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Poetic terms - The Bell Foundation

This project and its actions were made possible due to co-financing by the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals EAL Nexus resource Explaining poetic terms Matching activity Subject(s): English Age group(s): 1214, 1516

Topic: Analysing poetry Licence information | This resource is free to use for educational purposes. British Council 2015 Source | This resource was originally developed by Alison Fisher and has been adapted by EAL Nexus. And indeed, her innocent clatter of cups and plates, Her clearing of clutter from Salome by Carol Ann Duffy

Rain plops into the pond, splashing the ducks and dribbling down the plants You are my sunshine The definition of verbal irony is that the words used to explain something are very different

from the actual meaning. Well, thats as clear as mud to me. They were like two peas in a pod. contrast

alliteration a symbol effect personificatio n a simile compariso onomatopoei n

a a metaphor irony juxtaposition Poetic terms cards Noun Verb contrast

contrast There is a strong The contrast between contrasts with the ... Poetic terms strips Noun Adjective

Adjective contrasting The contrasting views of . create . alliteration alliterative

The poet uses alliteration to emphasise the sound of .. The alliterative use of the -c sound recreates Noun Verb

a symbol The poppy is a symbol of.. ... symbolise It symbolises . Noun

Verb effect affect The drop creates a The drop affects .. effect on the water by .. Adjective symbolic It is particularly symbolic of

.. Adjective effective This is an effective image because of Noun Verb personification

The artist uses personification to show . Noun juxtaposition The juxtaposition of .. creates personify The artist personifies the wind by showing

... Verb juxtapose The photographer juxtaposes the Noun Verb comparison compare

The picture shows a comparison between . It compares . Noun onomatopoeia The use of onomatopoeia creates

Adjective onomatopoeic The onomatopoeic description of the rain creates Noun Adjective a metaphor

metaphorical The metaphorical description This metaphor suggests that of . implies that .. ... Noun Adjective irony

There is irony in .. . ironic The pupil uses the ironic phrase as clear as mud to suggest .. Noun simile

This simile implies that . Noun Verb contrast Noun contrast Adjective contrasting

Poetic terms strips blank Adjective alliteration alliterative Noun Verb a symbol Noun

Adjective symbolise Verb effect symbolic Adjective affect effective Noun

Verb personification Noun personify Verb juxtaposition juxtapose Noun

Verb comparison Noun compare Adjective onomatopoeia onomatopoeic Noun

Adjective a metaphor Noun metaphorical Adjective irony ironic Noun

a simile

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