NRHS Class of 2014 - Suffolk City Public Schools

NRHS Class of 2014 - Suffolk City Public Schools

NRHS Class of 2017 Senior Presentation September 2016 Senior Counselor: ML Cruey [email protected] Google Classroom Code: z75sef Thriving & Surviving Your Senior Year Successfully Agenda: Graduation Requirements Important Dates and Expenses Tests and Eligibility College and Career Planning

Graduation Requirements Standard Diploma (22 credits) 4 English Standard Credits (2 Verified Credits) 3 Mathematics Standard Credits (1 Verified Credit) 3 Science Standard Credits (1 Verified Credit) 3 History and Social Sciences Standard Credits (1 Verified Credit) 2 Health and Physical Education Standard Credits 2 Fine Art / CTE / Foreign Language Standard Credit 1 Economics & Personal Finance 4 Elective Standard Credits 1 Student Selected Test for the 6th Verified

Graduation Requirements Advanced Studies Diploma (26 credits) 4 English Standard Credits (2 Verified Credits) 4 Mathematics Standard Credits (2 Verified Credits) 4 Science Standard Credits (2 Verified Credits) 4 History and Social Sciences Standard Credits (2 Verified Credits) 2 Health and Physical Education Standard Credits 1 Fine or Practical Art Standard Credits 3 or 4 Foreign Language Standard Credits 3 years of one Foreign Language or 2 years each of two different Foreign Languages 1 Economics & Personal Finance 3 Elective Standard Credits 1 Student Selected Test for the 9th Verified Credit 50 Community Service hours (Ave: 12.5 per year)

Important Dates: Military Visits Military Visits: Army: Tuesdays. Marines: First & Third Thursdays of each month. Navy: Second & Fourth Thursdays of each month. National Guard: First & Third Fridays of each month. Important Dates: College Visits Check the NRHS Guidance Website for updates on college visits.

Upcoming College Visits: Sept 29 William & Mary College Oct 24 Va Tech Oct 26 University of Richmond Oct 28 Salem College Important Dates: Events Senior Night: September 26, 6:00 pm Jostens Visit: October 5 - AM College Night at Lakeland: October 3, 6:00- 8 pm College & Career Readiness Fair at KFMS: November 19 Financial Aid Workshop : October 20. Academic Reception : TBA. Parent-Teacher Conference Days: Feb 13 10 a.m. 6 p.m. (Report Cards Distributed)

Important Dates: Testing ASVAB Testing : November 1 (Seniors) & 2 (Juniors), You may also test at any Recruiting Station. 1st Semester Exams: Jan 24-27 AP Testing: May 1-12 Final Exams: May 30-June 2 (Seniors & Term Grads only) Final Exams: June 14-16 (Summer Grads & Underclassmen) Important Dates: Senior Events / Breaks Thanksgiving Break: Nov 24-25 Winter Break: Dec 21 Jan 2 Spring Break: April 10-14

Prom: May 26? Exempt Notification: May 25-26? Senior Night/Reception: May 24? Senior Picnic: May 25? Graduation Ted Constant Center, Norfolk: June 10, 9 am Estimated Senior Year Expenses Senior Dues $40 (Due to Gov Teacher by Dec 1, Senior Night Reception, Senior Picnic, Senior T-shirt, Diploma Cover) Cap & Gown $25.50 (plus tax) before Jan 1 or $30.50 (plus

tax) after Jan 1 Optional Expenses Yearbook - $60 (plus extras like personalization, see flyer for special) Senior Pictures - $$$$ (Formal and Cap & GownApril) o 757-420-9417 for appointment at their studio in Va Beach by Oct 1 Graduation items (invitations, cups, diploma plaques, key rings, & T-shirts) - $$$ Estimated Senior Year Expenses College Preparation & Application Costs SAT I: $45, $57 with Essay (Fee Waiver

available) SAT II (Subject Test): $20 per test + $26 Basic Fee + $26 Lang ACT: $42.50 (w/o Writing), $58.50 (w Writing) College Applications: Processing Fees range from $25 & up (nonrefundable) College Deposits: $100 & up College Dormitory Deposits: $300 & up NCAA Eligibility: $75 Tests & Eligibility SAT Test Dates (2016-2017) $45, $57 with Essay Test Date

Regular Deadline Late Registration (Fee) Mail / Phone or Online October 1 September 1 September 13/20 November 5 October 7

October 18/25 December 3 November 3 November 15/22 January 21 December 21 January 3/10 March 11 February 10

February 21/28 May 6 April 7 April 18/25 June 3 May 9 May 16/24 Tests & Eligibility ACT Test Dates (2016-2017) $42.50 (w/o Writing), $58.50 (w Writing) Test Date Regular Deadline Late Registration (Fee) October 22 September 16 September 17-30 December 10 November 4

November 5-18 February 11 January 13 January 14-20 April 8 March 3 March 4-17 June 10 (graduation) May 5

May 6-19 Lakeland High School Oct, Feb, Apr Other Local Schools: Deep Creek HS, Oscar Smith HS, Southampton HS, Tests: SAT vs. ACT Area SAT ACT Length 3 hours plus 50 minutes for the

optional Essay 3 hours 25 minutes Sections Test given in short sections in random order among all subjects with 1 experimental (not scored) 4 sections: English, Math, Reading, Science 1 section: optional Writing Subjects

