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NEW TESTAMENT - West London Church Of God

EQUIP BIBLE STUDY Tuesdays: 7:00 pm By Pastor Saji Mathew EQUIP BIBLE STUDY NEW

TESTAMENT SURVEY INTRODUCTION Origin and Meaning of the New Testament Divine Preparation for the NT Preparation

through the Jewish Nation Preparation Language through the Greek Introduction Continues.... Preparation through the Romans

The religious World at the time of the New Testament Composition Order The and Arrangement of the N.T. of the Books of the New Testament collection of the Books of the New Testament.

The Religious & Political Leaders of Jesus Day Scribes Jewish Experts at the interpretation of Scripture Rabbis Jewish teachers who passed on the scribes Pharisees A strict Jewish religious party who understood

Scripture as literal, but sought to interpret it using oral Traditions Sadducees Wealthy, upper-class descendants of the Jewish high priestly line who rejected the Old Testament except for the five books of Moses. Herodians A political party of King Herods supporters Zealots

A fiercely patriotic group of Jews determined to over throw Roman rule. ABOUT THE NEW TESTAMENT Like the Old Testament, the New Testament is not one book, but a collection of 27 individual books that reflect a wide range of themes, literary forms, and purposes. HISTORICAL BOOKS The first five books in the New

Testament are called Historical Books. Matthew to John are called Gospels. They are a historical account of the life and times of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, whose birth, life, death, and resurrection were prophesied throughout the Old Testament. Historical Books Acts

provides a factual report of the period from Christs final words to His followers and His ascension into heaven to the travels and trials of the apostle Paul. Acts describes some of the key events in the spread of the good news from Judea to the far reaches of the Roman Empire. MATTHEW Theme: The Kingdom Date: A. D. 60 of God

Author: Matthew (Levi) Setting: Palestine Matthew An introduction It has been 400 years since Malachi give his last words of prophecy. The world scene has changed. Control of the Land of Israel has passed from Med0-Persia to Greece and now to Rome. Greek is still the official trade language of the people, and it is the language in which the New

Testament is written. Matthew Introduction Continues... Matthew, whose Jewish name is Levi, is a tax collector until Jesus calls him to become one of the 12 disciples. Now, more than 20 years since Jesus return to heaven (in Acts 1:9), the good news of Jesus has traveled the and breadth of the Roman World. The Jewish Christians are starting to be persecuted, and Matthew wants to strengthen their faith and provide them with a useful tool for

evangelizing to the Jewish communities dispersed throughout the Roman World. Matthew Introduction Continues.. He presents Jesus of Nazareth as Israels promised Messiah and rightful King. With the King comes His KingdomKingdom of heaven which will be occupied by those who acknowledge and obey this King. Life Lessons From

Matthew Jesus shows you the Word of God is your best defense against the eneymies of your soul. Jesus did not merely preach abstract religious ideas, but a new way of living. Jesus

is coming again! Survey of Matthew 1-4 Birth and Preparation of the King 5-8 Sermon on the Mount 7-20 Kingdom of God Proclaimed...Rejected 21-25 Final Clashes with the Religious Leaders 26-28 Death and Resurrection of Jesus, the King.

MARK Theme: The Suffering Date written: A.D. 60 Author: John Mark Setting: Rome Servant More about John Mark Other References of Mark Acts

12:12, 1peter 5:13, Acts 13:13, Acts 15:36-41, Col. 2 4:10, Philemon 24 Timothy 4:11 - He useful to me for ministry. Mark - Introduction Mark

(his Roman Name) and John (his Jewish name) was not an eyewitness of the life of Jesus. But he is a close companion of the apostle Peter, who passed on the details of his association with Jesus to John Mark. Whereas Matthew wrote the gospel to a Jewish audience, Mark seems to target Roman believers. Mark Introduction Continues... Mark

uses Latin, the Language of the Romans, for certain expressions as he writes his Gospel in Greek. Mark describes time according to the Roman system, carefully explains Jewish customs and omits the traditional Jewish genealogies as found in Matthew. Mark Introduction Continues... Mark presents Jesus as the suffering servant. He focuses more on Jesus

deeds than His teachings. He demonstrates the humanity of Christ and describes His human emotions, His limitations as a human, ultimately His physical death. Life Lessons from Mark Opposition to your beliefs should not keep you from continuing to carry on the work God has called you to do. Follow

