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VB3 Unit 1 Movie Day What time is it? Its 8 oclock. Its time to get up. What time is it? Its 10 oclock. Its time for bed. What time is it? Its time to study English. VB3 Unit 3 Good to Be 11 Years Old He is 11 years old. How old are you? 12, 13, 14 or 15? She is 16 years old. How old are you? 17, 18, 19 or 20? How old am I? I am 11 years old. VB3 Unit 2 Who Wants Presents? Its Christmas Eve today. I am waiting for Santa. Santa is here! Santa, thank you for coming! Youre welcome. Santa, thank you for the presents! Youre welcome. VB3 Unit 4 To the Safari Park I want some cotton candy. Do you want some? How much is it? Its $2. I want some ice cream. Do you want some? How much is it? Its $2. VI3 Unit 1 Magic Stick I pick up a magic stick. I grow bigger and bigger. I grow bigger than a tree. I grow bigger and bigger. I grow bigger than a house. I am taller. I am stronger. I am a giant. VI3 Unit 2 My Dragon Can Fly My dragon says, I cant fly. Maybe you need wings. I give him wings. Maybe you need practice. I give him lessons. Maybe you need help.

I blow him wind. Now my dragon can fly. VI3 Unit 3 In Africa VI3 Unit 4 Old and New A gerenuk stands on the ground. A lion sees the gerenuk. The lion runs behind the gerenuk. The lion follows the gerenuk. The gerenuk runs in a zigzag. The lion follows the gerenuk in a zigzag. Its everyday life in Africa. I have a new watch. My watch is one day old. Its one day old. My grandfather has an old watch. His watch is forty years old. Its forty years old. They look different. But, they are the same. VA3 Unit 1 What Will You Do? I will play with my friends. We will ride our bicycles. I will do my homework. I will study English. What will you do tomorrow? Will you go on a picnic? What will you do next week? Will you help your uncle? VA3 Unit 3 Hes a Famous Player What are you doing? Im looking at my brother. Does he like playing soccer? Yes, he does. Hes a famous player. Do you like playing baseball? Yes, I do. Im strong. VA3 Unit 2 Playground How many boys are on the slide? There are two boys on the slide. How many mice are in the hole? There are two mice in the hole. How many children are on the jungle gym? There are five children on the jungle gym. VA3 Unit 4 Ill Come at Six Thirty

What time is it now? Its twelve twenty. What time will you go to the cinema? I will go to the cinema at two forty. What time will you go to sleep? I will go to sleep at ten fifty. VT3 Unit 1 Why Are You Sleeping? Why are you sleeping? Im tired. Why do you have a bat? Im playing baseball. Why are you going to the hospital? I got hurt. Why do you have an umbrella? Its raining. VT3 Unit 3 Which Cap Do You Like? Which cap do you like? I like the red cap. I wear a cap for my head. Which coat do you like? I like the brown coat. I wear a coat for my body. I wear a shirt for my stomach. I wear shoes for my feet. VT3 Unit 2 My Body I have two eyes. I can see with them. I have a nose. I can smell with it. I have two ears. I can hear with them. I have two legs. I can walk with them. I can do many things with my body. VT3 Unit 4 Lets Go Shopping Lets go shopping. Sure, lets buy a new hat. Lets go to the playground. No, I dont want to go to the playground. Lets go to the amusement park. No, lets not. I want to go swimming. Okay. Lets go to the beach. IB3 Unit 1 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich My mom cooks well. She especially makes good sandwiches. I like peanut butter and jelly

sandwiches best. I share my sandwiches with my friend. My friend loves my moms sandwiches. I usually eat sandwiches with milk. They taste much better. I think I can eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches forever. I want to eat one right now. IB3 Unit 2 Painting is Fun Today, I had an art class in school. I drew a picture of my family. I drew my beautiful house behind my family. My teacher said my painting was beautiful. I was happy that she liked my painting. I showed my painting to my mom. My mom said it was pretty. Now, painting is my favorite thing to do. IB3 Unit 3 Chickenpox I cant go to school because Im sick. I have the chickenpox. There are red bumps all over my body. My mom says I shouldnt scratch them. My mom says I have to rest. I cant wait until I get better. Its boring to play alone at home. I want to play outside with my friends. I hope they will go away soon. IB3 Unit 4 The Amusement Park It was a wonderful today. My friends and I went to an amusement park. There were many things to ride. I rode the rollercoaster. It felt like I was flying in the air. I couldnt wait to ride the rollercoaster. We rode a merry-go-round. Sally said she felt like a princess. I want to stay here forever. II3 Unit 1 There Are Three Books on the Desk Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lisa.

