OCONUS 2014 - Missouri Boys State

OCONUS 2014 - Missouri Boys State

The American Legion Boys State of Missouri 2017 Session June 17-24 Democracy Depends On Me An Immersion Civics Experience Participation in Missouri Boys State provides a unique opportunity for young men who are US Citizens stationed with their parents OCONUS - gives them the same opportunities as their Stateside peers Immersion of future leaders into a motivating and fulfilling program

Expansion of the horizons of the youth of Missouri to the challenges experienced by US Citizens stationed OCONUS - AND vice versa Strengthen the bonds between Heartland America and Americas families stationed outside the Continental United States (OCONUS) 2 Purpose To offer a unique leadership and citizenship opportunity for selected young men who have successfully completed their junior year of high school and who are attending high schools Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS).

We have up to eight slots for male OCONUS students 3 What We Are A hands-on government-in-action experience A fast-moving and dynamic immersion into a mythical 51st State An evolving and energetic program established in 1938 4

What We Are Without question, the finest leadership experience in the country 5 Participation Benefits Enhance leadership skills Develop an understanding of the privileges, rights, and responsibilities as citizens

Increase knowledge and appreciation for the workings and individual involvement in government, starting at the local level Opportunity for 2 or 3 hours of college credit Opportunity for college scholarship funds 6 When and Where June 17 through June 24, 2017 University of Central Missouri Warrensburg, Missouri About 45 minutes east of Kansas City About 90 minutes east of Kansas City International Airport (MCI)

About 10 minutes west of Whiteman AFB 7 The Program 980+ young men from Missouri high schools Two political parties: Nationalist & Federalist 16 Cities (with 3 wards) of 60 citizens 8 Counties of 2 Cities Complete Political Party Organizations Ward City

County State 8 The Program Cities & Counties 16 Cities of 60 citizens each Mayor & City Council Municipal Court Chief of Police City Reporter 8 Counties of 2 Cities each County Commission (executive body) Circuit Judge

County Sheriff 9 The Program - State Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, State Auditor All elected and appointed executive positions State Legislature Senate (3 elected from each city) House of Representatives (6 elected from each city) State Supreme Court

State Highway Patrol 10 Schools of Instruction (MBS citizens select one area of focus) Campaigning & Political Operations Journalism Law Legislative Law Enforcement Public Administration 11 Journalism (All produced by MBS citizens) Television Daily taped broadcast shown at each evening general assembly (Supported by UCM)

Radio Nightly broadcast on KCMW-FM the University station (Supported by UCM) Newspaper MBS Record is the daily newspaper 12 Past Keynote Speakers Lt. General Martin Steele USMC Retired, served 35 years including combat service in Vietnam, Desert Shield & Desert Storm Frank White Kansas City Executive and Former KC Royals 2nd Baseman Sly James Mayor of Kansas City

Bob Holden Former Missouri Governor Lt. General Robert Boomer Milstead, Jr. USMC Retired, served 40 years including Deputy Commandant, Manpower and Reserve Affairs at Quantico, VA Speakers from Previous Years

Mr. Bob Woodward Mr. David Axelrod Senator John C. Danforth Honorable Richard Armitage Governor Mike Huckabee Honorable Robert M. Gates General Wesley Clark Senator Bill Bradley Honorable William S. Cohen Honorable William Perry Ms. Lisa Myers Mr. David Gergen Representative J. C. Watts Mr. Paul Begala

Governor Bob Holden Mr. Mike Peters

- Missouri Boys State Alumnus - Other Boys State Alumnus Mr. Karl Rove Honorable John Bolton Representative Emanuel Cleaver Governor Matt Blunt Senator William Proxmire Senator Paul Tsongas Senator Lamar Alexander Senator Kit Bond Honorable Stephen Limbaugh U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft Mr. James Carville General Ed Eberhart Lieutenant General Martin Steele Major General Charles Bolden Honorable Edward Chip Robertson Governor Jay Nixon 14

2016 OCONUS MBS Citizens Pedro Santiago - Antilles HS, Puerto Rico Jason Hyde - Moanalua HS, Hawaii Randle Steinbeck - Ramstein HS, Germany 15 2016 OCONUS MBS Citizens What They Did Pedro Santiago Antilles HS, Puerto Rico Outstanding Political Party Leader Boys Nation Nominee Citizen of the Model City State Central Committee Chairman County Committee Chairman Delegate to State Convention , Ward I Delegate to County Committee, Ward I When I came to this program I had no idea what I was capable of doing. I never knew I could speak in front of