Christs call and seek a life of self-denial and personal sacrifice. Jesus came to serve, and you should desire to follow His example. Theme of the Book The message of Marks gospel is captured in a single verse: For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His

life a ransom for many (10:45). Chapter by chapter, the book unfolds the dual focus of Christs life: Service and Sacrifice. Survey of Mark 1- 10 To Serve 11- 16 T0 Sacrifice. LUKE

Theme: The Perfect Man Date Written: A.D. 60-62 Author: Luke, the beloved Where Written: Rome physician Luke Introduction Luke wanted to create an accurate, chronological, and comprehensive account of the unique life of Jesus the Christ to strengthen the faith of Gentile believers and stimulate

saving faith among nonbelievers. Luke Introduction Continues... It is evident from the opening lines of this Gospel that it is addressed to a man named Theophilus. Its purpose is to give an accurate historical account of the unique life of Jesus. Luke, a doctor and the only Gentile (non-jew) author of the New Testament books, is writing to strengthen the faith of Gentiles,

especially Greek believers. Luke Introduction Continues... He also desires to stimulate unbelieving Greeks to consider the claims that Jesus Christ is the perfect Manthe Son of Manwho came in sacrificial service to seek and to save sinful men. Luke: Introduction Continues...

The humanity and compassion of Jesus are repeatedly stressed in Lukes gospel. Luke gives the most complete account of Christs ancestry, birth, and development. He is the ideal Son of Man who identified with the sorrow and plight of sinful men in order to carry our sorrows and offer us the priceless gift of salvation. Jesus alone fulfills 4 Beautiful Hymns in Luke

The Magnificat of Mary 1:46-55 The Benedictus of Zacharias 1:67- 79 The Gloria in Excelsis of the heavenly host (2:14) The

32) Nunc Dimittis of Simeon (2:28- Key verses & Chapter of Luke Key Verses: Luke 1: 3-4 Luke Key 19: 10 Chapter

Chapter 15 Life Lessons from Luke Jesus shows compassion for the hurting and the lost, and so should you. Jesus Speaks about the attitudes and actions that should characterize your daily life forgiveness, faithfulness, thankfulness and commitment.

Jesus shows a deep interest in people and their needs. He is not interested in their status, their race, or their gender. You too should develop the same kind of interest in the needs of others, regardless of who or what they are. Survey of Luke The Introduction of the Son of Man ( 1: 1 to 4:13) The

Ministry of the Son of Man (4:14 9:50) The Rejection of the Son of Man (9:51 19:27) The Crucifixion and Resurrection of JOHN Theme: The Son of

Date Written: A.D. God 80 -90 Author: John, the disciple whom Jesus loved Setting: Palestine John - Introduction It has now been 50 years since John witnessed the earthly life of Jesus. A lot has happened. The Christian faith has flourished and spread

throughout the known world. But with growth has come great persecution by the Roman government. All Christs apostles have died or been martyred except for John. John Introduction Continues... Now an old man, John provides a supplement to what has already been written about Jesus

in the first three gospel accounts. His account of Jesus presents the most powerful and direct case for the deity and humanity of the incarnate Son of God. Taken together with the accounts by Matthew, Mark, and Luke, a reader will have a complete portrait of Jesus, the God-Man. In Jesus, a perfect humanity and deity are fused, making Him the only possible sacrifice for the sins of mankind. John Introduction Continues... The Gospel of John is a gospel apart,

Matthew, Mark, and Luke are called the synoptic gospels because, despite their individual emphases, they describe many of the same events in the life of Jesus of Nazareth. John draws mainly upon events and discourses not found in the other gospels to prove to his readers that Jesus is God in the flesh, the eternal Word come to earth, born to die as Gods sacrifice for human sin. Purpose of Book of John John gives a precise statement of his purpose in writing: These are

written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name (John 20:31). In fact, he uses the term believe about 100 times to get the message across. Theme of the Gospel of John The

predominant theme of this gospel is the dual response of faith and unbelief in the person of Jesus Christ. Those who place their faith in the Son of God have eternal life, but those who reject Him are under the condemnation of God (3:36; 5:24-29; 10:27-29) this is the basic issue. See these verses: Chapter 1: 11-12; and Chapter 3:19 John Introduction Continues..

