Phone Training PowerPoint - W/O AbbrevDial

Phone Training PowerPoint - W/O AbbrevDial

Welcome! Phone System Training Agenda Phone Layout / Connections How To Enterprise Directory Phone Settings Make Calls Answer Calls

Transfers Call Forwarding Voice Mail Ad Hoc Conferencing High Points #8 is GONE. Just use 9+1+areacode+number!! 911 has changed Many are notified DO NOT hang up!

Fax machines can still use #8, AND can use 1- areacode-number Calls coming from OLD system will show as UNKNOWN (and vice versa) Other incoming calls will show CALLER-ID Multiple incoming/outgoing calls on SINGLE LINE Navigation (Scroller) The user may display his/her last calls out

using the blue navigation button. Please note that the phone handset will display up (rather than on the cradle) when a Cisco user is on the phone. The navigation arrows will also be used to display menu options on the screen for a variety of Cisco phone functions. Enterprise Directory Only contains NEW phone system staff The Corporate Directory contains all extension information for all employees.

Press DIRECTORIES button Use the scroll key or press 5 to select the Corporate Directory option. Use the phone keypad to enter the desired parties name or number. Press the Search soft-key to perform the function. Use the Scroll key or corresponding menu number to select the party. Press the Dial key to complete the call. Brightness / Contrast

To improve the readability of the LCD, change the amount of contrast: Press the Settings button Use the Scroll button on the phone to highlight the User Preferences press the Select soft-key. Use the Scroll button on telephone to highlight the Brightness or Contrast from the User Preferences menu. Press up or down soft-keys or the volume keys to set the desired intensity of the display.

Press the Save soft-key to accept your changes. To return to the main phone screen, press the Settings button again. Ring Tones To change the ringer type: Press the Settings button Select User Preferences Select Rings from the User Preferences menu If prompted, select appropriate line, such as Default Use the Scroll button on the phone to identify a ringer type

Press Play to hear a sample of the ringer type Press Select to pick the highlighted ringer type (please note the check mark) Press Save soft-key to accept your changes. To exit, press the Settings button to return to the main phone screen. Dialed / Missed / Received Calls If the phone display indicates there are missed calls, the user can view the Missed Calls

option in the Directory menu to view call history and call back the missed caller. Press the DIRECTORIES button Press the Select soft-key to select Missed Calls from the Directory menu. The call history for missed calls is displayed on the LCD. If desired, click the Dial soft-key to speed dial a number from the missed calls list. You might need to use the EditDial soft-key to add digits to the front of the number. For example, if the call was an outside long distance call, you would need to add a 91 to the number. Press More Details to review additional information about the call. Press the Exit soft-key twice to exit the directory menu.

The Cisco IP Phone keeps a history of calls you make and receive, including the caller ID, time and date of the call. You can use this information to redial a party. Press DIRECTORIES button Use the scroll key to select the desired call history option, Received or Placed calls Follow 3 & 4 above. Call logs can also be deleted and or cleared from selected call types. Volume Controls Handset / Headset / Speakerphone

To increase of decrease the volume, press the up or down (+/-) volume button. The volume buttons adjust the volume for the current active voice receiver. To save the volume settings for future calls, press the Save soft-key. Volume Controls Ringer Press the volume key to hear a sample ring.

While ring plays, press the up or down volume button to adjust to desired level. Ringer volume is automatically saved on some phone models, other models may require you to press the Save soft-key. Line Appearances Line appearances are the extensions displayed on the phones. Some line

appearances will be extension numbers, while some may be extension names. Your primary line will be displayed on the phone with descriptions providing the staff member name and extension number. If configured, Group lines or Shared lines will be displayed on the phones with descriptions and extension numbers. Placing a Call Use ANY of the following methods:

Lift handset and dial the extension or 9 for an outside number Dial the number, then lift the handset Press line button and the dial the number Press New Call soft-key and dial the number If using a headset, press HEADSET and dial the number, or New Call if the headset is already active. To use the speakerphone, press SPEAKER and dial the number Dial the number. Press << to backspace and correct input if required. Press the DIAL soft-key or lift the

handset to initiate the dialing. Answering a Call Answer a call using the handset, speakerphone, or headset. To use the handset, lift the handset If using the speakerphone, press SPEAKER If using the headset, press HEADSET and press the line button of incoming call. This can

also be used in combination with the ANSWER soft-key if the headset is already active. Ending a Call If using the handset, hang up the handset or press the EndCall soft-key. If using the headset press the HEADSET button or press the EndCall soft-key.. If using the speakerphone, press SPEAKER or press the EndCall soft-key..