She loved to sing every day. Lisa, you are too loud, said her mom. She started to sing outside her house. Lisa, we love your singing, but its too loud, her neighbors said. She was very sad. She met her friend, Mary. Why don't you take part in a singing contest? said Mary. Thats a good idea! said Lisa. II3 Unit 2 I Am a Canadian Charlie is a 6-year-old boy. He loves getting presents, but he was worried. He thought he hadnt done many nice things. He regretted that he had not been nicer. So, Charlie visited his friend and apologized. Then, he fixed his sisters doll. Lastly, he went to his parents and told them he would listen to them. His parents smiled and said, You are a good boy! II3 Unit 3 I Dont Know How to Cook Tommy really loved his long hair. Its time for you to get a haircut, said his parents. But, Tommy hated having his hair cut. His hair was so long that it touched the floor. One day, Tommy stepped on his hair and tripped. This is because it is too long, thought Tommy. He knew what to do. He went to the barbershop and got a haircut. II3 Unit 4 Does She Have Long Hair? Laura was a nice girl, but she was always late. One day, she made a promise with Stacy. She promised to meet her at the park at noon. Laura ran from her house to the park. Laura finally got to the park. It was exactly noon, where was Stacy? She was late!

But, the both laughed. IA3 Unit 1 I Hate Throwing Out the Garbage James was a lazy boy. So, his mom gave him a job to do. Throw out the garbage before dinner, ordered his mom. He didnt want to do it because of the smell. So, he didnt throw out the garbage for many days. James got hungry and bored. Mom, Im sorry, he said. So, he finally threw out the garbage. IA3 Unit 2 The Little Cloud Puffy is a cloud that is kind and nice. One day, Puffy saw children standing on the road. They looked hot and tired. So, he flew above the children and gave them shade. Next, he saw a farmer working in the field. His plants looked weak because of the drought. Puffy decided to bring rain. The farmer wasnt worried anymore. IA3 Unit 3 The Rainbow Tunnel Jill is going to visit her grandmother. She will take the train to her house. Jills father said, Were going to go through a tunnel, a special tunnel! Its special because the tunnel looks like a rainbow. The tunnel turned colors. It was red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. It really is a rainbow! she said. How amazing! IA3 Unit 4 A Big Fish in a Little Pond Eric lives in a little pond. One day, a bird came to the pond. Eric asked, Can you take me to a bigger pond? Okay, the bird said. Dont go, Eric! shouted his friends. In the big pond, no one wanted to talk to Eric.

He wanted to go back to his little pond. I was far happier in the little pond than in here, he said. IT3 Unit 1 A Beautiful Butterfly There once was a caterpillar. One day, she looked up at the sky. She saw a butterfly sitting on a flower eating honey. I want to be like the butterfly, said the caterpillar. Soon, the caterpillar fell asleep. Many weeks went by before she woke up. She looked at herself in the river. The caterpillar had become a beautiful butterfly! IT3 Unit 2 The Helping Tree There once was a special tree in the forest. One day, it saw a man looking around. He looked very cold and was shaking. Use my branches to make a fire, said the tree. Then, the tree saw a bird flying in the sky. It looked like it needed a rest. You can rest on my leaves, said the tree. The tree was the kindest tree in the forest. IT3 Unit 3 Three Little Pigs There once lived three little pigs. The first pig said, Ill build my house with straw. The second pig said, Ill build my house with sticks. The third pig said, Ill build my house with bricks. The big bad wolf huffed and puffed. He blew down the houses made of straw and sticks. But, he couldnt blow down the brick house. The three pigs were safe. IT3 Unit 4 The Rice Cake Tree Paul was a beekeeper. One day, a greedy man came to town. He forced Paul to sell his honey at a low price.

Paul wanted to punish the man. He invited him to dinner. He hung rice cakes on a tree. The rich man begged Paul to sell him the tree. He bought the tree, but it never grew rice cakes. JB3 Unit 1 Cameron, the Prominent Detective Hi, Im Cameron. I want to be a detective. One day, I went to the police station. I heard officers talking about a missing person. I found footsteps at the crime scene. I walked into a room. Suddenly, I was grabbed by the shoulders. I opened my eyes and realized I was dreaming. JB3 Unit 2 A Human-Like Creation Cyrus is a cyborg. One day, his crew found a planet. He ordered his crew back to the ship. They didnt want to leave. The captain spoke to the members. He made them change their mind. Cyrus then realized something. He is stronger than humans but not better than them. JB3 Unit 3 My Imaginary Friend My name is Kevin. My best friend is Augustine. Sometimes, we get in trouble together. But, I still like him. I couldnt imagine if he never exited. I never want him to go away. What would you do if you were me? Would you let your friend go or keep him? JB3 Unit 4 The Busy Bees & the Lazy Wasps There once was a hive of busy bees. Sometimes, wasps would steal their nectar. One brave bee decided to talk to the wasps.

