NordREG Hearing Gardemoen, April 8th, 2015 Current state of ...

NordREG Hearing Gardemoen, April 8th, 2015 Current state of ...

NordREG Hearing Gardemoen, April 8th, 2015 Fortum Markets view on the market design for energy services, as a supplier/service provider - Louisa Ramert, Fortum Markets Expectations of Customers vs. Customers expectations of Energy Services

Energy Services Todays Nordic retail market framework does not yet meet the customers nor the energy systems future needs with respect to development of energy services 2

To support the development of energy services we need a market driven approach with the supplier centric model as a base A market model where the supplier/commercial party is responsible for the interface towards the customer is a key prerequisite for the development of customer driven solutions. Efficient data exchange between the market participants through data hubs. Mandatory combined billing 3

A harmonised market with a level playing field A more harmonised market is a more attractive market - market size is key when launching new products and services New players should compete on the same terms as existing All commercial players should have the same possibility to access information about the customer Sufficient unbundling needs to be ensured 4

Clear roles and responsibilities is fundamental Clear distinction between commercial and regulated activities Energy services should be developed in the competitive market DSO role with focus on core activities Clear allocation of responsibilities! Information handling: Data collection, administration, validation, quality, allowing access etc. Balancing Billing etc.

5 We need to empower customers through development of the retail market In the Nordics, recent years have seen notable investments in meters and smart grids, which should be utilised Hourly metering and hourly settlement - prerequisites to start incentivising customers to become active market participants.

6 Thank you! 7

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