AGS LLC ANALYTICAL GOVERNMENT SOLUTIONS Defensible, highly accurate analytical products and decision analysis for Decision Makers AGS AND TEAM CAPABILITIES E. G. GIL Dickens President/CEO, AGS LLC A Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Ver 021116 AGS MISSION Be the company of choice for BCE/ Cost Estimating, PPBE/ Financial Management, Cyber/ IT Technical Support, Systems Acquisition, Logistics and Systems Engineering products and services in a diverse industry based on best value, cost realism, and the highest standards of quality Know the clients environment and demonstrate a unique value proposition to address the clients most urgent challenges exceed client expectations AGS LLC and Partners AGS is a robust Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Started in September of 2009 Supports strategic growth initiatives with top-notch, qualified Large and Small Business (SB) partners Ensures that all AGS contracts with SB requirements are compliant AGS and partners provide substantive capability in quantitative, engineering and logistics

Company commitment to small business contracting goals in : Women-owned small businesses (WOSBs) Economically disadvantaged women-owned small businesses (EDWOSBs) Historically underused business zone (HUBZone) small businesses Veteran-owned small businesses (VOSBs) Service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses (SDVOSBs) Historically black colleges and universities and minority institutions (HBCUs/MIs) Native American Indian SBs Alaska Native corporations (ANCs), and many others AGS Company Profile Integrated business solutions provider in Business Case Analysis/Cost Estimating, PPBE/Financial Management, Cyber/IT, Systems Acquisition, Logistics and Systems Engineering serving Federal and Private sector clients; initiated in 2009 Headquartered in Washington DC Metro area 13 Partners supporting clients in Northern Virginia and neighboring states Partners and offices in: Springfield, VA Stafford, VA La Plata, MD Germantown, MD Integrated Business Solutions AGS LLC and partners provide IBS for BCA/Cost Analysis, PPBE/Financial

Management, Cyber/ IT Technical Support, Systems Acquisition, Logistics and Systems Engineering Combined with partner capabilities the strategic team provides powerful, integrated solutions to acquisition, analytical, logistics and IT challenges. BCA/ ANALYTICS Life Cycle Cost Estimating Analysis of Alternatives Business Case Analysis Software Cost Estimating Function Point Analysis USMC, IT, Vehicle, Tracked Vehicle, Communications, Maintenance, Space, Avionics and Ship Systems Cost Analysis/ Cost Estimating PPBE/ FINANCE Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution Spend Plan Management & Reporting Budget operations team for major DoD systems Prepare/Analyze Financial Statements/FIAR Budget, Financial Management and Accounting / Audit Readiness

LOGISTICS Performance Based Logistics Supply Chain Management Life Cycle Management Ops Research modeling and Courses of Action (COA) Deep experience with Marine Corps transport, track and weapons systems platforms Logistics Solutions CYBER/ IT TECH IT Service Management IT Operations and Maintenance Help Desk and Service Desk COOP Services Full Systems Development Lifecycle IT Engineering and Management AGS Business Case Analysis (BCA) / Cost Estimating Defense Satellite Office BCA/LCCEs DHS Comparative Cost Analysis Air Force Space

Cargo Launch Platform Economic Analysis B1B Avionics EVM Ground Wave Emergency Network LCCE IT LCCE, Risk and Integrated Master Schedule Navy Foreign Military Sales Virginia Class Submarine Engineering Cost Trade Studies Staff and Team Experience with: JMRAP PMO ICEs MRAP Depot Capacity Eval LCCEs for C4ISR systems Estimates for Land Systems TPCS, STAR-T, DDACT CCAs LCCE support ABV, M1A1, AAV

AGS Business Case Analysis (BCA) / Cost Estimating AGS Deep Business Case Analysis and Cost Estimating capability spans DoDs most significant programs Cost programs highlighted by staff and team experience with multiple Business Case Analyses and Economic Analyses for NAVSEA NGEN MDAP BCAs and Life Cycle Cost Estimates; Defense Satellite IT programs; Homeland Security IT Operations Center alternatives; Navy systems engineering studies Staff experience with USMC ACAT I systems including GCSS and SIAP communication and IT programs and Joint MRAP operations, finance and support systems LCCEs/ COAs for optical, IFF, drive train and communication systems for Land Systems Full support package for LCCE/ COA determination, AOAs, BCAs, TOA and much more Expertise Expertise and and proven proven estimating estimating methodologies methodologies for for IT IT and MDAP MDAP systems systems help help customers customers succeed succeed inin COA COA and

determinations and and definitive definitive budget budget prioritization prioritization determinations Diversity Diversity in in cost cost services services including including LCCEs, LCCEs, TOC, TOC,AOA, AOA, BCA and and COA COA development development ensure ensure experience experience matches matches up up BCA with requirements requirements with Wide Wide experience experience inin almost almost every every service service hardware

hardware and and software platform platform ensures ensures estimators estimators can can visualize visualize unique unique software system properties, properties, environment environment system Data Data Confidence Confidence Solutions Solutions assures assures accuracy accuracy inin each each cost cost element and and model model construction construction element Its the details in the estimate work breakdown structure (WBS), knowledge of the program from total operational cost to logistics footprint and data assurance for pinpoint accuracy that ensure customer success.