But, the wasps didnt listen to him. So, all the bees left the hive. The wasps were eating nectar. The bees flooded the hive with water. After that, the wasps promised to live in peace. JI3 Unit 1 Little Angel, Willy There was a boy named Willy. His father passed away when Willy was a baby. His mother worked to support them. One day, Willy's mother got sick. Willy decided to beg for money. An old lady gave him $10. Willy saw an old man on the ground. He picked him up and brought him home. JI3 Unit 2 The Luckiest Day! The old man thanked Willy. Then, Willy went to beg for more money. The same old lady gave him $20 more. He told her about his sick mother. She told Willy she was a doctor. She said that she wanted to see his mother. Willy felt like the luckiest boy in the world. JI3 Unit 3 My Mother Will Get Better! The old lady and Willy arrived at the cabin. When she walked in, she screamed. She said the old man was her husband! The woman took Willys mom to the hospital. She told Willy not to worry about money. The old lady was going to give them food. Willy began to cry. His tears were tears of joy! JI3 Unit 4 Willy Liked Helping People. Willy stayed at the hospital. Soon, his mother got better. The old man got better, too! The couple asked Willy and his mom to stay with them.

They would pay for Willys school. They happily agreed. Willy is now a doctor. He cares for many sick and poor people. JA3 Unit 1 Welcome to the Circus! Hi! My name is Jack. I have a circus family. My dad juggles, and my mom is an acrobat. When I was five, I was a circus clown. I liked being a clown. Clowns make people laugh. You can see many things at a circus. There are animals, jugglers, clowns and trapeze artists. JA3 Unit 2 Can a Bad Person Become Good? Emma and Rachel are cousins. They are good friends, too. Rachel used to get into a lot of trouble. Now, she is very good. The girls met Rachel`s friend Kelly at the mall. As they were leaving, an alarm went off. Kelly put a pair of jeans into Rachel`s bag! The girls were scared, so they waited for Nana. JA3 Unit 3 Surprise! We are planning a party for my grandpas 60th birthday. Were all going to Hawaii! Everyone in my family has a special job. Mom is planning the trip. Dad will be take care of the food. My sister and I are will buy decorations. Grandma will take Grandpa to the airport. Its going to be fun! JA3 Unit 4 Trying to Become the Best Tonya is an Australian gymnast on the national team. Her life is different from most girls. Every day, she trains for hours. But, she doesnt complain since she loves gymnastics. Her worst event is the beam.

Her favorite event is the vault. Tonya can do the most difficult moves on her team. She also gets the highest score on the vault. JT3 Unit 1 The Unknown World The summer season has begun. My family planned a fun holiday. My dad learned to fly light aircraft. My mom, little brother and I have studied the islands in the Pacific. My dad had a hard time landing on a small island. He needed a long landing strip. It was very bumpy. When we landed, I wanted to explore! JT3 Unit 2 The Best Summer Vacation From the start, we faced a big obstacle. The plane was damaged from the landing. But, dad would try to fix it. Suddenly, we saw a baby dinosaur! Then, other dinosaurs started to chase us. Then, they just suddenly stopped. No one knew what kind of island we had landed on. The question was, how could we leave? JT3 Unit 3 Watching a New Civilization I saw a small hole in the ground. There were small particles inside. The next day, I went back to the hole. To my surprise, there was a road system. It looked like a civilization was growing. Spaceships began flying out of the hole. The people in the hole were smarter than us. I was a little worried but very excited. JT3 Unit 4 The Great Getaway Dad couldnt fix the plane. So, we decided to enjoy our time on the island. I thought we should talk to the humanoids.

They told me we were causing trouble. I apologized and told them our problem. They promised to help us. The next day, our plane was fixed! We got on the plane and took off. NB3 Unit 1 Bill Gates Bill Gates was born in Seattle, Washington. At age 18, he went to Harvard. After two years, he left school. He wanted to concentrate on his company Microsoft. Microsoft made him a very rich person. Today, he helps people in need. What do you want to do when you grow up? Do you want to help people like Bill Gates? If yes, how would you help? NB3 Unit 3 Sushi Sushi is a popular dish in Japan. To make it, you need rice, vinegar, and seaweed. Sushi is made with sticky white rice. The rice needs to be seasoned with vinegar, sugar and salt. Next, it is rolled into a small ball or placed inside seaweed. It can be dipped in soy sauce with wasabi. The wasabi makes the sauce spicy. Still, Japanese love it. Would you like to try some sushi? NB3 Unit 2 Japan Do you want to learn about other countries? Why not start with our neighbor Japan? Tokyo is the countrys capital. Its a popular place for people to visit. A cultural icon from Japan is the samurai. Japan is also famous for its food and technology. Its also a great place to have fun. Baseball is popular there. Now, wouldnt you like to visit? NB3 Unit 4 Food Coloring

