People First New Zealand Inc. - Nga Tangata Tuatahi

People First New Zealand Ng Tngata Tuatahi My Life My Decisions Introducing

Hamish Taverner lives in Palmerston North

is Central Region President and National Chairperson is a Special Olympics

Global Messenger Introducing Alex Snedden Lives in Auckland

Lives in own flat with 3 flatmates

Working to become a deacon within the Catholic church Vice-President of Northern

Introducing Hazel Penton Lives in Auckland

Lives in a big community service

Paid work and volunteer job Special Olympics swimming and basketball

Introducing Jodie Turner lives in Tauranga and is the Midland Region President

lives in her own flat

starting to look for work A bit about People First NZ People First Tuatahi

Ng Tngata People First Ng Tngata Tuatahi

Speaking Up - Our Voice Making Decisions Services and Projects The UN Convention

The UN Convention The UN Convention Article 12 of the UN Convention

Things need to change Independent but not alone Comment on Article 12

Support or Control? NZ Disability Action Plan Making our decisions To make a decision

Its ok to make a mistake A team What can people working in services do to assist

with decision making? Do you ..? know about the UN Convention and use it in

your work? know what Article 12 says and the UN Committee comment on

it? teach the Convention to your staff?

Do you ..? keep up to date with things like the New Zealand Disability

Action Plan and what is in it? Do you .?

give information in Easy Read and other ways that work for the people you support? Do you .?

ask the question: What do you need to help you make your choices and decisions in your life?

Do you .? tell people off when they make

mistakes? Instead of this, talk about what went wrong and assist them to learn from their mistake.

Do you .? talk to the people you support about any

changes that are happening in your service? Make sure you also include others that love and care for the people

you support. Do you ..? work out ways to make

sure people have control over and understand about their money as much as possible? Do you .?

involve the people you support when hiring staff?

How is your service doing? SELF CHECK LIST Thank you for listening

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