PhET Activities Design

PhET Activities Design

PhET Sims for Science Inquiry: Free, researched, webbased Ariel Paul Outline 1. Introducuction to PhET

2. Sim design and research 3. PhETs future What Is PhET? Suite of 127 interactive science and math sims! PhETs Mission: To advance science literacy and education worldwide

Where Is PhET? Or download! (280 MB)) Who Are We? Faculty, Post-docs, K-12 Teachers, Software Developers

PhET Goals for Students See science as accessible and enjoyable Make connections to everyday life Achieve conceptual learning Scientific exploration with multiple learning outcomes Ownership of the learning experience How Can PhET be Free? NSF Hewlett Foundation

The ODonnell Foundation King Saud University University of Colorado Carl Wieman and Sarah Gilbert Making PhET Accessible Open-use License:

Creative Commons Attribution Easy to translate for World-wide Use: Over 3000 translations in 63 languages Over 35 million runs per year, and growing Conversion to HTML5 Flexibility Pick and choose which sims to use Your environment and your learning goals Database of activities (>500 by PhET or Teacher-users)

CCK in grade school: Make the light bulb light CCK in college: Explain why the light dims when you turn the heater on Easy to Translate Design Process Initial

design Final design Researc h Intervie ws

Classroo ms Redesig n Compare These Tools? Affordances and Constraints? Is the Sim Intuitive?

What would you do next? Designed to Support Inquiry Accurate, Accurate, dynamic dynamic visual visual representations

representations Highly Highly interactive interactive Real-time Real-time feedback

feedback Allow Allow difficult difficult or or impossible impossible actions actions

Intuitive Intuitive interface interface Designed to Scaffold Inquiry Guide Guide without without

feeling feeling guided guided Choice Choice of of controls controls Show

Show the the invisible invisible Activity Sheet Guidelines Begin with open play Take advantage of sim features Short activity sheet Minimal wording

Scaffold tables highly effective Prompting Investigation Example Challenge Prompts: Find all the ways to make a complete circuit. What is the largest molecule you can make? List all the essential items tomake a circuit. What are two ways to change the Earths orbit? How can you makethe gravity forcebigger?

PhETs Future HTML5 First conversions available August Touch interfaces Coming soon Teach with PhET companion site Stay in Touch with Social Media How You Can Contribute

Send us your ideas for new sims! Report bugs Email: [email protected] PhET!

Suite of interactive simulations (127) Physics, chemistry, math Expanding into biology, earth science Research-based and user-tested Free! Online or downloadable (~280 MB))

Easy to use and incorporate in class

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