500 people. I never knew I could speak in front of 1,000 people. I never knew I could lead an entire political party. This program is great! Its amazing. You build bonds - you connect with others who dont know you people are very friendly - the staff members are here for you. You will learn how to build a state government from the bottom up and you will enjoy it. Pedro Santiago, MBS 2016 16 2016 OCONUS MBS Citizens What They Did Jason Hyde Monanalua HS, Hawaii Outstanding Journalist Producer KMBS Radio County Clerk Its a quite wonderful program and I would recommend it to any student who is eligible to come. Its definitely life changing. They say many times throughout the program - its A Week to Shape a Lifetime. I do feel there are so many things I gained from this program that will most definitely be useful. It changed the perspective I have on life and what options I have. Jason Hyde, MBS 2016 17 2016 OCONUS MBS Citizens What They Did

Randle Steinbeck Ramstein HS, Germany Senator Senate Assistant Majority Leader Senate Committee Chairman State Central Committee Secretary County Committee Vice-Chairman Delegate to County Committee, Ward I Personally Im not very big on public speaking. But when I got here everyone is really supportive and I didnt even think about it I just started running for offices. I know a lot of other people are like that too. Learning isnt even the right word its a complete experience that you just gain so much from it like government, civics, and how to interact with other people. Its just amazing! Randle Steinbeck, MBS 2016 18 MBS Staff A volunteer organization Only two full-time positions in MBS Headquarters at the University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO During each June MBS session our staff surges to over

130 dedicated volunteers - nearly all are former MBS citizens and most have graduate or professional degrees Attorneys, Businessmen, Educators, Doctors, Military Officers (active and retired) Judges, Highway Patrolmen, Political Consultants College Students UCM Faculty and Administrative personnel American Legionnaires 19 MBS Staff Two or more Counselors full-time with each MBS City City Counselors typically have 3-10 years MBS staff experience Assistant City Counselors have 1-2 years MBS staff experience 20 Additional Opportunities

Over $2,000,000 in Scholarships available to MBS citizens MBS Citizen of the Week Scholarships Winner receives a $10,000 scholarship ($2,500 per year for four years) First Alternate receives a one-time $2,500 scholarship Second Alternate receives a one-time $1,500 scholarship Five additional citizens receive a one-time $500 scholarship Opportunity for 2 or 3 hours college credit in Political

Science from the University of Central Missouri Two MBS Citizens chosen to represent Missouri at Boys Nation held in Washington, DC during July 21 MBS What We Are NOT An athletic camp (but we do have sports) A mini Boot Camp or OCS A passive learning experience (its quite the opposite citizens are fully engaged in all aspects of the program)

A classroom-oriented workshop (instead citizens learn through a hands-on experience) 22 Missouri Boys State 2017 We are striving to expand our outreach to more OCONUS high schools We can accommodate up to 8 qualified young men from OCONUS high schools

MBS will review and accept qualified applicants on a first come, first served basis OCONUS Applications are due to MBS HQ by March 1st 23 Participation Open to OCONUS male military or government civilian dependent students regardless of their parents home state - we do NOT limit applications to Missouri residents nor do we require any Missouri connections

Offered to OCONUS schools only; applicants from mainland (CONUS) schools must contact their specific Boys State programs 24 MBS Citizens Views I gained more knowledge about different people's lifestyles from him [Grady Pennell, Kadena HS, Okinawa, Japan]. It is because of these reasons that I feel that it is very important to continue having military dependents attend Missouri Boys State. Alex Frangoulis, Liberty HS, Kansas City, MO I feel that it is important for young Americans everywhere to have a chance to see how our government works. I thought that it was cool that Daniel Storm (Rota) could go to MBS and he added to the "melting pot" of diversity at Boys State. Rob Hicklin, Ft. Zumwalt South HS, St. Peters, MO

