Pope High School 8th Grade Parent Night

Pope High School 8th Grade Parent Night

Pope High School th 8 Grade Parent Night Information about course registration and high school academic opportunities Welcome Our Purpose To provide parents and students with an overview of the course requirements, academic expectations and elective course opportunities available to make informed decisions during the course registration process at our feeder middle schools Introductions

Department chairs and School Counselors Following the presentation, counselors, department chairs and content representatives will be available to assist and to answer questions in the cafeteria (main building) Pope Counselors A C: Kathryn Sax D Hi: Patricia Hays, Department Chair

Ho Mc: Leslie Shearstone Me Sc: Laura Potts Se Z: Jamie Hamrick Graduation Requirements and Academic Information Graduation Requirements

4 Credits in English . 5 Credit in Health 4 Credits in Math 4 Credits in Science . 5 Credit in Personal Fitness

3 Credits in Social Studies 4 Electives Pathway options World Languages Fine Arts

CTAE Academic Information Pope follows the traditional 7 period academic schedule (one period is lunch) Students take 6 classes each semester that meet daily Completed courses (student earned a passing grade) = .5 credit earned per semester

It is possible for a student to earn 6 credits per year (3 credits per semester) Minimum of 23 credits required to be eligible for graduation Minimum passing grade for course credit is 70% (D average) NJROTC Pathway Beginning with the Class of 2021, students who complete the Navy JROTC pathway can meet the graduation requirements in Health and in Personal Fitness if a minimum of 3 courses (levels I-III) are successfully completed

Core Subject Offerings What academic courses do 9th graders take? 9th Grade Core Courses Math Science GSE Foundations of Algebra and GSE Algebra I

Biology GSE Algebra I Honors Biology GSE Geometry

GSE Honors Geometry Environmental Science GSE Accelerated Algebra I/Geometry GSE Accelerated Geometry/Alg II English

9th Literature/Composition Honors 9th Literature/Composition Social Studies World Geography Honors World Geography

AP Human Geography Why Enroll in Honors and AP Courses? More academically enriching for students challenging and rigorous (more is expected of students) Student considerations

passion for subject area personal work ethic extracurricular commitments Academic course balance is important (can begin in on-level courses and progress into more rigorous courses)

Colleges and universities desire students who have pursued challenging and demanding coursework in high school Hope Scholarship If you would like more information about the Hope Scholarship, please visit the website at http://www.GAfutures.org Middle School Credits High school credits earned in middle school will be put on the students transcript beginning in the 9th grade Please note: these credits are reflected with a numeric grade but will have no effect on the students high school grade point average (GPA)

MS/HS courses offered include but are not limited to: Accelerated Algebra I/Geometry A, Honors Algebra I, Algebra I, Physical Science, Spanish I, French I, and Visual Art Composition (VA Comp Art) To Be Promoted to the th 10 Grade Students must pass the following courses for grade promotion:

9th Literature/Composition Math course Science: Biology or Environmental Science Plus 2 additional credits (minimum 5 credits earned out of 6 credits for the year) Registration and Scheduling Information

Registration Information 9th grade students will register for 3-4 core classes per semester based on teacher placement recommendation and PHS pre-requisite requirements feeder middle schools completing core registration the week of February 5th Students will select 5 elective courses by ranking them 1-5 on their registration worksheets and will report to computer labs at their respective schools in mid- March to complete elective registration electronically using Synergy Hightower Trail will complete elective registration on Monday, March 19th

Dodgen will complete elective registration on Thursday, March 22nd Please note: If you plan to play a sport at Pope, you are recommended to select weight training as one of your top elective choices April 19th 27th: feeder middle school students will review and sign-off on course requests for 2018-2019 school year (PDF of course requests emailed to schools) Please Keep In Mind Student course selections should be taken seriously

Schedule changes will not be honored if a student is enrolled in a class he or she does not like or does not want to take Applies to academic and elective courses Students may find themselves in their 4th and 5th elective course selections Students are expected to make informed decisions and to honor their course selections

Balance in a students schedule is very important Summer assignments are given in multiple core subjects students need to check the Pope website to obtain updated information Disagreement with Core Course Placement Recommendations What if I disagree with a placement recommendation?

Please speak with the middle school teacher to discuss the reasons for the recommended placement example: middle school ELA teacher recommends non-honors 9th Lit/Composition and you would like Honors 9th Lit/Composition or vice versa If there is no agreement between you and the classroom teacher, a waiver can be completed it is an acknowledgment the students course placement is against the teachers recommendation and there will be no schedule changes made mid-year regarding course levels

waivers must be received by April 27th for the 2018-2019 school year Schedule Change th Requests - April 27 deadline Closing Final Considerations Course offerings for the 2018-2019 school year are based on core and elective registration requests made in February and March

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to acknowledge all requests for schedule changes, especially those made June-August When selecting core and elective courses, it is imperative informed decisions are made to ensure the appropriate placement for students Points to consider . . . A student does not have to take all honors classes during the 9th grade year

If a student enrolls in honors and/or AP courses as a 9th grader, these should be in content areas of academic strength and personal interest Extracurricular commitments, both school and non-school related, and the impact on time If in doubt, please ask . . . we all want what is best for your child Private and Home Schooled Students Private & Home Schooled Students

The counseling office will make registration appointments for enrolling rising 9th graders from private schools and home study beginning the week of April 9th. Registration packets are available from the counselors after this meeting. Eligible students are those who reside in our attendance zone, approved employee transfer children, siblings of HB 251 School Choice students already at Pope, and students with an IEP placement at Pope. We do not anticipate having additional space for new choice transfer students.

Contact the Counseling Office at 770-578-7903 or see Enrollment Procedures on the counseling blog for more information: http:// popehs.typepad.com/guidancedepartment/enrollment-packet.html Thank you for attending this evenings program

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