HEALTH SCIENCES DENTAL TERMINOLOGY 3rd Katelyn Dombroski Cuyahoga Valley CC 2nd Hugo Man Normandy HS

1st Destiny Jilek Normandy HS MEDICAL SPELLING 2nd HS December Caldwell Cleveland Heights 1st

Ezra Wheatcraft Pioneer CTC MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY 3rd CC Allyssa Sarconi Cuyahoga Valley 2nd Mia Ashriem Berea HS Polaris CC

1st Lijanna Marcano Lorain County JVS MEDICAL MATH 3rd Cynthia Crichkiw Berea HS Polaris CC 2nd CC

Jasmin Ashriem Berea HS Polaris 1st Nikhil Prasad Twinsburg HS MEDICAL READING 3rd Gage Parker Cuyahoga Valley CC

2nd HS Jalyn Magbie Cleveland Heights 1st Bethany Stefan Medina County CC KNOWLEDGE TEST: BEHAVIORAL HEALTH

3rd Gretchen Schmidt Pioneer CTC 2nd Clara Rykaczewski Mentor HS 1st Gabe Papke Parma City

KNOWLEDGE TESTS: HUMAN GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT 3rd Tiana Berry Medina County CC 2nd Jamilah Henry Lake Shore Compact

1st Taylor Thatcher Parma City KNOWLEDGE TESTS: MEDICAL LAW & ETHICS 1st Stafani Saliaj Lake Shore Compact KNOWLEDGE TESTS: NUTRITION

3rd Maxine Cratty Lake Shore Compact 2nd Alison Lee Mentor HS 1st David Gonia Mentor HS

KNOWLEDGE TESTS: PHARMACOLOGY 2nd HS Vincent Minnillo Cleveland Heights 1st Kalena Byrd Medina County CC

KNOWLEDGE TESTS: PATHOPHYSIOLOGY 3rd Mandie Huller Parma City 2nd Gracyn Allan Mentor HS


BIOMEDICAL LAB SCIENCE 2nd Audrey Senz Normandy HS 1st Vaishnavi Kasabwala Mentor HS CLINICAL NURSING

1st Emma Ryan Mentor HS CLINICAL SPECIALTY 3rd Muhammad Kadirov TRHS 2nd CC

Danielle Parker Cuyahoga Valley 1st Elysia Gabbas TRHS DENTAL SCIENCE 2nd Denys Stalenyy Normandy HS

1st Amari Williams Cuyahoga Valley CC NURSING ASSISTING 3rd Claire Rambo Medina County CC 2nd

CC Alayna Richmond Medina County 1st Josephine Busch Medina County CC PERSONAL CARE 3rd Jenna Saleker Medina County CC

2nd Maddie Tomsic Cuyahoga Valley CC 1st Alyssa Eppolito Medina County CC PHYSICAL THERAPY

1st Bradley Lepin Medina County CC SPORTS MEDICINE 3rd Jillian Wood Lorain County JVS 2nd Hannah Hardman Pioneer CTC

1st Brianna Fox Pioneer CTC EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS CPR/FIRST AID 3rd BioMed Science Acad.

Sophia Testa, McKenzi Wood 2nd Medina County CC Victoria Nagirnyak, Priscilla Nagy 1st Medina County CC Skylar Campbell, Annika Love

PUBLIC HEALTH 3rd Cleveland Heights HS Jasmine Angel, Shariah Bell, Destiny Jones, Kaitlynne Nelson 2nd TRHS Sierra Corbett, Emily Croyle, Amber Patterson, Jenna Stout

1st Pioneer CTC Destiny Bond, Abigail Burling, Elizabeth Howell, Brianna Mitchell, Mackenzie Ream, Lauren Roberts LEADERSHIP EXTEMPORANEOUS HEALTH POSTER

3rd Alexuss Brown Pioneer CTC 2nd Ana Vuvunikyan Parma City 1st Emilee Brilla Parma City