I think it is vitally important that all citizens of America be given the opportunity to attend a Boys State Program somewhere in the country. It benefits the other members of Boys State by allowing them to get a new perspective on what it is like to be a U.S. citizen in a foreign country . Jacob Colbert, Hickman Mills HS, Kansas City, MO 25 Military Dependent MBS Citizens Views Missouri Boys State was life changing!! I learned so much! Its amazing how much can be taught in one week! Coming from Spain and going to Missouri (where I had never been) was extremely hard, but MBS ended up changing my life. Not only was I exposed to leadership opportunities, but I also made TONS of friends! I already know a few people that want to go back to MBS. Its a program that every junior in high school would want to get involved with. Ill be sure to get a bunch of people to apply for it this year, hopefully we can have Rota represented again next summer!! Daniel Storm, Carver City, MBS 2004 DGF High School, Rota, Spain Sponsored by the Iberian Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa This week proved to be one to shape a lifetime. At MBS I learned many things. In that

week I found things out about myself. I found that I am not afraid to take charge of a situation; I also found that I am able to speak to large groups of people with relative ease. Ian Payne, Blair City, MBS 2007 DGF High School, Rota, Spain Sponsored by the Iberian Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa 26 MBS Counselors Views Pedro Santiago traveled a long way to come to Missouri Boys State, and he has made the most of his experience. From the start, he started talking with fellows citizens and told everyone to introduce themselves. He introduced himself as the future State Central Committee Chairman and achieved his difficult goal. Ingle City counselor's have identified Pedro as one of the leaders of Ingle City and even all of Boys State. He gets along with everyone and has an amazing time just talking to other Boys Staters. His strong leadership is influential and apparent in Ingle City. Isaac Caverly, 2016 MBS City Counselor for Ingle City Randle Steinbeck has done an exceptional job. For him to live in another country-Germany-- and come to Missouri Boys State and win multiple political party positions, Randle has not only showed he can lead during Boys State but across the world. Hayden Graham, 2016 MBS City Counselor of Pershing City

Jason Hyde was an exceptional student and jumped right in to be a major part in our radio broadcast program. He took pride in his work and was willing to go the extra mile when it came to ensuring the quality of the radio broadcast. His skill, dedication and willingness to help others explore broadcast journalism made him an excellent asset to the station. Donavan McGoldrick and Ryan Gibson, 2016 MBS Staff - KMBS Radio 27 Parents View We are back in Spain and getting ready to start a new school year. It is always with mixed feelings that we return abroad (Spain), leaving extended family and friends back in the States. Daniel's summer, this year, was certainly punctuated by his participation in Missouri Boys State. He enthusiastically expressed that MBS helped him gain leadership skills, become part of a community with stateside peers, and experience American government in action. Daniel has lived in an overseas military community all of his life, he has studied American government and participated in a high school curriculum that is very similar to stateside students. Yet, he has never seen a community elect a mayor or congressman. He was awestruck by democracy in action and came back as one proud American citizen.

We thank you for opening your program to boys that are from DoDDs overseas locations. Your ongoing communication, careful transportation planning, and warm welcome for Daniel made him feel a part of the "Missouri community" immediately. Without hesitation we will encourage Rota High School to sponsor a student with support of a local organization. Please extend our appreciation to all those that made Daniel's participation possible. Your team must be a fabulous group of caring and committed MBS admin. and staff! There is now a fond place in Daniel's heart for Missouri! 28 Jill and Richard Storm, 2004 Past OCONUS Participants 2016 - Jason Hyde, Moanalua HS, Hawaii - Pedro Santiago, Antilles HS, Puerto Rico - Randel Steinbeck, Ramstein HS, Germany 2015 - Samuel Chase, Zama HS, Japan - John Dunleavy, Seoul HS, Korea - Patrick OToole, Lakenheath HS, UK - Benny Perez, Antilles HS, Puerto Rico

- Tomoya Tisdale, Guam HS, Guam 2014 - Christopher Hyde, Seoul HS, Korea 2010 - Stephen Schaefer, DGF HS, Rota, Spain 2008 - Luke Moragne, DGF HS, Rota, Spain 2007 - Zachary Collins, DGF HS, Rota, Spain - Ian Payne, DGF HS, Rota, Spain 2006 - Aaron Ellison, Hanau HS, Germany 2005 - Christopher McGlamery, DGF HS, Rota, Spain - Jonathan Hersack, Osan HS, Korea 2004 - Daniel Storm, DGF HS, Rota, Spain - Grady Pennell, Kadena HS, Okinawa, Japan 2003 - Herald Oertwig, Osan HS, Korea 29 Past Participation In 2015, Samuel Chase was selected as the Citizen of the Week

and earned a $10,000 scholarship ($2,500 per year for four year). He was nominated by his MBS city (60 citizens) as best representing MBS during the week. He then competed with 15 other city nominees through an interview process and was selected by a Committee comprised of MBS Board Members as the Citizen of the Week. Samuel returned to serve on the MBS staff as an Assistant City Counselor during the 2016 session. ~~~~~ In 2005 and through a similar process, Christopher McGlamery was selected as first runner-up for Citizen of the Week and earned a $2,000 one-time scholarship. 30 Eligibility Criteria Must be between the ages of 15 and 19 by June 17, 2017

