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PowerPoint bemutató

MECHANISM OF SECOND DENTITION Diphyodont and Heterodont humans homodont: all tooth are alike; heterodont: teeth have diferent shapes; poliphyodont: changing of teeth for the whole lifetime diphyodont : 2 sets of teeth mammals; Root development - MOORREES et al.

Root root root root completely develped Apex open


SECON DENTITION MECHANISM Mechanism several factors responsible for normal second dentition process Primary teeth period, after development of primary teeth transitory period: maxillary bones are preparing for the permanent teeth arrival. SECOND DENTITION Physiological developmental phenomenon; Dynamic process: root development, periodontal

development, functional occlusion. SECOND DENTITION IMPORTANCE Normal develpment of the craniofacial complex; Treatment planing, timing - orthodontics; Cariology. 6 years: M1 First permanent molars: at the end of the line;

Sechsjahrmolaren; There are no changing of teeth, so it goes often unnoticed by the parents! ERUPTION - TIMETABLE PERMANENT T. 1. Molars 1. incisos Lateral incisor Canine

Hidasi 6 8 8 Fehr 6-7 7-9

9-12 9-10 10-12 2. Molar 12

11-13 3. Molar - 17-21 Eruption sequences

453 345 vagy 435

6-8 11 1. and 2. Praemolars Upper Lower

Eruption sequences , 345 CHARACTERISTICE Percentil presence of permanent teeth: prevalence of a particular tooth at a given moment in the population. dierences between the arches; sexual dimorfizm;

Dental age determination!; dental status or the given age. CHARACTERISTICS Average eruption time: the age when the percentil presence of the tooth is 50%. IMPORTANCE: describes the second dentition process; comparative studies between populations; acceleratio: comparison with older data!;

Percenti presence: tooth type 15-40% Average eruotion time: tooth type 1-1,5 years. BONE MATURATION Second dentition is paralell with bone maturation: Tanner-Whitehouse method TW2 (Tanner et al. 1975); Orthodontic diagnostic value! GROWTH- TANNER

End of secondary dentition Chronological age SECOND DENTITION CRITERIA

Presence of the permanent toothgerm Optimal position of the toothgerm Sufficient space Physiological root resorption PRESENCE OF THE PERMANENT TOOTH GERM

Aplasia prevalence: 3-4%; Gbris et al.: I2pm2 PM2i1 Persisting primary teeth Bolks terminal reduction theory APLASIA: 35; 31; 41; 45.

Persisting primary teeth: 75; 71; 72; 85 Bolks terminal reduction theory: EXEPTION LOWER PERMANENT FIRST INCISORS 15 OPTIMAL POSITION OF THE PERMANENT TOOTHGERM Lower incidors: lingual eruption, erupting often in the

presence o the primary incisors; Extraction of the primary teeth; Upper canines: Ectopia; Retentio/Impactio MESIODENS DENS SUPERNUMERARIUS DENS SUPPLEMENTARIUS

17 Early primary teeth extraction Physiological root resorption Genetical code! PATHOLOGY TIME SPACE

THE PATHOLOGICAL TRIAS: Perturbance of the rootresoption;


Partialis retentio; reinclusio; Submergentia; Halbretention submerged deciduous teeth Eruption cyst/haematoma Importance of the distal plane in primary dentition

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