Reading, Math, Writing & Language, Essay (optional) English, Math, Reading, Science, Writing (optional) Score Compariso n 1/2 Math, 1/2 Reading Essay is Optional. English, Math, Reading, Science

Scoring Aggregate score 600-1600 based Composite score 1-36 on total of 2 scores 200-800. Score based on average of 4 of 2-8 for Essay. sections. Score 0-12 for optional Essay. (includes optional Writing Test 30 min.) Tests: ASVAB What is the ASVAB? The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude

Battery Series of tests on 8 or 9 subjects, Assesses suitability for a specific job and which line of work matches your abilities, Not an IQ test, Timed, Conducted at high schools and recruitment centers for the armed forces. Tests: ASVAB ASVAB Components and Structure General Science: 25 questions (11 minutes) Arithmetic Reasoning: 30 questions (36 minutes) Word Knowledge: 35 questions (11 minutes) Paragraph Comprehension: 15 questions (13 minutes)

Auto & Shop Information: 25 questions (11 minutes) Mathematics Knowledge: 25 questions (24 minutes) Electronics Information: 20 questions (9 minutes) Eligibility: NCAA NCAA Eligibility Center Certifies whether a prospective college athlete is eligible to play sports at NCAA Division I or II institutions. Students should register at the beginning of their Junior Year but some register later. There is no registration deadline, but students must be cleared before they receive athletic scholarships or compete at Division I

or II institutions. Fee $75 See Handout for details. College-Bound Athlete Guide: College and Career Planning If you are considering attending a 4 year or 2 year college, university or technical school: Make a list of schools that interest you. Gather information about each school. Register for the ACT or SAT if you did not take it as a Junior. Visit campuses that you are seriously considering.

Apply early. Apply early for financial aid. Pay attention to deadline for your chosen schools. Find out about local, state, and private financial aid College and Career Planning If you are considering serving in the Armed Forces: Talk with friends, neighbors, and relatives who have served in various branches of the military. Study the military literature on websites. Evaluate any physical limitations that might prevent you from serving. Compare military training opportunities with possible civilian occupations.

Arrange to visit with various military recruiters Compare benefits, tours of duty, training, and College and Career Planning If you are considering Direct Employment: Explore your special abilities and interests. Collect and study materials about writing resumes and letters of application. Consider whether you want to move away from your home region. Talk with individuals working in various occupations that may be of interest to you. Become familiar with major employers in the areas where you are interested in working.

Be knowledgeable about the vocational/technical program offerings Workplace Readiness Skills Personal Qualities & People Skills Positive work ethic Integrity Teamwork Self-representation Diversity Awareness Conflict Resolution Creativity & Resourcefulness Workplace Readiness Skills Professional Knowledge & Skills Speaking & Listening Reading & Writing

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Health & Safety Organizations, Systems & Climates Lifelong Learning Job Acquisition & Advancement Time, Task & Resource Management Mathematics Customer Service Workplace Readiness Skills Technology Knowledge & Skills Job-specific Technologies Information Technology Internet Use & Security Telecommunications Internet & Social Media

Early Decision vs. Early Action What is Early Decision? Binding, Early deadline. What is Early Action? Non-binding, Early deadline Early response. Transcript Requests Register online for your Parchment account online through the NRHS Guidance Website. Use an email account that you check often. Use Parchment for all of your transcript

requests except most scholarships. If your school requires forms, turn them in before requesting transcripts (ie. VT, GMU, JMU, VMI) from parchment. If you are also requesting a recommendation, email me an academic resume (allow 2-3 weeks for recommendations). Transcript Requests: New Format Parchment Link via Online access to most colleges. Send directly to college/university. Send to NCAA, NAIA & other clearinghouse organizations

Send to The Common Application. YES, it is an official transcript with a signature. Use instructions included in packet. Parchme nt Parchment Parchment How to sign up: Video https:// How to Order your Transcript: Video

Track your transcripts: Video Collect & Manage your transcripts: Video The Common App - Virginia Colleges CNU Emory & Henry College Hampden-Sydney

College Hollins College Marymount University Randolph College Randolph-Macon College ODU Roanoke College The College of William & Mary University of Mary Washington University of Richmond University of Virginia VCU Washington & Lee

University The Common App Fees vary by school Create your account Add schools to your list Understand your schools specific requirements Gather your general application information Copy of transcript List of extracurricular activities Test scores & dates (SAT and/or ACT, SAT II) Parent/guardian information Start your application

The Common App How to order your transcript Open your Common App Open your Parchment Account in another tab in your browser Click Order on home screen of your Parchment account In Institution search line, type in The Common App Copy your CAID number (next to your name in the Common App) Paste your number into the Parchment form where asked. Scholarships Available Review the NRHS Scholarship Bulletin Online:

Posted under Guidance. Paper (Notebook): English 12 and Government classrooms, Library, Guidance office, Guidance Bulletin Board See your counselor for a request form or questions. Submit to Mrs. Cruey 7 days before deadline unless otherwise noted. If submitted online, inform Mrs. Cruey of name of scholarship and date submitted.

Beware of Scams Beware of websites or advertisements that ask you to pay for college or scholarship searches. Free Sites: (free to all Virginia residents)

Acceptance & Awards College Acceptances and Military Enlistments Bring a copy of your acceptance letter or enlistment verification List is announced on the morning announcements Posted outside main office and on main hall Posted on the NRHS website under College Acceptances Scholarship Awards Bring a copy of your award letter Totals are announced at graduation & Senior Night Selected Scholarships are given at Senior

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