Food coloring is in some of the foods we eat. Its a dye used to color food but not change its taste. Its also used to decorate food. Food coloring is often used on special occasions. There is also artificial food coloring. This is not very healthy for our bodies. So, you can see that food coloring has many uses. It can be used as a dye. And, as coloring for foods. NI3 Unit 1 Michael Jordan Michael Jordan was a basketball player in America. He was talented at many sports. He chose to play basketball. He played for the Chicago Bulls. His teams won many championships. People were amazed by his skills. He could run fast, jump high and scored points. He even had shoes named after him. Some say he is the best basketball player ever. NI3 Unit 2 Greece Greece is where European history and culture began. The capital city is Athens. Its where Western civilization started. Greece is full of mountains. Its part of the Mediterranean region. One if its most popular holidays is Easter. Its the best time to travel there. The people are also well-known for being friendly. So for your next trip, give Greece a visit. NI3 Unit 3 Greek Food Greek food is an example of Mediterranean cuisine. Greeks eat lots of olives and grapes. They also eat more fish than meat. But, lamb is very popular there. Greeks also enjoy a flat bread called pita.

Cheese is popular there, too. In Greece, dinning out is common. Many restaurants can easily be found. The food is good and not very expensive. NI3 Unit 4 Oceans Earth is 70% covered by oceans. Their temperature affects the worlds climate. The oceans are very deep. Most people have never seen their deepest parts. There are mountains and valleys in the oceans. Their landscape is similar to the lands. The oceans are very important to humans. We obtain food and other resources from them. Its also a major part of Earths ecosystem. NA3 Unit 1 Babe Ruth Babe Ruth was an American baseball player. He is one of the greatest players of all time. He grew up in an orphanage. But, his skills as a baseball player got him attention. He hit 714 homeruns in his career. He usually led the league with the most homeruns. He played for 21 seasons. Many of his records lasted decades. He is a member of baseballs Hall of Fame. NA3 Unit 2 Monaco Monaco is a small European country. Its the second smallest country in the world. However, it is very wealthy. Its citizens are ruled by a monarchy. Its one of the few countries ruled by a king. Its known for its high-class shopping and museums. Its also home to a Formula One car race. With so much to see, its a mustvisit country. And, its easy to get around by

walking. NA3 Unit 3 Monte Carlo Monte Carlo is Monacos top tourist destination. Its known as a playground for the rich and famous. There are many things that attract visitors to Monte Carlo. There are famous hotels and beautiful beaches. There are also several museums. There is a famous car race in Monte Carlo, too. Its the Monaco Grand Prix. This is a big event in auto racing. These are just a few reasons why Monte Carlo is so popular. NA3 Unit 4 Vitamin A Vitamin A was discovered by two Americans. It improves night vision. It also helps one to see different colors. The lack of vitamin A can cause diseases. Its also important for skin. This is because vitamin A helps prevent acne. Some forms of vitamin A control skin cells and tissue growth. Vitamin A is a natural vitamin. Theyre much better than artificial ones. NT3 Unit 1 Mark Twain Mark Twain was an American writer. He had many jobs. He was a steam boat pilot, reporter and a miner. Twain became a writer when he started writing funny stories. As he got older, he traveled across America. He wrote stories based on what he had seen. A popular book was The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. It displayed his sense of humor and social criticism. He is one of Americas most famous writers. NT3 Unit 2 Switzerland Switzerland is in the heart of Europe.

So, many European cultures can be experienced there. The Swiss are famous for their love of the outdoors. Skiing and hiking are very popular sports. An interesting thing about the Swiss, is their diversity. They can speak many types of languages. Switzerland is also a country of peace. It has managed to stay out of major wars. Switzerland is quite an interesting place. NT3 Unit 3 Swiss Cuisine Swiss cuisine has been influenced by many cultures. French, German and Italian dishes make up Swiss food. Two common ingredients are potatoes and cheese. A Swiss dish influenced by France is called Canton Vaud. Its made of pork sausage, leek and potatoes. A German dish thats part of Swiss cuisine is r sti. Its a type of potato dish. Polenta, an Italian dish, is made from corn. So, Swiss cuisine can satisfy most diners. NT3 Unit 4 Rivers A river is a natural watercourse. Unlike an ocean, it has fresh water. Rivers have been used by humans for a long time. They were used as a source of food and water. They are also a good means of transportation. They allowed humans to travel quickly. Today, rivers are used as a source of energy. They are also used for recreation. River are important, so we must take care of them.

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