DEPOSITS: Daily Deposits Use School Safe to secure funds. Courier will pick up daily. Financial Secretaries can make late deposits if necessary. Be sure a cash count form is being used and initialed by two people that verified the cash deposit. Cash Count Forms & Deposit Slips Two (2) people must verify the amount of cash to be deposited. Same people must initial BOTH the Cash Count Form and the Deposit Slip. Tell Principal where the Cash Count Form and Deposit Slips are kept in case the Financial Secretary is not available and a deposit is needed. 22

DURING the Year Actions: CASH RECEIVED Receipts: Enter into SAP (FBCJ) DAILY This will give you access to these funds once budget is updated for each Cost Center Deposits: Drop all deposits DAILY Confirm Receipts = Cash = Deposit Slip/ Cash Count Form Deposit slip must list Receipt #s & initialed by 2 people DONATIONS:

When a large donation is received that will make improvements to the school or build on the school property, contact School Accounting to determine if the funds should be sent to central office. All improvements to the building site must go through building fund/Capitol Projects. Wes Walker donations can remain at school sites UNLESS construction is involved. If technology is purchased with donated funds, be sure to complete a Technology Purchase Request (TPR) before creating the PR. 24 STUDENT ACTIVITY FUND REMINDERS

BOARD POLICY C-08 Principals are the Activity Fund Custodian and are responsible for all cash in the SAF bank account. Daily Bank Deposits Collected daily by OKCPS Couriers. Some duties may be delegated to a central bookkeeper Pre-numbered receipts (obtain from Central Office) STUDENT ACTIVITY FUND REMINDERS

REGULATION C-08 R1 Disbursements from each fund must be made ONLY for the specific purpose for which the fund was created Principal may NOT give, donate, or loan money to any group, organization, or individual regardless of circumstances or motive No purchases shall be made in excess of funds on hand within the cost center Deadline Reminders Monthly Reports due by the 10th of every month

Annual Budgets due August 30th (which includes Fundraiser Permission Forms) Monthly Reports consist of: Fundraising paperwork: Profit & Loss Forms Inventories/Concessions Ticket Reconciliations Monthly Check List Must be Signed Budget 19 Report Cash Receipts - 56 Report PO Status - ZMM97TD Report STUDENT ACTIVITY FUND REMINDERS 814 - Lost Textbooks When an excess of $250 has been

collected into the 814 Lost Textbooks the money in excess of $250 a PR should be created to remit it to vendor #301591 OKCPS Central Office and AP will give the check to Treasury Department. STUDENT ACTIVITY FUND REMINDERS 815 - Lost Library books The money collected in the 815 Lost Library cost center will stay in the sub-account until the end of the year. At the beginning of the next fiscal year the money will be rolled into the 805 library funds for the purchase of

replacement library books. STUDENT ACTIVITY FUND REMINDERS 807 - Latchkey and Child Care Any after school program, such as latchkey/childcare, you must collect monies and receipt 70% to cost center 60807 and 30% to cost center 60876. Then create a PR to remit all monies, (except for $100 in 60807) to OKCPS. The PR vendor for OKCPS is #301591 and then AP will give the check to the Treasury department monthly. The 30% in cost center 60876, and all late fees, and insufficient fund fees go into cost center 60876 Child Care. This money can be used for latchkey/childcare expenditures. At the end of the school year any money in cost center 60876 will be rolled into cost center 60801.

STUDENT ACTIVITY FUND REMINDERS 808 Pre K Tuition Any money over $100 please create a PR to remit monies to OKCPS vendor #301591 and AP will give the check to the Treasury department monthly. If there is an outstanding balance for more than a week, then the child should be dropped from the pre-k and latchkey programs. STUDENT ACTIVITY FUND REMINDERS

Each week, training is available at Central Office. There is training on each part of the Manual (Cash Receipts, SAF Purchase Requisitions, Fundraising paperwork, and PCards) and open topics. To save time, prior to coming to training, please read the related portion on the School Finance Webpage. Forms are revised frequently to make them easy to use. All forms are located on our OKCPS web page under Departments Financial Services - Accounting. START of the Year Actions: Receipt books Cost Center beginning balances Class of 2018 is now in Cost Center 60801