Must have successfully completed his junior year of high school and have at least one semester of high school remaining after the close of the Boys State session Must Demonstrate Exceptional Leadership and Citizenship Outstanding Academic Achievement and Character Desire to attend MBS 31 The Preferred Selection Process High School Principal or Counselor Chairs a nomination committee Experience has shown that classmate popular vote is not

a good selection process Do not allow sponsors, parents, other relatives or friends to influence the selection process Reviews eligible students Shares information about MBS with students (and parents) and evaluates desire to attend Selects one Primary and one Alternate to nominate 32 Information Flyer

High School Counselors are encouraged to utilize this flier to announce the opportunity to participate in Missouri Boys State After Selection Ensures the Primary Candidate and the Alternate complete an online application (available on our website - www.moboysstate.org) Secures required signatures on the application Principal should only sign applications for students nominated through the high school selection process

Sends proposed candidates applications with two photographs directly to MBS Headquarters for formal approval early in 2017 but no later than March 1st Photographs will be used for positive identification on arrival at MBS 34 The MBS Program Fee 2017 MBS Program Fee for an OCONUS military dependent participant is $450 Full MBS Program Food, Dormitory, and Group Accident Insurance Ground Transportation to/from Kansas City International Airport (MCI)

Air Transportation to/from MBS must be funded by either the family or other sources 35 The Sponsor MBS Program fee must be provided by one or a combination of sponsors, and NOT from parents/family Can be a community service organization, commercial enterprise Can NOT be individuals related to the selected candidate

Sponsor contributions are recognized in the annual yearbook, A Week to Shape a Lifetime, and on the MBS website The acquisition of the Program fee from a sponsor(s) must be separate and distinct from the selection of an individual student 36 Possible Sponsors

Headquarters/Units Officers/SNCO Wives Clubs Local Military Service Chapters American Legion VFW AUSA and/or USMA Association of Graduates

AFA and/or USAFA Alumni Chapters Navy League and/or USNA Alumni Association Marine Corps League PTA Student Government Phi Delta Kappa, Honor Societies Rotary, Kiwanis, Toastmasters, etc. Local Civilian Corporations/Businesses Targeted Fundraising Combinations of sponsors can and should be considered in order to achieve the required funding

Fundraising should be started early The Cost of Transportation MBS can and will arrange/provide transportation to/from KC International Airport MBS can NOT cover Citizens airfare Airfare must be provided either by the sponsor or the MBS Citizens family NOW is the time to locate sponsors who may assist with airfare

Nearly all participating families have scheduled US/CONUS summer visits around the MBS session (family weddings, grandparent visits, college visits, etc.), therefore saving a separate plane ticket to the states 38 Travel Recommendations $50-$75 spending money for use during MBS MBS T-Shirt Other MBS Logo Items Sodas/Snacks OCONUS dependents should travel with US Dollars and a means to communicate with Missouri Boys State staff (phone AND text capabilities, please)

Additional cash to cover meals during travel to/from MBS Arrive one day early to meet MBS start time and also compensate for time difference (housing will be provided) 39 MBS Program Details Our web site contains more information: http://www.moboysstate.org Our publication, A Week To Shape a Lifetime, may be requested from our Headquarters: The American Legion Boys State of Missouri, Inc. P.O. Box 667 Warrensburg, MO 64093 (660) 429-2761 Office

(877) 342-5627 (DIAL-MBS) Toll Free (660) 429-2753 Fax [email protected] 40 Points of Contact Bettie Rusher, MBS Manager, Development and Administration The American Legion Boys State of Missouri P.O. Box 667 Warrensburg, MO 64093 (660) 429-2761 Office (877) 342-5627 (DIAL-MBS) Toll Free (660) 429-2753 Fax [email protected] Rusty Jones, MBS Board of Directors - Colonel, USMC (Ret) (703) 395-1113 [email protected] 41

Relationships with Other Programs Missouri Boys State is incorporated independently from the American Legion Department of Missouri. We maintain a first-class program by virtue of our mutually supportive relationships. The American Legion has a National HQ, but does not direct or control individual Boys State programs Each Boys State program is unique to its home state Within each state, the Boys and Girls State programs are run

independent of the other. For more information visit: http://www.boysandgirlsstate.org Girls State programs are administered by the American Legion Auxiliary, and not the American Legion 42 Thank You!

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