Non-Traditional SAE

Non-Traditional SAE

NON-TRADITIONAL SAE Developed by Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communications, Texas A&M University for the Texas Education Agency Educational Excellence Project for AFNR Texas Education Agency, 2014 Objectives Students will be able to describe an SAE project and the categories.

Students will be able to differentiate between traditional and non-traditional SAE projects. Students will be able to create non-traditional SAE project ideas. Vocabulary Supervised Agricultural Experience- a practical application of classroom concepts designed to provide

real world experiences and develop skills in agriculturally related career areas. SAE Categories Entrepreneurship SAE- you are the business owner. You plan and operate an

agriculturally related enterprise or business. Examples may include: owning livestock, managing a crop plot, managing a lawn mowing service. SAE Categories Placement SAE- working for someone

either for pay or experience. Examples: working for a floral shop, being employed with a local equipment dealership, working for an elderly farmer. SAE Categories Research SAE- an SAE

where you conduct research using the scientific process. Examples: Conducting plant and soil fertility tests, experimenting with different feed supplements in livestock, measuring antibiotic use and effects on meat quality.

SAE Categories Exploratory SAE- experiencing the big picture of agriculture and its many related careers. Examples: attend a college visit at an agriculture college, job shadow a vet, develop a presentation on careers

in the agronomy industry. SAE Categories Supplementary Activities- a specific skill learned outside the normal class time that contributes to the agriculture skills and knowledge obtained by the student. Examples: learning to

process piglets, changing the oil in a small engine, using GPS to plant deer food plots. SAE Categories Improvement SAE- a series of learning activities that improve efficiency, value, use or appearance of the place

of employment, home, school or community. Examples: restoring an antique tractor, cleaning a community park, repairing a fence. Non-Traditional SAE Non-traditional SAE- SAEs outside of the normal scope of

traditional agriculture. Examples: conducting guided hunts, starting a community garden, making soy candles, raising bees for honey. Activity Break in to small groups of 3-5. Create a description of a non-traditional agriculture student. After this, list 5 SAE projects that would be

appropriate for this student. Create a description of a traditional agriculture student with traditional SAE projects. List 5 non-traditional SAE activities that the student could do that related to his or her SAE project. QUESTIONS? References: Texas SAE Builder, ExploreSAE, National FFA Website (SAE), National FFA SAE PowerPoint.

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