Presented by the Graduate Studies Center Graduate School

Presented by the Graduate Studies Center Graduate School

Presented by the Graduate Studies Center Graduate School vs. Full-Time Work Dont ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

- Brene Brown Agenda Job vs Career Pros & Cons

Graduate School Job Preparation Learning Objectives Differentiate between jobs and careers Identify pros and cons of earning a masters degree before working full-time Describe pros and cons of working full-time before earning a masters degree List resources in researching graduate school

programs or full-time work. Audience Poll How many of you a) b) c) d) e)

Want to go to graduate school full-time? Want to begin work right after graduation? Want to work full-time and go to graduate part-time? Want to work part-time and go to graduate school full-time? Not sure? Job vs. Career What is the difference between a job and a career? Audience Poll

For Example: Are you looking for a job or a career in student affairs? job career unsure What is your Plan? Why Graduate School?

Why Graduate School? The following is a list of reasons why graduate school might be ideal or potentially beneficial: Career Goal Compensation Staying Marketable Career Goal Help you reach your career goal

Professions that require a graduate degree You dont want to be classified as overeducated and under experienced. Compensation A college master's degree can be worth $1.3 million more in lifetime earnings than a high school diploma

Increase in compensation depends on the position and or industry Staying Marketable For some professions without an advanced degree continued advancement is limited Having an employer pay for your advanced degree It is important to know what are your own reasons for attending graduate school

When should you consider graduate school? Immediately Pros

Accustomed to being a student Study Skills are sharp Less obligations Occupations that require advanced degrees Cons Could choose the wrong program Not a competitive candidate to

admissions committee Unlikely to fund entire tuition and expenses When should you consider graduate school? After Work Experience Pros Confirmed your career goals through hands-on practical experience

Completed the needed work experience to apply for graduate programs Bring actual work experience to the theory you will learn in class Some employers may pay for partial or all of your tuition Financial stability Cons

Struggle with study skills Work, life & school balance Attending class and working with students significantly younger Leave a paid position to complete an internship opportunity.

When should you consider graduate school? During Entry level Career Pros Locate employers willing to pay for your education while you work Financially stable while concurrently working on improving your skills Minimal student loans

Know you already have a job after graduation Cons Balancing your job, school, and

personal life Organizing schedule to accommodate school, work and possible unpaid internships Adjustment to work/school load; may take longer to complete program Graduate School Resources How to get help Career Development Services Advise on information

Application process Graduate & Professional School Fairs External resources and referrals Mock-interview preparation Faculty Expert knowledge in career specific industry

Share personal career-path Research information/opportunity* Student selection process* Review Essays* Dont forget the Admission Advisors at your Graduate School of interest! Graduate School Resources Graduate Studies Center Counseling

Graduate Writing Studio Test Preparation Books Graduate School Handbook Career Counseling Researching Employment & Career Outlook From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook:

Can help you find career information on responsibilities, education, training, pay, and outlook for hundreds of occupations Research Career Options U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics Educational and Career Planning Career exploring Basic Job Search: Advertised Listing Create a Dolphin CareerLink Profile Review Resources (CDS website, Dolphin CareerLink) Create a Resume, Cover Letter & References

Have Career Development Services, Faculty, Staff Friends, and Family review your documents Research Companies: Access the Job Market Candidates with Experience Candidates with little or no experience What types of employers interest you?

Make a target list of employers to call or email Know departments needs and challenges and include that in email or phone script Know your skills in your industrys terms Bookmark 20 employers BE PICKY Informational Interviews Volunteer/Internships that lead to jobs

Supplemental Income? What are jobs you can do right now? Foot in the door? Basic Strategy Apply for 5 a day for 3 weeks to get search off to a great start For each position BE SURE to change Objective, Highlights, and Cover letter for each individual opportunity Follow-up after 1 week of waiting to ask when they are

starting to interview Employer Advice

Research, research, research Be prepared for your interview Gain relevant work experience Stand out - demonstrate Communication skills Maturity/business etiquette Work ethic Proactive Job Search

What is The Hidden Job Market? 75-85% of all jobs Dont wait until the job is open! 1. Active Engagement 2. Market Yourself 3. Networking

Tips for Success Be focused, yet flexible

Revise, update, and tailor your resume, cover letter, and applications Perfect your interviewing skills Set short-term and long-term goals Be realistic about investment in time Be persistent and patient follow-up Maintain a positive attitude Resources to help you Graduate Studies Center

Career Development Services can support you in career exploration, planning and preparation Faculty members and staff Professionals currently working in your field of interest References Dang. P. California State University Channel Islands. Plan B Graduate School or Full-Time Work [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from Career Development Services

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