Dormant accounts submitted are now in Cost Center 60801 DURING the Year Actions: TRANSPORTATION BILLINGS: ONE Purchase Requisition (P.R.) per trip. Use Vendor #302768 - OKCPS Transportation. Request for Field Trip Transportation form and/or Third Party Agreement must be uploaded to the PR. Shared Trips with other Schools: Both schools must put in a PR and each school should reference each others PR # on their PR. A list will be e-mailed to your Principal at the end of each week. Check to make sure your trip is listed. If

not, contact Theresa Ross immediately. Goods Receipt after the trip is taken. Payments by 3rd Party - Donor fill out third party form (only enter a PR if third party is paying a portion of the trip). FY20 SAF Budgets Budgets for each Cost Center are due August 30th Review Fundraiser Permission Forms from FY19 to project revenue and expenditures for FY20 Request teachers/sponsors to fill out Fundraiser Permission Forms for FY20 Attach Fundraiser Permission Forms to the Cost Center Budgets

Fundraiser Activities All fundraisers should be coded to 1950 and for all fundraisers must submit (each month) the following for each fundraiser that is in progress: Signed Profit and Loss form Total of all receipts pertaining to each fundraiser Vendor invoices/receipts Fundraiser Permission Form (first month only) Appropriate Program Codes must be used to record all fundraising receipts. Limit the fundraisers duration (the shorter, the better)! Use funds raised during the year for the purpose it was raised. The students that raised the money should benefit from it.

No Political Endorsements allowed Ex. Blue & Gold Packaging FUNDRAISERS: Permission BEFORE ANYTHING IS BOUGHT OR SOLD - Principal must approve the fundraiser Budgets and Permission Forms. Inventories - Must be maintained. Profit/Loss Analyze during monthly reporting for any variances/missing funds. Unexplained Variances/Missing Funds Require ILD approval before the Monthly Report can be finalized. Political Endorsements Not Allowed (Example - Blue & Gold Packaging)

37 FY20 Changes: SMART SNACK REGULATIONS Concession sales of food during the school day must comply with Smart Snack Regulations. Concession sales CANNOT be sold during mealtimes. Concession sales of raw food (Blue and Gold Sausage or cookie dough) CAN BE SOLD anytime. Please contact SNS for any questions on qualifying products for resale.

http://rdp.healthiergeneration.org/calc/ calculator/ Daycare Form Financial Reporting Review New for FY20 Reflects how well individual school sites are doing in completing their financial reporting To Be Determined (TBD) - Will be sent to Management to distribute to their Principals PURCHASING DEPARTMENT: Send Purchasing questions to [email protected]

Kathy Padilla Buyer 101 Director of Purchasing [email protected] 405-587-1041 Carlos Cardoza(Opers/Athletics/Adm) Buyer 104 Purchasing Specialist [email protected] 405-587-1052 Marti Sturm-Sawyer (Bids/Technology) Buyer 100 Purchasing Manager

[email protected] 405-587-1046 Bonnie Thomas (Elementary) Buyer 105 Purchasing Specialist [email protected] 405-587-0063 Billy McMeans (Middle/High) Buyer 102 Purchasing Specialist [email protected] 405-587-1049 Jan Saylors (P-Card/Travel/SNS) Buyer 106 (P-Card) & Buyer 103

Purchasing Specialist [email protected] 405-587-1047 Purchasing Fundamentals Procurement Thresholds FEDERAL FEDERAL Purchases: Purchases: (Title (Title I, I, SNS, SNS, & & Grants Grants Funds) Funds)

$0 $0 -- $3,500.00 $3,500.00 Written Written Quote Quote (Primary (Primary Vendor) Vendor) $3,500.01 $3,500.01 -- $150,000.00 $150,000.00 Three Three (3) (3) Written Written Quotes Quotes $150,000.01

$150,000.01 And And Over Over RFQ/RFP RFQ/RFP Sealed Sealed Bid Bid Process. Process. GENERAL GENERAL & & SAF SAF Purchases: Purchases: (Public (Public & & Student Student Funds)

Funds) $0 $0 -- $3,500.00 $3,500.00 Written Written Quote Quote (Primary (Primary 42 Purchasing Fundamentals Procurement Triangle PURCHASE ORDER (Purchasing Unit)

