Proud Proud AComIn Partners A. Asenov CEO, Gold

Proud Proud AComIn Partners A. Asenov CEO, Gold

Proud Proud AComIn Partners A. Asenov CEO, Gold Standard Simulations, Ltd. James Watt Professor, The University of Glasgow The University of Glasgow 18 000 students, 2500 professors Member of the Russel Group

Famous Glasgow University Scholars Lord Kelvin James Watt William Rankine Adam Smith The Device Modelling Group Staff 29 members 2 academics (A. Asenov, S. Roy)

1 Research technologist 1 Advanced EPSRC Research Fellow 13 Research Assistants 12 PhD students 9 long term visiting researchers since 2005 Funding 7.6M 2.1M eScience Pilot Project 1.2M new Platform Grant, 2.4M FP7, ENIAC Equipment 2556 processors cluster

The Device Modelling Group GSS Corporate GSS is a private self funded company owned by the founders and key staff, established in Scotland, UK in June 2010. GSS technology is based on 150 man years of research and development in the 30 strong Glasgow

Device Modelling Group and more than 20M EPSRC/ EC funding. GSS currently has 8 key employees with a planned growth of 150% in the next year. GSS current sales forecast and reserves guarantees the companies position through to 2015.

Unique simulation tool chain: Delivers rapid and automated TransistorSRAM co-optimisation (2-3 weeks cycle) Garand Mystic RandomSpice The statistical device simulator GARAND Beyond state-of-the art devices simulator All sources of variability. Best available models.

Templates are available for all devices of interest FD SOI Bulk Reliability FinFETs Flash

III-V/Ge MOSFETs Grid/cluster based simulation technology Automated job submission Computational steering Job monitoring Successful completion

No Yes Data harvesting in a database 2556 CPUs Statistical analysis Visualisation

Delivers unprecedented productivity

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