August 2019 Featured Grantee Brick By Brick Partners

August 2019 Featured Grantee Brick By Brick Partners

August 2019 Featured Grantee Brick By Brick Partners Uganda Introducing Brick By Brick HEADLINE Text goes here Text goes here Text goes here Text goes here Founded in 2003, Brick By Brick is an innovative bi-national partnership that improves education, health, and economic GOES

HEREin East Africa. It opportunities has steadily expanded the scope and impact of its programs and is fully committed to key US and Ugandan partnerships. It has received numerous awards for its work. Where in the world? Uganda: population 35 million About the size of Oregon One of the fastest growing populations in the world Median age just 15 years old One of the worlds poorest countries

Women spend 9 hours a day on household chores Gender inequality is rampant Official language is English, but there are 30 indigenous languages 80% are employed in agriculture Rakai and Kyotera Districts are rural, poor Life challenges of the women served Women in rural Rakai and Kyotera Districts are poor and at high risk for pregnancyrelated problems 6,000 women die annually due to treatable complications of pregnancy HEADLINEand GOES HERE childbirth 75% of deaths are attributed to delays in seeking and accessing quality care at a Text goes here health facility Text goes here 90% live in remote villages, 29% >3 miles Text goes here from health facility Text goes here 24% live in extreme poverty 33% of women are illiterate

16% of girls 12-19 are mothers About the featured grantee History of successful, high-impact programs Babies and Mothers Alive: high impact, low cost interventions at 25 health facilities reduce maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity HEADLINE GOES HERE My Pads: educational program focusing on sexual and reproductive health, gender equality, and healthy life choices. Students make reusable menstrual pads. Text goes here Text goes here School Program: 9 schools completely renovated Text goes here Text goes here Lead-Organize-Integrate: 14 schools improved libraries Construction company: uses environmentally sustainable

technology What are we supporting? Mama Rescue Project reduces transportation delays for pregnant and laboring women Transport vouchers for women who attend 4 prenatal visits Rapid Emergency Response - mobile phones to request emergency transport Communication of critical information - midwives use their mobile phones to send clinical information to hospital ahead of the womans arrival. Direct Impact: 6,281 women in labor Indirect Impact: 50, 543 (midwives, Mama Ambassadors, motorbike drivers, spouses, children)

Budget DFWs grant of $50,000 will be used for: Item Helmets Description Two branded helmets per bike will be provided for use by driver and patient Tot $5,00 Mobile phones 25 phones will be set up on the Mama Rescue platform and provided to each of the health facilities $247.5 HEADLINE GOES HERE Boda boda taxi 50% of expected pregnancies require support for reimbursement for transport to Health Centers for delivery. Text goes here delivery

Calculation is based on community poverty Text goes here levels in districts served Text goes here Emergency transport 15% of the 50% pregnancies will likely Text goes hereexperience a life-threatening complication and reimbursement require support for emergency referral TOTAL EXPENSES $18,84 $25,909.5 $50,00 Share your thoughts 1. What benefits might occur beyond improving maternal and newborn outcomes? 2. Why are partnerships pivotal to the success HEADLINE GOES HERE of this program? Text goes here 3. What

other issues might be addressed using Text goes here the technology in the Mama Rescue Project? Text goes here Text goes here Augusts Sustained Grantee: Gardens for Health International Health Program Maternal 9,840 pregnant women will be educated on key nutrition and health and will be encouraged to attend regular prenatal check-ups. HEADLINE GOES HERE One Pot One Hour lesson demonstrates how to

cook a healthy meal with limited time and resources. Mothers learn to identify symptoms of Text common illnesses, goes here promote family planning, and Text discuss difficult subjects like traditional medicine goes here and gender-based Text goes here violence. This leads to pregnant women being healthier and Text goes here well-nourished throughout their pregnancies and fewer children becoming malnourished during the critical first 1,000 days of life. Direct Impact: 9,840 women; Indirect Impact: 22,000 family

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