GOODS RECEIPT (School Site Location) INVOICE/PAYMENT (Accounts Payable) THREE WAY MATCH EQUAL LEVEL OF BALANCE 43 Purchasing Fundamentals Procurement Process Request for Need (Site) Create PR (Site) Release PR (Principal/ILD)

Convert to PO Close PO Request for Need Invoice Create a PR Goods Receipt Release PR (Purchasing) Close PR (Purchasing)

Goods Receipt (Site) Invoice (Accts Payable) Close PO (Site/Purchasing) Close PR Convert to PO COMPLETE THE CIRCLE 44 PURCHASE REQUISITIONS: Sponsor completes Requisition Request (Approved by Principal) Financial Secretary (FS) creates a PR/PRAF in SAP

Correct Typos Begin Text w/ SAF Use Date Format 01/02-08/20 FS uploads all quote(s) & any signed contracts/agreements along w/ Legals Lextree approval email (New for FY20) (Required) Principal (Custodian) reviews attachments for PR compliance and releases (approves) PR. Release Limits: Elementary $500 and under: PR released by Principal. Elementary $500.01 and higher: PR released by Principal and ILD. 45 Middle & High School $750 and under: PR released by

Principal. PURCHASE ORDERS: Close POs - POs should close within 60-90 days. (Except Blanket/Mileage POs) Goods Receipt (GR) Upload Packing Slips to MIGO (New FY20) Open PO Report (ZMM97TD) Run every 30 days. Variations in GRs, IRs, & PO amount Review, confirm, adjust if necessary.

Three (3) Way Match is necessary to 46 close PO. Email Purchasing to reduce PURCHASE CARDS (P-Cards): P-Card Purchases - ONLY for Student Activity Funds. Principal (Custodian) - Responsible and liable for security of the P-card and usage. P-Cards - Predetermined Credit limit (Elementary $1,000, Middle $1,500, High $3,000) P-Cards - Vendor - Chase-School Site Name P-Card Purchases: The PRAF text name the actual vendor used & brief

description (e.g. SAF Bobs Balloons Graduation) Upload Quotes (e.g. on-line shopping basket estimates, etc.) Standard Release Strategies Blocked (alcohol, entertainment, gaming, etc.) PURCHASE CARDS (P-Cards)(Cont.): Transaction/Sign Out Log - Record P-Card transactions & track who has the P-Card. CONFIRM Credit Limit Before going to Store, confirm enough Credit Limit is available - Contact Purchasing (Kathy/Jan) to raise Credit Limit.

Goods Receipt (GR) - Financial Secretary (FS) GRs the PO in the actual amount of the Receipt. Receipt - Email the receipt/invoice to Accts Payable ( [email protected]) with the subject line indicating the PO#. Invoice Receipt (IR) - Accts Payable will use the receipt to IR the PO. Monthly Reconciliation Purchasing will reduce PO to the exact expenditure amount charged. If the P-Card Receipt is lost/missing, a Missing Receipt/Invoice Affidavit must be completed, approved by the Principal. P-Card Monthly Reconciliation: Monthly Billing Cycle 10th of Month P-Card Custodian (Principal) logs into Chase J.P. Morgan Website (

https://smartdata.jpmorgan.com), locates Monthly Statement under Financial>Account Statements, and prints statement for review and submission. Each charge on the Chase statement MUST have a corresponding Purchase Order. Financial Secretaries will reconcile the Monthly Chase Statement against Transaction Log and Original Receipts. (Three Way Match) P-Card Custodian (Principal) will review Financial Secretarys Reconciled Statement/Log/Receipts. Both Fin. Sec./Principal sign Transaction Log Statement/Log/Receipts copied and emailed to [email protected] by the 13th of the month.