Johns gospel is topical, not primarily chronological, and it revolves around seven miracles and seven I am statement of Christ. Author (John) Jesus nicknamed John and his brother James, Sons of Thunder (Mark 3:17). Their father was a zebedee, and their mother, Salome, served Jesus in Galilee and was present at His crucifixion (see Mark 15:40-41).

He was among the 12 men who were selected to be apostles (Luke 6:12-16). Pillar (Acts of the Church Gal 2:9. 3:1, 4:13, 8:14 and Rev. 19)He went to Ephesus and later exiled by Romans for a time to the island of Patmos (Rev. 1:9). The Seven I Ams of

Jesus I am the bread of Life - John 6:35, 48 I am the light of the World John 8:12, 9:5 I am the door John 10:7, 9 I am the good shepherd - John 10: 11, 14 I am the resurrection and life John 11:25 I am the way, the truth, and the life- Eight Signs of Jesus Divine

Nature 1. Turning water to wine John 2:1-11 2. Healing the Noblemans son John 4:46-54 3. Healing the cripple at Bethesda John 5: 1-9 4. Feeding 5000 with five loaves and two fish John 6:1-14 5. Walking on water - John 6:15-21 6. Restoration sight to blind man John 9:1-41 7. Raising Lazarus from the dead - John 11:1-44 8. Giving the disciples a large catch of fish John 21:1-14. Life Lessons from John

It is only by having a relationship with Jesus that you will experience God. You become a child of God by receiving Jesus Jesus can forgive even your most heinous sins Though you fail at times, Jesus extends His

forgiveness to you and is willing to take you back. Restoration turns uselessness into usefulness. Survey of John The Incarnation of the Son of God (1:1-18) The Presentation of the Son of God (1:19 4:54) The Opposition to the Son of God

(5:1 12:50) The preparation of the Disciples by the Son of God (13:1 17:26). The Crucifixion and Resurrection of the Son of God (18:1 21:25). ACTS Theme: The Spread of the Date Written: A.D. 60-62 Gospel Author: Luke, a Greek physician Setting: Jerusalem to Rome

Acts - Introduction Acts is Lukes account of the growth of the early Church. As a sequel to his account of the life of Jesus returned to heaven. He once again addresses his writing to a Greek named Theophilus. Acts Introduction Continues... In spite of severe opposition and

persecution, the fearless church experiences explosive growth. Acts 1:8 provides an outline for the following Lukes 30 year record of the growth of the church, which begins in Jerusalem, spreads to Samaria, extends to the world. Acts Introduction Continues... Acts is the historical link between the Gospels and the Epistles. Because of Lukes strong emphasis on the

ministry of the Holy Spirit, the book should really be regards as the Acts of the Spirit of Christ working in through the apostles. As a missionary himself, Lukes interest in the progressive spread of the gospel is obviously reflected in this Pauls Three Missionary Journeys THE THREE JOURNEYS DURATION

AREA OF FOCUS ACTS 13:2 14:28 One Year Cyprus, Galatia ACTS 15:35 18:22 Two Years Corinth ACTS 18:23 21:16

Four Years Ephesus Life Lessons from Acts Jesus has commissioned you to be His witness. The Holy Spirit empowers you to carry out that witness.

All ministries are important in the church, even serving tables in your church. You are to faithfully witness of the resurrection and leave the results to God. As you witness, you will usually receive one of two responses to the gospelacceptance or rejection!

Pauls First Missionary Journey Pauls Second Missionary Journey Pauls Third Missionary Journey Pauls Final Journey to Rome Survey of Acts Witness in Jerusalem (1:1 8:4)

Witness in Judea and Samaria (8:5 12:25) Witness to the Uttermost part of the World (chapter 13 -28).

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