New Beginnings - Portland State University

New Beginnings - Portland State University

CHANGING YOUR LIFE WITH A CAREER IN COMPUTING Switching Fields Changing jobs is not unusual in 2016 The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found the median number of years most employees stay with the same employer is 4.2 years. This may take the individual to a new employer in the same industry or they may enter an entirely new industry Change often may be for greater job satisfaction (a recent Gallup report suggests less than a third of employees are engaged at work) or higher pay Why Computing? Leads to well-paying jobs Glassdoor ranked Computer Science as the top paying college major with a median starting salary of $70K

Payscale rated Computer Science as the 7 th best paying Masters degree with a median starting salary of $95.9K Can provide great job Computing has high satisfaction levels of autonomy, manageable complexity, immediate feedback and allows you to use your professional skills Encourages creativity and has an ubiquitous influence on society Options 1. Second Bachelors degree in Computer Science 2. Masters degree in Computer Science a) Pathway #1: Traditional Grad Prep Track Post-bac

part-time starts any quarter- could take up to 12 quarters (at one course per term) take selected set of undergraduate courses open admission with GPA requirements Pathway #2: Accelerated New Beginnings program b) Post-bac full-time one entry point per year 3 quarters take specially designed set of courses with a cohort of peers competitive admission New Option: Biomedical Informatics Pathway In

collaboration with Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Prepares students for admission to the OHSU MS or MBI in Biomedical Informatics, which has two tracks Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Clinical Informatics 2 + 1 format 2 quarters of New Beginnings then transfer to OHSU for an additional quarter Program Timeline New Beginnings starts Fall term and ends Spring term. Students take 12 undergraduate credits each quarter of New Beginnings PSUs

CS students will begin their MS coursework Summer quarter OHSUs Clinical Informatics track will begin MS coursework the Summer quarter OHSUs Bioinformatics & Computational Biology track will begin MS coursework Fall quarter New Beginnings Topics First Quarter Integers

Algorithm and Program Design Data Types and Data Representation Conditionals and Loops Functions and Subprograms I/O Dynamic Memory and Pointers Linear linked lists and Tree Structures Multi-dimensional arrays Data abstraction and implementations Classes and Inheritance Sorting and Searching Data management Correctness, Verification and Testing

Sets Relations Functions Counting Discrete Probability Vectors and Matrices Induction Propositional Logic Predicate Logic Graphs & Trees Boolean Algebra Languages as strings Finite Automata

New Beginnings Topics Second Quarter Computer Organization Compiling, linking, binaries Debugging, Make C, C library Number systems, arithmetic Data types/representation Code representation (assembly) Programs to machine code Exceptions Hardware performance Identifying bottlenecks

Basic Analysis Brute Force Algorithms Decrease and Conquer Transform and Conquer Divide and Conquer Greedy Algorithms Dynamic Programming Other algorithms Complexity New Beginnings Topics Third Quarter (Computer Science) Operating system services File systems Resource management Synchronization Processes, process cooperation and interference Introduction to networks Protection and security

Foundations of computing Regular languages and finite automata. Context-free languages and pushdown automata Turing machines and equivalent models of computation Computability Introduction to complexity New Beginnings Topics Third Quarter (Biomedical Informatics to be finalized) Bioinformatics & Computational Biology prerequisites Genetics Statistics (more to be added)

Clinical Informatics prerequisites Anatomy and Physiology Statistics (more to be added) Enrichment Days Every Friday Presentations Field by faculty on their research and interests trips to local software companies Hackathons and programming contests Admissions

Applications Required are now open - priority deadline is March 1 st Qualifications: GRE Quantitative score in the 70th percentile or higher and a Verbal score in the 50th percentile or higher Test date must be no older than 3 years Preferred Qualifications: At least a year of math beyond pre-calculus linear algebra, calculus, etc. Undergraduate GPA of 3.5 Interviews Students begin in March priority decisions in April

accepted to New Beginnings will be asked to complete a Post-bac Application for the University Ready to apply? Contact the CS Graduate Advisor at [email protected] to request an application Applications must be complete to be considered. Complete applications include GRE scores (no older than 3 years) and undergraduate transcripts (unofficial OK)

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