PPBE/ Financial Management DTRA Budget Execution and Software Tools Budget Execution Management SAF/FMB POM Initiative Builder USMC Financial Statements DAI PPBE/ Financial Management AGSs Budget Systems Teams and software can meet any services PPBE challenges. Budget and IT services combine to provide powerful team support for budget formulation, execution and accounting AGS staff supported the Spend Plan Management Tool (SMART) for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to rapidly streamline budget planning across the Agency SMART is in review with the Army, DLA, and other DoD activities Budget Broad experience developing spend plans, tools and execution; can upload accounts with efficiency Generated agency-wide tools for FY15 planned CRA, drawdown and forecast Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems integration support tracks business resources (Navy Enterprise Resource Planning (NERP), Defense Agency Initiative (DAI) and others) Financial Management Prepare financial statements, footnotes, Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A), and Performance Accountability Report (PAR) Design and implement Cost Accounting to improve management decisions Provide audit readiness compliance support for CIO and CFO organizations Document, evaluate, and improve internal controls and compliance with Office of Management and Budget (OMB) A-123 AGS CYBER/IT TECHNICAL & MANAGEMENT SUPPORT

CYBER US House of Congress Intrusion Leadership of Detection DTRA SMART US Navy Budget Intruder Kill Execution Chain Technical Software Support Development Ground Radar Missile Attack Protective INF TECH NECC Current

Capability & Readiness of Force TSM modernization for IRS Sites Automated Battle Management 10 AGS CYBER/ IT TECHNICAL & MANAGEMENT SUPPORT CYBER TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY CYBER CMF Certification Certification and and Proficiency Proficiency CMF Standards Standards Assess, Validate Validate and and Evaluate Evaluate Assess, Cyber Exercises Exercises Cyber Support the

the Standards Standards Evaluation Evaluation Support teams teams CYBER IT IT CYBER Cyber Security Security Cyber Development/Solutions Development/Solutions Cyber Security Security Architecture Architecture Cyber Big Data Data Analysis/Management Analysis/Management Big Simulation and and Modeling Modeling Simulation AGS advanced statistical multivariate models for cyber provide accurate and repeatable simulation and validation of standards, exercise preparation and execution for evaluation teams and decision analysis.

AGS has extensive experience in Security architectures The AGS algorithm software suite is widely diverse in Cyber, medical diagnostics and IT big data analysis. Our partners in Big Data vertical analysis add another dimension in natural language processing and data capture. 11 AGS SYSTEMS ACQUISITION SUPPORT Wide ranging acquisition support for project management, administrative, training support and business process alignment for many DoD clients including Homeland Defense, Departments of Labor, Justice and State and Department of Stood up a fullup project support capability for the Office of Naval Research

in less than 60 days after contract award. 12 AGS SYSTEMS ACQUISITION SUPPORT PROJECT SUPPORT SUPPORT PROJECT Program Analysis Analysis & & Evaluation Evaluation Program Project Earned Earned Value Value Analysis Analysis Project Performance Management Management Performance ADMINISTRATIVE ADMINISTRATIVE Administrative Support Support Administrative Staff Augmentation Augmentation Services Services Staff

Program/Accounting Program/Accounting Technical Staffing Staffing Technical Executive Staffing Staffing Executive Management Management TRAINING SUPPORT SUPPORT TRAINING Training Support Support Services Services Training ERP ERP BUSINESS PROCESSES PROCESSES BUSINESS OTHER SYSTEMS SYSTEMS OTHER AGS provides deep project support in PAE, Earned Value and performance management; for example in a recent engagement the AGS Team stood up a full-up project support capability for the Office of Naval Research in less than 60 days after contract award.

The AGS team has provided the wide gamut of project support, administrative, training support and business process alignment for many DoD clients including Homeland Defense, Departments of Labor, Justice and State and Department of Veterans Affairs 13 AGS Logistics Solutions Data Analysis Study Navy Facility O&M Inventory Reduction SCM Red River Depot Capacity Study Aviation Fuels Accounting Fuel Tank Farm Efficiencies European Channel Flight Streamline

AGS Logistics Staff Experience AGS logistics teams and staff experience spans all services in Performance Based Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Depot Capacity studies backed by complex modeling and simulation AGS teams and staff experience with NAVSEA Programs producing O&S savings through design AGS staff experience with NAVY IT for IT hardware/ software, risk management, and Integrated Master Schedule Marine Corps Logistics Systems staff experience includes transport, track and weapons systems for AAV, MRAP, MATV, HTAV, M1A1, ABV, ITV. Communications systems staff experience includes STAR-T, TPCS, and others Logistics study to augment MRAP chassis component assembly Logistics and supply alternatives for vehicle upgrades De-conflict duplicative inventory and supply management for C4ISR, Evaluation of IFF alternative systems for M1A1 In-depth studies of Barstow, Albany Depot and Blount Island capabilities for Reset and Modernization We understand how metrics support COAs for the PM and PSM COAs for Land systems vehicle components Lowest cost on-time chassis rebuild alternatives for Land Systems AGS SYSTEMS ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT

