Notes Template - Warren Easton Charter High School

Notes Template - Warren Easton Charter High School

8.3, 8.4, 8.5 Thank God You Missed It Those Who Work (Peasants & Middle Class) Merchants, Laborers, Farmers, Government officials, etc. Those Who Pray (Clergy) Priests, Monks, Abbotts, Friars,

Pardoners Those Who Fight (Nobility) Knights, Squires, Mercenaries, Princes, Dukes, etc. Pilgrimages began as exercises in penance (attempt to earn forgiveness) Roads were poorly maintained. Thieves hid in wait for lone travelers, so most people traveled as pilgrims in a large group.

Later on, travel improved, but getting to far-off spots (e.g. Jerusalem) was never easy or safe. Professional pilgrims returned with relics, badges, pilgrim symbols, tall tales (some of these were falsified). His Life & Times Poet, author, diplomat Son of London vintner

(winemaker) Held civil service positions in government Well-travelled on diplomatic missions for the king Read English, Latin, Italian, and French An Overview

Begun: 1386 Planned: 120 tales Completed: 22 tales and 2 fragments Pilgrimage was a framing device for tales; tales also have thematic unity. The pilgrims shares stories to pass the time; these stories described the very different points-of-view and beliefs and practices of the people of Chaucers age.

Frame Story: a story that holds together several other stories; usually, characters in the frame story tell stories of their own. e.g. each of the characters in The Canterbury Tales tells their own story, which has a new, unique cast of characters. The Canterbury Tales is the story of a group of pilgrims who tell stories as they

travel to Canterbury; each pilgrims story stands alone as its own story, but fits within the overall story of the journey. Iambic Pentameter: a line of poetry that contains five (penta means five) iambs (metrical feet). Iamb: a metrical foot that contains one unstressed and one stressed syllable.

Example: Of the deep rivers, and the lonely streams. From this green earth; of all the mighty world. Assignment: Find an example from The Prologue. Couplets are pairs of lines that

rhyme. e.g. "I cannot go to school today." Said little Peggy Ann McKay. I have the measles and the mumps, a gash, a rash and purple bumps." Couplets are among the simplest rhyme schemes. Characterization is the manner in

which an author describes a character to the reader. Characterization tells us something about the character. e.g. The Pardoner is characterized by his immorality and his acceptance of his hypocrisy Find an example of characterization in The Prologue. There are two types of characterization: direct and indirect.

Indirect Characterization occurs when an author tells what a character does, says, or looks like, or describes how other characters react to him or her. The reader must use their judgment to decide what the character is like. What can you infer about this character: Bill straightened his starched suit and slicked back his hair; he looked at

himself in the mirror, then smiled with satisfaction. Chaucer uses these types of indirect characterization (and others): This yeoman wore a coat and hood of green, And peacock-feathered arrows, bright and keen (Appearance) Her greatest oath was only By St. Loy! (Speech)

And gladly would he learn, and gladly teach. (Attitude/Behavior/Feelings) Direct characterization occurs when the author states a characters traits virtuous, vain, clever, etc. e.g. Bill was vain and self-centered. Chaucer also uses direct characterization, especially on his minor characters:

There was a Friar, a wanton one and merry, A Limiter, a very festive fellow. irony: incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs. coincidence is not irony, though the two are similar. verbal irony: The contrast between what is said and what is actually

meant. the surface meaning and the underlying meaning of what is said is not the same. Chaucer provides some details that contradict what the characters think of themselves. This is a form of satire: witty language convey insult/scorn

ridicules its subject (for example, individuals, organizations, or states) often as an intended means of provoking or preventing change 1. Accurate depiction of life in the middle ages (class levels, interactions between the classes) 2. First story about lower classes 3. Satire & humor for social /

political / religious commentary. 4. The Canterbury Tales point out problems within society. social rank, moral & spiritual condition Include many of the following Physiognomy Clothes Job

Hobbies Food Choice Humour Their Words Some tales are serious, others are comical. Each is an accurate description of a set of traits, beliefs, and faults. Chaucer criticized the malpractice of the

clergy, and poked fun at those from the 3 estates. (nobility, clergy, commoner) Many of the tales shared similar themes; some tales are told in response to a previous tale (e.g. a story about the joy of immorality is followed by a story about the punishment for sinners) The Prologue The Prologue to The Canterbury Tales

Reading Skills: Analyzing Style: Key Details As you read the Prologue, pay close attention to any details that help give you an immediate impression of a character. Assignment: Write down one direct and one indirect characterization for five of the characters. Narrator is Chaucer,

but dont confuse pilgrim Chaucer with author Chaucer Narrator is acting as a reporter of what others say, not adding/ removing. Pretends to be unaware of irony or satire.

The Wife of Bath is one of three women on the trip. She was a worthy woman all her life, the narrator says, then mentions her 5 husbands. This is an example satire of ______. She is a business woman with a strong sense of selfimportance, her elaborate dress is a sign of her character

as well as her wealth. note that she is probably in her forties and is married to a man in his twenties The Summoner and the Pardoner are the most unlikeable figures; one administers the church courts, the other sells pardons

(indulgences). The Pardoner is a church official who sells fake relics What impression of him do you get from this knowledge? The Summoner is suffering from some kind of skin disease. What might this tell us about him? The Knight & the Squire

especially their dress and their resume The Monk well-fed and jolly, but something about him is unappealing The Yeoman the peacock-feathered arrows The Guildsmen their opinion of their own worth their clothing & accessories

The Prioress (Nun) her physical description, education, manners The Plowman qualities the narrator seems to admire The Parson how he is different from the other clergy

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