PRESENTATION SOLUTIONS PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC CSC Overview CSC is a Global Leader in IT and Business Services Global, end-to-end capabilities in consulting, IT and business process outsourcing, and systems integration $16.7 B in revenue Fiscal year ended march 31th, 2009 Serving 15 industries on six continents 92,000 employees in 92 countries Founded in 1959 CSC HAS A STRONG REPUTATION FOR PERFORMANCE, TECHNICAL DEPTH, AND CUSTOMER FOCUS OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC CSC Overview Our operations span the globe 49 Countries with Permanent CSC Locations Argentina Australia Austria Barbados Belgium Bermuda Brazil

British V.I. Canada Chile China Colombia Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Finland France Germany Hong Kong India Indonesia Ireland Italy Japan Luxembourg Macau Malaysia Mexico Netherlands Netherlands Antilles New Zealand Nicaragua Norway Peru Philippines Poland Portugal

Republic of Korea Russia Singapore Slovakia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan (ROC) Thailand United Kingdom United States 43 Countries Where CSC Serves Clients Afghanistan Bahrain Bosnia Botswana Brunei Costa Rica Croatia Cyprus Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Diego Garcia, UK Egypt Greece Guam, U.S. Guatemala Honduras Iceland

Iraq OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC Israel Jamaica Jordan Kosovo Kuwait Liberia Lithuania Malta Morocco Namibia Pakistan Panama Papua New Guinea Puerto Rico Qatar Romania Saudi Arabia Sri Lanka Swaziland Trinidad Turkey Ukraine Uruguay Venezuela Vietnam Yemen

CSC Overview Healthcare & Life Sciences are one of CSCs 6 main industry verticals, and form an important part of our Global Revenues Public Sector $6.7B Financial Services $2.8B Manufacturing/ Aerospace & Defense Technology/ Consumer $2.6B $2.4B Healthcare & Life Sciences $1.2B Chemical, Energy & Natural Resources

$1.0B BUSINESS SOLUTIONS OUTSOURCING WORLD SOURCING *CSC: $16.7 B (USD) in revenue, 12 months ended march 31 , 2009 OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC CSC Healthcare & Life Sciences CSC helps Healthcare & Life Sciences businesses around the World realise business value by providing transformational solutions that are supported by CSCs industry, process and technical expertise CLIENT CHALLENGES Driving revenue in a increasingly complex environment Business & IT performance improvement Pricing management Internationalisation, Merger and Acquisition Marketing strategy and Patients intelligence R&D productivity & Speed to Market Providing improvements in quality and safety Compliance with all required Standards & Regulations OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC

HEALTHCARE & LIFE SCIENCES BUSINESS SOLUTIONS CLIENT & SECTOR KNOWLEDGE BUSINESS PROCESS EXPERTISE BUSINESS & TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS PROGRAMME & CHANGE MANAGEMENT OUR EXPERTISE Surveys & benchmarking for Pharma & appropriate horizontals Dedicated IP & Solutions for Pharma Over 5 500 professionals supporting the Healthcare & Life Sciences Sector We partner with the Market Leading Business & technology solutions providors World sourcing & infrastructure CSCs Proven Catalyst Methodology for Project & Programme Management Overview SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint Genealogy From FirstDoc to FirstPoint

1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 FCG FirstDoc 2003 2004 FirstDoc GMP FirstDoc R&D 2002 Accelerators

2001 Custom DCTM Solutions V 1.0 DCTM 2000 2005 2006 2007 FCG 2008 2009 CSC FirstDoc FirstPoint FirstPoint R&D Integration with Publishing FirstDoc Q&M FirstDoc Legal

Designed for Documentum FirstDoc Enterprise FirstDoc CT FirstDoc M&S OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC 7 SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint The Solution 1/4 CSCs FirstPoint Compliance Platform EDM & COLLABORATION SECURE COLLABORATION BUSINESS MODULES FIRSTPOINT COMPLIANCE PLATFORM Regulatory Affiliates CROs Investigators

