Nelson Mandela - Burlington County Institute of Technology

Nelson Mandela - Burlington County Institute of Technology

Nelson Mandela Topics biography family political career AIDS work time in prison peace work future? Biography Rolihlahla Dalibhunga Mandela was born in Mvezo near Umtata on 18th July 1918 his father Henry Mgdala Mandela was a chief of the

Thembus his family was quite wealthy Mandela had a happy childhood at the age of nine he lost his father he was given his British name Nelson at a Methodist school 1939: Mandela studied at Fort Hare College, where he met Oliver Tambo there he was first confronted with the injustice

of the supremacy of the whites after a students strike Mandela and Tambo were expelled he met Walter Sisulu who arranged a place at Witwatersrand University where he finished his law studies - Vormachtsstellung - verwiesen Political career

as a student Mandela got involved in the political opposition which struggled for equal rights for the black majority 1944: he joined the African National Congress (ANC) and two years later he founded the Youth League of the ANC (ANCYL) with Tambo and Sisulu after the National Party had won the election the ANC was forced to fight harder against Apartheid - Wahl Mandela demanded:

the preservation of full citizenship for everyone direct representation of all South-Africans in Parliament the right of trade unions, education and culture for everyone compulsory school attendance for everybody 1952: Mandela, who had become the president of the ANC and ANCYL, travelled through the country to call upon the population to protest because of this Defiance Campaign4 he received a nine months suspended sentence with probation5 Erhaltung 2 Vertretung 3 Schulpflicht 4

Missachtungskampagne 5 auf Bewhrung 1 1956: Mandela and others were accused of high treason 1961: the defendants were set free 1960: after the Sharpeville massacre the ANC was forbidden his attitude changed, he accepted that violence was necessary 1961: Mandela founded the armed wing of the ANC, the Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the nation) because of forbidden journeys abroad he was sentenced to five years imprisonment police found documents of the ANC which incriminated

Mandela and other members for treason against the government they were condemned to lifelong imprisonment - Time in prison He spent 18 years of his prison time on Robben Island lived in a 4 sqm- cell black prisoners werent considered to be human beings they developed the so-called Mandela University where they passed on the political

views and the history of the ANC 1982: they were sent to Pollsmore Prison 1985: Mandela refused a possibility to get free because he would have to stop fighting violently many people demonstrated for Mandelas release also many important politicians visited him 1988: he was moved to a prison near Paarl, where he didnt feel like a prisoner any more Frederik Willem de Klerk became leader of the National Party and president

of south Africa he abolished the ban on the ANC after the pressure of the ANC and foreign organizations and with the help of de Klerk Mandela was released in 1990 - Freilassung Peace work 1990-1994: after his release he started to

negotiatewith all sections of the population Mandela and de Klerk received the Noble Peace Prize 1994: Mandela became the first democratically elected president of South Africa he fought for better relationships between the black and the white population he developed a new constitution 1999: Mbeki, who was also his successor in the ANC, replaced him as president 2000: he worked as a mediator in Burundi and helped to develop a peace treaty4 AIDS work

January 2005: Mandelas second son died of AIDS 2002: Nelson Mandelas worldwide campaign 46664 against AIDS was founded 46664 was his prison number on Robben Island aim of the organization is to inform people about AIDS and how important it is to protect oneself live events with famous people such as Will Smith are organized Future? What will happen when Mandela is dead?

Mandela works for peace between whites and blacks many blacks are angry at the whites because a lot of them still experienced what Apartheid was like Mandela stops them from taking revenge When Mandela is dead, the whites will die like flies! hypothesis: civil war? whites being murdered? blacks will oppress whites? or whites will oppress blacks again?

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