Points, Lines and Planes

Points, Lines and Planes

Day 2 Geometry Terminology SOL: 4.1 Objective SWBAT identify basic geometric terminology (1.2); This means chapter 1, section 2 from your online textbook. Dont forget there are also tutorial videos using your online textbook. Warm-up Problems 1-7 **hw/hw log/Storybook/collect parent contact forms/workbook p.7 Homewor

Worksheet (1-24) k Quiz: solving equations/simplify radicals/factoring Cardstock and string Warm-up Day 2 Answers: 1) 4) 2)

5) 3) 6) 9) 10) 7) undefined 8) 0 Honors Geometry Summer Assignment Observations. It is imperative you answer all questions in full to earn

credit (in your summer assignment, #7-12 had several parts) Whenever you are asked to graph, you MUST do it on graph paper! All answers should be simplified (never rounded, unless noted). For example, simplify Google Classroom Directions Log in with your school email to

classroom.google.com Enter the class code for their block At the assignment that says Join Google Classroom, hit open, and then mark as done. If you have forgotten your password, you need to let me know so it can be reset in order for you to complete the assignment. Hit Ope

n Mar k as Don e Each geometry term matches with the

definition and the Line No notation Plane Collinear No

notation Denoted with one capital letter or 3 non-collinear points: CAT or r Described as a never ending set of points Described as a dot with no dimensions Spac

e Point Denoted with one capital letter A Denoted with one lowercase cursive letter or 2 noncollinear points: CT or m Defined as points on the same line Defined as the set of all

points Described as a flat surface Coplan ar Segme nt No n

notation ted with two letters and an w pointing to right: Opposite Rays Ray Intersecti

on Two capital letters: AM Denoted with the same endpt with the arrow always pointing to the right forming d as pts on the me plane part of a line with and all points in

between as the pt that two ric figures have in common Defined as pts on the same line Defined as part of a segment with one endpt extended in one direction A is between C and T. (Draw and label a

diagram) 1. Highlight the true statements: 2. What is the difference between and ? Naming a segment versus the length of a segment 3. What is the intersection of two lines? Intersection of two planes? Point, line 4. How many points lie on a plane? infinite How many Planes are 5.

there? 6. Name three points that are collinear. 7.Are points A, B, C, & D coplanar? Explain. 8. At what point do and intersect? 5. One 6. A, B and D 7. no 8. D How any planes are there?

9. 10. Name three collinear points. 11. Are points G, A, B, & F coplanar? Explain 12. At what point do and intersect? 9. Four 10. D, G, B 11. no 12. no intersection Class work: wkbk p. 7 (1-17o, 20-22, 32, 34)

Charde s Place terms on cards: Point, line, plane, space, collinear, coplanar, segment, ray , opposite rays, intersection Have students come up with a

movement to display terms. Act out the term until someone figures it out. If Time Activity. 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Each student gets two index cards, label one Q and one R. Hold the two card together and place a slit halfway through both cards. Hold cards so that the slits matchup

and slide them together; tape cards together Label the intersection . Label F on Q, but not on R. Label G on R, not on Q. Can F lie on Can G lie on Label H so that it lies on both Q and R. Honors & Regular Geometry Homework:

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