Periodic Table Families Project

Periodic Table Families Project

Periodic Table Families Project Family Album For this project, you will choose a family from the periodic table. Your group (2-3) will make a family album power point of the elements in your family. You will divide up the elements between the members of your group, and each group member will make an album page (power

point slide) for each of their assigned elements. Groups

Group 6 1 - Actinides Non-Metals Group 7 2 - Alkali Noble Gases Group 8 3 - Metalloids Alkaline Group 9

4 - Halogens Transition Group 10 5 - Lanthanides Other metals Families Requirements For Each Slide

Each element should have its own slide that includes the following: Number of protons, neutrons & electrons - A description of the "personality of the element"and "its outward appearance"- include physical properties of the element, uses of the element, chemical properties of the family-example: his favorite color is gray; is a loner (doesn't react with others); like to work with electricity (the element might be used in electronics). They will be describing the element as if it were a member of a human

family. Each page would be a different family member (element). Requirements for Each Slide Found in nature or lab What is it found in/used for? 2 pictures (anything related to the element) Put your name on the slides you create Putting it together

When all of your groups slides are done, you will put it together into 1 slide show. Include an extra slide which tells what all elements in your family have in common. Your group will present to the class.

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