IFF laser optics evaluation C4ISR configuration Eval First USA Bank Systems Support for Software Mainframes Leadership of DTRA SMART Budget Execution Software Development AIM HIGH 16 AGS SYSTEMS ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT Systems Systems evaluation evaluation of of electronic, electronic, hydraulic hydraulic and

and pneumatic egress egress systems systems pneumatic Assembly Assembly process process and and line line service service evaluation evaluation of of multiple depot depot capacities capacities for for cargo cargo vehicles vehicles multiple Regression Regression Analysis Analysis of of Test Test Identification Identification Modules Modules and metal metal stress stress inin Naval NavalAircraft Aircraft Fleet Fleet for

for Service Service and Life Extension Extension Program Program evaluation evaluation NAVAIR NAVAIR and and Life resulting SLEP SLEP decision decision software software tool tool resulting Systems Systems evaluation evaluation for for preventive preventive and and conditional conditional maintenance systems systems for for Marine Marine Corps Corps Tanks, Tanks, cargo cargo maintenance and ground ground vehicles

vehicles and Systems Systems analysis analysis of of O&S O&S critical critical cost cost points points inin submarine station station maintenance maintenance and and refit refit costs costs and and submarine upfront design design engineering engineering changes changes among among various various upfront lots to to reduce reduce O&S O&S costs costs also also accompanying accompanying tool tool

lots for engineers engineers to to evaluate evaluate engineering engineering trade trade costs costs inin for design alternatives alternatives design AGS sophisticated models using advanced multivariate statistical techniques uniquely add value to DoD platform systems analysis in electronics, vehicle autonomic systems, and operations employment. Our systems analysists work hand-in-hand with design engineers to achieve optimal forecasting of upgrade, ECP, depot capacity, and operational performance along with employment scheduling results AGS experience includes defense, civilian, and health care agencies to provide analytical and technology solutions that solve complex diagnostic and systems employment applications.

17 AGS LLC & Support Teams Customers Chemical-Biological Defense Programs Defense Threat Reduction US Coast Guard ICAs US Navy FMS and PPBE ONR PPBE and IT Agency PPBE & Software Naval Air Systems Command Development Naval Sea Systems Command Department of Homeland Security AoA for Operations Center Cyber Exercise Support US Central Command US Marine Corps USAF Materiel Command AGS Contract Vehicle Availability and Schedules AGS Prime: General Services Agency (GSA)

MOBIS FABS IT70 Seaport-e AGS Subcontract: ENCORE II Sub for Navy Questions and Next Steps E.G. Gil Dickens, Jr. President, AGS LLC 571-221-5082 [email protected] Larry D. Sutton, Sr. Principle, DoD Programs, AGS LLC 301-609-0000 [email protected]

com AGS LLC ANALYTICAL GOVERNMENT SOLUTIONS Defensible, highly accurate analytical products and decision analysis for Decision Makers CORTICES.NET DIAGNOSTICS TOOL Dr Swapan Sarkar President/CEO, Cortices.Net and Corporate Technical Officer, AGS LLC A Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Ver 021116 ABOUT CORTICES.NET Company Initiated 2014 Formed by Dr. Swapan Sarkar and David xxx with affiliations in major Pharmaceutical Companies, NIH, and NSF Teamed with AGS LLC

Capabilities in Cyber/IT technology: Mission planning, simulation, kill chain Medical diagnostics research: Bio Marker analysis and associated algorithms Security IT WHAT WE DO AND ARE INTERESTED IN Were focused on developing algorithms and software tools that add greater precision to medical diagnostics, cyber security defense and mission exercises To validate these models we need defined, specific data in: Cancer tissue sampling/bio marker identification and Blood, radiological, or cultures that point to these markers Cortices does Biomedical Research by applying modeling techniques & algorithms to the analysis of biological data IMMEDIATE CHARTER Investigate the relationship

between: Metabolite concentrations in blood, tissue and urine samples and Various types of cancer A PROPER INVESTIGATION Of the relationship involves Whether or not & potentially to what degree Metabolite concentrations Correlate with the disease METHODOLOGY

Development of diagnostic & Screening techniques based upon a Bayesian analysis of neural networks ADVANTAGES Elaborate a diagnostic for disease Identifies the degree of relevance of the immediate metabolites CONSTRAINTS Computing power for multivariate analysis of big data

Appropriate, well defined and relevant data for bio marker identification Affiliated academic and medical experts to support findings WHERE VDA AND CORTICES MIGHT INTERSECT VDA Data collection to enhance Cortices software offering to clients for data aggregation and evaluation in medical data, diagnostics, etc. Data collaboration w precision analysis for cyber exercise evaluation, architecture, defense/offense Data back-up, cleansing and attribution for diagnostics evaluations

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