EXTEMPORANEOUS WRITING 3rd Chelsea Cook Pioneer CTC 2nd CC Taylor Devereaux Medina County

1st Derek Wuthrich Pioneer CTC HEALTH CAREER PHOTOGRAPHY 3rd Jaden Kachermeyer Pioneer CTC 2nd

Averee Carsey Pioneer CTC 1st Ava Cutright BioMed Science Acad. HEALTHY LIFESTYLES 2nd Anna Toney Normandy HS

1st Rania Saleh Parma City INTERVIEWING SKILLS 2nd Jade Smith Cleveland Heights HS 1st

Audrey Hostetler Trumbull CTC JOB SEEKING SKILLS 3rd Daymonique Judge Cleveland Heights HS 2nd Michael Valenti Cuyahoga Valley CC

1st Juliana Michael Cuyahoga Valley CC PREPARED SPEAKING 3rd Brian Waligura BioMed Science Acad. 2nd Hailey Beck Cuyahoga Valley CC

1st Tajian Jackson Cuyahoga Valley CC RESEARCHED PERSUASIVE SPEAKING 3rd Alex Nystrom Parma City

2nd Chloe LeCastre Parma City 1st David Bowler Cuyahoga Valley CC TEAMWORK BIOMEDICAL DEBATE

3rd Pioneer CTC Gunnar Coffman, Hailey King, Chloe Porter, Kylie Ransom 2nd Cuyahoga Valley CC Alexis Cruz, Destiny Davis, Alexis Dupont, Grace Mitchell

1st Cuyahoga Valley CC Adeline Geul, Yamira Hill, JaNia Walker COMMUNITY AWARENESS 3rd Pioneer CTC Cloey Albright, Janell Clark, Maycie Creveling, Candace Tackett

2nd Medina County CC Peyton Franks, Alexa Gruber, Logan Stewart 1st Normandy HS Skylar Burmeister, Alexis Miller CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING

3rd Pioneer CTC Amy Del Angel, Kaylyn Roblero, Rachel Thayer 2nd Trumbull CTC Yulisa Angel, Kendall Beach, Taylor Bowser

1st Cuyahoga Valley CC Gabrielle Radvilavicius, Raquel Schuttenberg, Cayden Stopar FORENSIC SCIENCE 3rd Trumbull CTC Michael Speare, Jacob Stolz

2nd Trumbull CTC Olivia Lane, Kaiden LeLaidier 1st Medina County CC Megan Jenkins, Grace Kaylor HEALTH CAREER DISPLAY

3rd Normandy HS Nailey Falcon, Gabby Jordan 2nd Medina County CC Kalee Falkenberg, Lydia Wacker 1st

Parma City Emily Curlik, Hiya Patel HEALTH EDUCATION 3rd Pioneer CTC Jessica Gilbert, Katelyn Gonzales 2nd

Pioneer CTC Brookelyn Johnson, Eden McFarland 1st TRHS Kathleen Bunday, Paige Lever, Emily Reinel HOSA BOWL 3rd

Parma City Mikayla Farrar, Tabitha Keen, Kaylie Kostura 2nd Parma City Keith Brown, Makayla Combs, Tara Harbeitner, Alyssa Wolverton 1st

Cuyahoga Valley CC Kiana Theus, Grace Tilisky, Jasmine Trowbridge, Cheyanne Williams PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE 1st Pioneer CTC Abigail Brocwell, Natalie Conkel, Savana Etgen, Natalie Iracheta, Zoie Myers, Desiree Smith PUBLIC SERVICE

ANNOUNCEMENT 3rd Cleveland Heights HS Jailah Iverson, Kevin Jenkins, Isaac Thornton 2nd Parma City Suney Cedeno, Djorde Gotovac, Tim McKinney, Isaiah Williams

1st Pioneer CTC Angela Andrade, Adison Dilworth, Selene Perez Thanks for attending the Northeast Regional HOSA Competition Have a safe trip home

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