Mute a Call To mute a call, press MUTE To disengage the mute function, press MUTE again. Place a Call on Hold To place a call on hold, press the Hold soft- key

To return to the call, press the Resume softkey. If multiple calls are held, use the Scroll key to select the desired call before pressing Resume. Transfer a Call Press the Transfer soft-key. This automatically places the call on hold. Dial the number to which you want to transfer the call When dialed number rings, press Transfer

and hang up, or when party answers, announce the call and press Transfer and hang up. If no answer or call is refused, press EndCall then Resume soft-key to return to original call. * Note for Call Transfer During a transfer, there is never a time when all three parties can hear each other

You are either talking with the caller, or the target of the transfer This is different than the old system where you are all on the line until you press release If you need all three participants on the call together, you will need to use Conference Transfer to VoiceMail

Press the Transfer soft-key. This places the call on hold Press * (asterisk) and dial the users extension. Press the Transfer soft-key to transfer to Unity Voicemail Example: While on a call Press TRANSFER PRESS *61234 Press TRANSFER

Transfer Using the DirTrfr soft-key While one call is active and another call is on hold you can directly transfer the active call to a caller on hold by using the following steps: Scroll to the call on hold. Press the DirTrfr soft-key. This automatically transfers the active caller to the caller on hold and removes the phone doing the transfer from the call.

Transfer using Directory While on a call, and you need to lookup extension: Press HOLD (puts current caller on hold) Press DIRECTORIES, then 5 (to go to directory) Search for person in directory DIAL the person from the directory Announce your transfer to target person

SCROLL UP to original caller Press DirTrfr Direct VoiceMail Message To leave a message directly in a Unity Voicemail box Press * (asterisk) and dial the users extension. Wait for the beep, leave the message. Press # to bypass the greeting.

Call Forward All To forward phones, press More, then CfwdAll soft-key and enter appropriate extension or external number More, CfwdAll, MESSAGES (to forward to voice mail). To cancel, press More , CfwdAll soft-key again.

Do Not Disturb Press More, DND (Do Not Disturb) to turn off the phone ringer when a user receives a new call. The user will see the phone call information on the screen and the red light will flash, but the ringer will not ring. Only a single beep will be heard Press More , DND to turn off the feature. Call Back

The Cisco Call Back feature allows you to receive call back notification on your Cisco IP Phone when a called party line becomes available. To receive call back notification, press the CallBack soft-key while receiving a busy or ringback tone. If you press CallBack when you are NOT on a call, it lists any CallBacks you currently have in effect.

Divert a call to VoiceMail To send inbound calls directly to voicemail: While the phone is ringing press the iDivert soft-key to send the call directly to voicemail. If the call is a Forwarded call from another extension, pressing iDivert will send the caller to YOUR voicemail (if you have it) otherwise, they will be prompted to enter their Unity credentials.

Last Number Redial To redial the most recently dialed number, lift the handset and press the Redial soft-key. Alternatively, you can simply press Redial to activate the speakerphone or headset. Park a Call Park numbers will display as #90 - #99 numbers. During a call, press the More soft-key until you see

the Park soft-key. Press the Park soft-key to park the call. The LCD screen will display the number the call now parked on. Make note of the number. It will display for 10 seconds after parking a call. To retrieve the call, go to any phone and dial the Call Park number (Example: #90). The call will revert to the original caller if it is not picked up within 90 seconds. Call Pickup

ONLY APPLICABLE IF PICKUP GROUPS HAVE BEEN DEFINED Telephone rings on one of the phones in the defined group. Press the Pickup soft-key. (The call should now ring on your phone) Press the Answer soft-key. To pickup calls from another pickup group, use the GrpPickup soft-key and dial the group number to be picked up. Press the Answer softkey to answer redirected call.

Hunt Pilots (UCD) To log in or out of a Hunt Group: Press the More soft-key button Press the More soft-key button Press the HLog soft-key button NOTE: When logged out the display screen will say, Logged out of Hunt Group. Press Hlog to log back in.

Conference Calling During a call, press the More soft-key, then Confrn soft-key. This will automatically select a new line and place the party on hold. Dial next extension number. When call is answered, announce conference and press Confrn to connect all parties. Continue with steps 1-3 until all parties are added 7 including the call initiator. Press the More ConfList soft-keys to display a listing of the

people on the conference. The initiator has an * next to his/her name. The initiator has the ability to Remove conference attendees. NOTE: Conference calls will disconnect external parties when all on-net IP phone users have disconnected. Conference Calling While one call is on hold and you have another active call: Scroll to the active call. Press More soft-key then the Join soft-key. A

checkmark will be placed to the left of the active call. Scroll to the call on hold. Press the Resume soft-key followed by the More soft-key then the Join soft-key The phones should now display To Conference. Conference Call Tips Make sure that the person being called (rather than a voice mail message) is included

in the conference call. To place a conference call on speakerphone, press SPEAKER. Press MUTE to mute the speaker. Only 8 parties are allowed per conference call, including the call initiator. QUESTIONS??? COMMENTS???

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