Why Study Languages When Everyone Speaks English? Adapted

Why Study Languages When Everyone Speaks English? Adapted

Why Study Languages When Everyone Speaks English? Adapted from a presentation by the Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies Sex Goda Skl Fr Att Studera Sprk Du kan f ett jobb Du har nytta av det ute i vrlden Du kommer att trffa mycket folk Du lr knna dig sjlv bttre Du kan uppleva nya kulturer

Det r spnnande Did you understand? Six Good Reasons for Studying Languages Itll get you a job Its exciting It gets you places Youll meet loads of new people Youll find out more about yourself You can enjoy new cultures

Itll Get You a Job A few facts about language graduates and employability But first which of the following subjects do YOU think have the best job prospects? Physical Sciences German Law Computing

Biological Sciences English Education Business Studies French Engineering Media Studies

Medical Sciences Itll Get You a Job Being able to speak other languages is a skill that gets you ahead The UK trades with over 200 countries worldwide (Source: Trade Partners UK, 2002) Businesses large, medium and small need employees with foreign language skills They also need people who are happy

operating across cultures Itll Get You a Job Its not just language skills either Employers say they value the key skills developed by language learners these include: communication skills team working skills interpersonal skills presentational skills problem solving skills organisational skills good learning strategies

can you think of any more? It Gets You Places Living abroad is an experience Going to university was amazing but going to Mexico was the best experience in my entire life it was absolutely fantastic. It was the Mexican culture and generally being in such a fantastic country it was just so different to being in the UK

It Gets You Places You learn so much You arrive and you have to learn about new customs and where people live. You learn to deal with new people. You have to think about every word you speak until suddenly you are fluent. It makes you appreciate home too Says Suzanne, who is going back abroad after her final year to marry her Mexican boyfriend

Youll Meet Loads of New People Ive made lots of new friends, its really widened my horizons Using a language is a social activity and language learning leads to encounters with people from many backgrounds Youll Find Out More About Yourself Most people find their experiences very rewarding at a personal level

Its a challenge Its enriching you develop yourself It opens your mind to understanding other people but it also affects you in your own life You learn to get on with your surroundings you become less judgemental You Can Enjoy New Cultures You find out about and experience different cultures whilst reflecting on your own

I really enjoy meeting people with different perspectives on life with different values different traditions Meeting other cultures, you start to think about your own country and background You dont realise that even the most basic things can be different Its Exciting Languages you can choose include French German Italian Portuguese Spanish

British Sign Language Japanese Arabic Chinese and many more And If You Still Need Convincing Studying languages means Maximum Career Prospects You will be very employable Maximum Experience There are lots of personal benefits Maximum Choice There are many languages and courses to

choose from Maximum Fun Its certainly not all work and no play

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