NM Case for Change

NM Case for Change

Education User Interface (EdUI) New Mexico Public Education Department Presentation to Project Certification Committee, DoIT July 23, 2008 FY 2008 Appropriation In the 2008 legislative session House Bill 2 (2008), Section 7, page 259, line 7, Item 35, appropriated $1.650,000. (32) PUBLIC EDUCATION DEPARTMENT: For the implementation of the student and teacher accountability reporting system educational interface and enhanced data collection and reporting. The appropriation is from the appropriation contingency fund dedicated for the purpose of implementing and maintaining educational reforms created in Section 12 of Chapter 114 of Laws 2004. The appropriation is contingent upon the public education department reengineering its business processes before proceeding and expending additional funds, developing and enforcing reporting compliance and moving two term full-time-equivalent positions paid from non-recurring funds to permanent full-time-equivalent positions in the base budget. Based on this appropriation, the funding is contingent upon: Reengineering its business processes before proceeding and expending funds. PED has redesigned the following processes: Data Review Data Final Review is no longer an IT responsibility. PED Programs have now taken on the responsibility of working with the counterparts in the districts to review, audit, and approve data prior to making data available for dissemination. Reporting districts and users are now able to run their own reports instead of having PED push the report to them. Users have been trained on, and given accesses to, the STARS decision support tools (Data cubes) for enhanced individual reporting. Program Improvements: A federally reported data is now being transmitted electronically; SPED data accuracy is 99.9972%. Error correction for AYP is down from 50,000 errors to 93; Processes are being defined to measure all data accuracy.

Developing and enforcing reporting compliance District data submissions have improved over last years numbers; 40th 37 days (down from 66); 80th day 52 days ( down from 60); 120th approximately 32 days down from 60); EOY approximately (12 days down from 21 days). For SY2009 PED will continue to enforce the submission schedule, while providing a defined submission process, monitoring program, and performance metrics to track district submission Moving two term full-time-equivalent positions paid from non-recurring funds to permanent full-time-equivalent positions in the base budget. PED has already complete the transition of two term positions paid from non-recurring funds into its operational budget. 2 Education User Interface (EdUI) Project With the successful deployment of the STARS data warehouse, NMPEDs and New Mexico school districts next major step is being able to utilize data. The Education User Interface (EdUI) will allow teachers, school principals, districtlevel administrators, and PED agency personnel to make quality decisions through the use of information. The PED Education User Interface will provide clients: A powerful and actionable means with which to examine, present, and apply data by providing additional analytical capabilities and decision support. More advanced training on effective ad-hoc reporting and data query techniques. Standards-aligned benchmark testing data as an integral part of the data warehouse. A STARS Framework with which to: 1. Integrate curriculum, instruction, and diagnostic data to help education leaders positively influence student outcomes 2. Incorporate end-to-end Professional Development tracking to facilitate student objectives 3. Provide data tools to create a connected learning community for PED stakeholders

A consistent use of best practices to tap the true power of STARS data. A powerful collaboration and communications solution Strategically, the EdUI project will utilize internal PED resources to lead, plan, and execute the build and roll-out tasks for EdUI in a phased approach in 3 components for FY09. District STARS Coordinators and PED IT staff: build tools to assist districts in the submission, review and certification of warehouse data. Its focus will be continued development of PED IT skills to conduct new EdUI development and system maintenance. PED Centralized Website and Program Content Framework: extend the PED Website as the base for the EdUI infrastructure and develop the necessary system security for roll-out to a broader set of users. Superintendents, District and PED Program Staffs: the final component will be development and rollout of Website Content Pages for both district and PED program staffs to streamline processes, including the content developed in the Enhanced Data Utilization portion of the appropriation. 3 Education User Interface Budget Project Elements Staff Education User Interface Build & Rollout Education Interface License & Hosting Project Management Support QA and IV&V SharePoint Server Programming Support

Education Content Expertise Sharepoint Server Security Support Enhanced Data Collection, Reporting and Utilization COGNOS Training / Report Writing Microsoft Reporting Services TOTALS 4 Budgeted Initiation Planning Implementation $200 $200 $150 $125 $75 $400 $125 $125 $300 $150 $1,650 $25 $75 $100 $400

$150 $50 $50 $50 $25 $50 $350 $100 $75 $200 $25 $550 $125 $700 EdUI Proposed Timeline EdUI ACTIVITIES Jun July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun PED Education User Interface Obtain OCIO Planning Certification Finalize EdUI Strategy and Objectives Develop EdUI PMP Develop Vendor Requirements Develop Vendor Contracts

Complete Planning Documentation Obtain OCIO Implementation Certification Develop EdUI Update POC Functional Specification Update POC Technical Specification Develop Coordinator Component of EdUI Program Coordinator Component of EdUI Test Coordinator Component of EdUI Train Coordinator Phase of EdUI Roll-out Coordinator Component of EdUI Develop Framework Component of EdUI Program Framework Component of EdUI Test Framework Component of EdUI Train Framework Component of EdUI Roll-out Framework Component of EdUI Develop Program Content Component of EdUI Program Program Content Component of EdUI Test Program Content Component of EdUI Train Program Content Component of EdUI Roll-out Program Content Component of EdUI Enhanced Data Collection and Data Reporting Develop Training Plan Execute Training plan Develop Strategy for P-20 system and Staff ID Develop Requirements for Additional Reporting Develop Reports 5

Education User Interface (EdUI) Technical Strategy EDUIs technical objective to utilize existing assets will include, but not limited to: utilization of the existing communications network; optimizing use of existing software capabilities; adherence to existing development, database and LDAP standards. It is NMPEDs intent to house and support EdUI in the location that provides the best user response time. To reduce network traffic, the present strategy is to locate the application software, system administration, and security administration as close to the data source as possible. It is NMPEDs intent to house and support the development environment within the NMPED data center. With system administration personnel (platform administration) will be located at NMPED. During development, the production technical requirements will be documented and the optimum location of the production environment will be determined. 6 Thank You Robert Piro, CIO Austin Buff, IT Director Minerva Carrera, Data Collection and Reporting Manager Mitch Johnson, Consultant 7

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