!!!Check for Sales Tax!!! Must be credited back to P-Card in the same month. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TRAVEL: FORM APPROVED 45 DAYS PRIOR TO TRIP (Completed w/ all signatures) Travel Agent Quote - Complete All About Travels Quote Request Form, email to Travel Agent, who will provide quotes for Hotel/Airlines. PR Created - PR Requestor enters PR in draft mode (U Status) into SAP to establish PR number for PD/Travel Request Form. PD/Travel Request Form - Traveler completes PD/Travel Request form. Form and

Conference Agenda are routed for approval signatures. PR Update - PD/Travel Form returned approved - PR Requestor moves PR to K Status and approved PD/Travel Request Form and Conference Agenda is attached to the PR. (PD/Travel Form & Agenda must attached to PR for Buyer to convert PR to PO) PR Approval (Release Strategy) - PR is approved / released in SAP according to release strategy. PR Converted to Purchase Order (PO) - After PR is approved, the Buyer will convert PR(s) into PO(s) and forwards PO(s) to Vendor(s). Travel Arrangements/Conference Registration - PR Requestor registers Traveler for the Conference. Expense Reimbursement (within 10 days of the completion of the travel event) Traveler submits Expense Reimbursement (or Mileage) form with original itemized receipts & routes for approval signatures.

Goods Receipt - After verifying travel, PR Requestor GRs all POs in SAP. Invoice Receipt - Expense reimbursement forms and receipts submitted to Accounts Payable Department to process for payment. NO SHOW If there is an EMERGENCY, Traveler MUST contact Purchasing 24 ILLEGAL PURCHASE: Purchase Prior to PO If item is purchased/received BEFORE a PO is issued, it is considered to be an ILLEGAL PURCHASE and an Illegal Purchase Form must be completed before PR can be converted or payment can be made.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE DEPARTMENT: Send Accounts Payable questions to [email protected] Anna Champion Connie Thomas Director of Accounts Payable Accounts Payable Specialist [email protected] [email protected] 405-587-0076

405-587-0033 Vicky Nance Kim Davis-Steele Accounts Payable Manager Accounts Payable Specialist [email protected] [email protected] 405-587-0030

405-587-0383 Angie Brown Velma Irwin Accounts Payable Specialist Accounts Payable Specialist [email protected] [email protected] 405-587-0023 405-587-0026

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE: Refunds to Student/Parent Fill out a request for refund form This form will be out on our website under Departments > Financial Services > Accounting There is no need to enter a PR, since this is a one time payment E-mail the request form to our Accounts Payable Dept [email protected] PAYMENTS: All check payments have been centralized through

Financial Services Checks will be issued Monday and Thursday each week and mailed Approved PO, GR, and IR receipt must be completed in SAP for a check to process If the check is a DO NOT MAIL check, Financial Secretary must e-mail [email protected] to let them know NOT to MAIL the check and the check will be delivered to the Site through the Courier on Tuesday and Friday. Questions and Answers! A group wants to rent our auditorium/gym, what do we do?

Have Applicant and School Administrator complete the Facility Use form (located on OKCPS website click on Departments>Operations Center bottom right corner) Submit form for pre-approval by the Superintendents office (Proof of insurance required) Remit fees to Central Office as required Details in District Policy D-09 Questions and Answers! Can I give our school Sams card to a volunteer to use to buy items he/she

wants to donate to the school? NO. Sams cards are only for School purchases with a School P-card. Questions and Answers! Sams Club is not honoring the pricing I pulled from the website, what is going on? Prices at Sams Club are constantly changing. Please take your dated faxed copy with you when you pick up your order. If it is an overcharge request the Manager. Be sure your P-card PO has a little buffer to cover slight fluctuations in prices. Questions and Answers! Our teachers have worked so hard, Id

like to buy lunch for them the first of each month, is that okay? NO. You are allow to buy One meal per semester for you teachers with an agenda attached for Professional Development. Questions and Answers! Can my principal or a sponsor purchase things ahead of time and ask for a reimbursement? This is another BIG NO NO, All purchases must have a PO in place before anything is purchased. There will be no reimbursements. This will also be an ILLEGAL purchase.

