A&P Levels of Homeostasis Organization Diseases Cavities &

A&P Levels of Homeostasis  Organization Diseases  Cavities &

A&P Levels of Homeostasis

Organization Diseases

Cavities & Membranes 100

100 100

100 100

200 200

200 200

200 300

300 300

300 300

400 400

400 400

400 500

500 500

500 500

What type of anatomy is it when you are discussing the eyes, ears, & nose?

Regional Anatomy Define physiology

Explanation of how the body parts work

Define Anatomy field of study that describe the location, appearances &

relationships of body parts. What type of anatomy is it when you are looking a cells through a

microscope? Microanatomy

What type of anatomy is it when you are looking at the liver, heart, brain, etc

Gross Anatomy Which level include group of cells working together to do a particular

function? tissue

What is the largest level of organization? Organism

How many systems are there? 11

Which level included atoms, ions, & molecules

Chemical Name 3 organs in the respiratory system

Nose, trachea, bronchi, alveoli Define homeostasis

Internal environment is stable to the world around itself.

Which is the most common type of control for homeostasis Negative feedback

State an example of positive feedback

Fever, labor pains, bladder pains, hunger pains How does negative feedback control

water in the body if you have too much? Excrete water to bring down levels

to normal What type of feedback will control your blood pressure?

Negative feedback Define a disease

Disease any reduction from the ideal state

Pneumonia is an example of what length of disease? Chronic

AIDS is an example of disease?

immunological Diabetes is a type of

Metabolic disease Freckels is classified in which category of diseases?

Neoplastic The lungs are found in which of the

following cavities? cranial, pelvic, throacic

What supports the internal organs in the abdominalpelvic region? mesenteries

Which membrane covers the lung? pleural

The kidneys are considered to be behind the peritonium, what is this known as

Retroperitoneal What part of the membrane comes in

contact with the organ? Visceral

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