Questions and Answers! What fund do I use to purchase awards for students? All awards should be purchased out of the student activity funds. A school district CANNOT use taxgenerated funds (General /Title I Funds) to purchase awards. Questions and Answers! Can the sponsor for Senior Class 2019 spend leftover funds from the Class of 2019 Cost Center? NO Even though class of 2019s funds are still in that account we leave those funds in there for one year after graduation to ensure all

invoices are paid, they can only be used for class of 2019 activities. After all payments related to the Class of 2019 have been paid, the remaining balance must be transferred to 801 General Activities in FY21. Questions and Answers! How are receipts over $10 handled for fundraising in the classroom? The individual teacher should be assigned a receipt book. They will write receipts to the students. Teachers will then bring the collected funds and related receipts to the secretary who will write one receipt per

teacher referencing the teachers receipt book. Questions and Answers! My sponsor will not return the change from their advance for their student trip. What do I do? IMMEDIATELY, notify your Principal to assist you with collections. If the funds are not returned, the Activity Fund Custodian (Principal) could be liable for these missing funds. Questions and Answers! I need to purchase some technology. Do I need a TPR (Technology Purchase Request) form?

Yes, all technology purchases needs a TPR regardless of what funds it will use. It is located on the Districts website under Staff Tools tab click on ServicePro icon. Questions and Answers! I want to go down the street and buy paper because they are having a sale today, but I understand the District has a PRIMARY vendor. Do I have to use them? PRIMARY vendors are selected through a Competitive Bidding process to ensure the Districts fair selection process. You should use our PRIMARY vendors. Questions and Answers! What must I do if a vendor is being

difficult wanting me to put down an advance deposit? Contact our Purchasing Department [email protected] to assist you with the purchase. Questions and Answers! I would like to use Student Activity Funds to pay for some Professional Development, is that ok? Before committing activity funds, please contact the Title I office and/or Purchasing to determine if the PD is federally funded. If it is and you pay with SAF funds, the district will lose reimbursement for your sites PD and possibly other sites.

THIS IS VERY, VERY BAD. Questions and Answers! I need to order something from a company. Once I have my price quote, what do I do next? Go to SAP and search for the vendor name, IF IT COMES UP, that means this is an approved vendor. If the vendor is not approved, have vendor fill out vendor application form and submit to Purchasing to

be processed. Once vendor is approved, prepare your Purchase Requisition and upload your quotes. Questions and Answers! We have received a donation to buy school uniforms. Who do we use? Check SAP to find a valid vendor. We recommend that you get three quotes from valid vendors before preparing your purchase requisition to ensure that you are getting the best price. NOTE: For ANY purchase that is over $3,000 you need to upload three quotes to the SAF Purchase Requisition.

Questions and Answers! Do we have to issue refunds on fieldtrips? Encourage your staff to already have an inclement weather plan for their fieldtrips, such as an inside game day with Pizza. Questions and Answers! My coach wants to spend student activity funds on multiple clinics. What is approved and appropriate? These are to be paid from sub-account 821 (Gate receipts, Vending money, Donations) only. The Annual Oklahoma Coaches Association Clinic is approved as it does include student health and safety agenda items.

In addition, one other sport specific clinic per year, per sport that is NOT extravagant may be approved. Please e-mail Todd Dilbeck ([email protected]) for approval. Questions and Answers! How many Coaches are allowed to attend the Annual Coaches Clinic and an approved sport specific clinic per year? All Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches on staff are approved to attend the Annual Coaches Clinic and one sport specific clinic per year approved by the District Athletic Director, Todd Dilbeck Questions and Answers! How do we handle Gift Cards donated to our

schools? Discourage GIFT CARDS! They are just like cash. If you do receive them, prepare a receipt clearly notated as GIFT CARD (but DO NOT ENTER INTO SAP). Copy the front and back of the gift card to attach to the receipt and lock the gift card up. Prepare your order and spend the full amount. Attach the store receipt to the copy of the receipt and gift card and file in your monthly reports. Questions and Answers! Are Online Fundraisers approved?

NO Online fundraising such as GoFundMe, DonorPerfect, FirstGiving, Razoo, GiveForward, etc. These are not board approved. If you come across any please have the teacher/sponsor close out the account and remit the funds to the Student Activity Fund Cost Center for which it was created. However, teachers can go to the OKC Foundations Donors Choose website (www.donorschoose.org) and start a project (link at the top of the page). Questions and Answers! What if fundraiser funds are missing or there is not a reasonable explanation for

profit variances? This will require approval by the Controller before the report can be finalized to determine if funds should be repaid by the Principal, Financial Secretary, Financial Principal Secretary, and/or Sponsor. Q&A from the Audience

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