Research & Development Metadata Automation Authoring Templates Document Auto Numbering Document Auto Naming Change Requests Watermarking CONTENT MANAGEMENT Web based application Office integration Simple, validated document creation OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC CMOs Supply Chain Clinical/ eTMF Advanced Workflow Engine Intuitive Workflow UI Auto Periodic Review Electronic Forms Audit Trail Advanced Security Go-to-Market Partners Quality & Manufacturing

Advanced Document Lifecycle PDF Renditions Metrics & Reporting Configurable E-mail Notices Administrative Utilities Electronic Signature Microsoft SharePoint Services Based Architecture Feature-Rich Workflow Engine 21 CFR Part 11 compliance SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint The Solution 2/4 FirstPoints Quick Start to Compliance Each business module contains preconfigured libraries based on experience from over 50 implementations! Research & Development BUSINESS MODULES The libraries consist of predefined: Nonclinical

Clinical Quality (CMC) Regulatory Content types Site columns OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC Clinical/ eTMF Quality & Manufacturing Clinical TMF Site TMF Study Controlled Documents Controlled Records Change Requests Guided Paths (Metadata Automation) Workflow templates Security templates 9 SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint The Solution 3/4

Product Roadmap 2009 Q1 J F Q2 M A M FirstPoint V1.6.3 2010 Q3 J J A Q4 S O N Q1

D J FirstPoint V1.6.4 F Q2 M A FirstPoint V2.0 M 2011 Q3 J J A Q4 S FirstPoint V2.1

O N Q1 D J F FirstPoint V3.0 Q2 M A M Q3 J J A FirstPoint V3.1 SharePoint V1.6.3 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

V2.0 Quality & Manufacturing FirstPoint V1.6.4 R&D TMF V2.1 SP2010 Compatibility Advanced Q&M V3.0 Office 2010 Advanced Publishing Integration Training Management FirstDoc to FirstPoint Migration Utility OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC V3.1 / V3.2 CAPA Enterprise API "Unified desktop Auto-config loader Q4 S O

N D FirstPoint V3.2 SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint The Solution 4/4 SharePoint 2010 FirstPoint Areas of Focus Managed Metadata / Content Type Hub for centrally managed taxonomies for enterprise deployments Integrate Guided Paths with the Term Store as a back end Support Content Organizer as an optional storage path for Guided Paths Utilize Document Sets as Virtual Documents Records Management integration to enforce Retention Policies OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC Advantages SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint Advantages 1/14 Benefits at a Glance SharePoint solution: fewer configurations, less deployment time, reduced total cost of ownership

compared to custom or legacy document management systems The FirstPoint Compliance platform: functionality required to meet global regulatory requirements including 21 CFR Part 11, complete set of fully integrated out-of-the-box preconfigured solutions incorporated with the latest in best practices for life sciences organizations, browser based solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office applications Secure SharePoint portals: easy and controlled collaboration with business partners across the drug development and commercialization lifecycle Preconfigured, Best Practice Libraries Relational Metadata Rules Driven Workflow Electronic Forms PDF Renditions Watermarking /Overlays Electronic Signature Preconfigured Reports Bulk Import Configuration Management Utility 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance File Auto-Naming OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC

File Auto-Numbering Validation Package Advanced Security Change Request Forms** Advanced Life Cycle** Manual Status Change** Periodic Review** My tasks web part** Configurable Email Notifications** Out-of-Office /Delegate Task** ** New in V2.0 13 SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint Advantages 2/14 Seamless Office Integration Technology champions compliance in familiar applications Users are less inclined to take short cuts that jeopardize compliance MS Office 2003: Drop Down Menu

MS Office 2007: Ribbon OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC 14 SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint Advantages 3/14 FirstPoint Eliminates Error Prone Processes and Boosts Productivity via Guided Paths FirstPoint auto populates metadata where possible Consistent data and reduced volume of data entry More valuable metadata for searching and workflow automation OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC Creating a document is faster, easier, and less error prone when its prepopulated with exactly what you need! 15 SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint Advantages 4/14 Personalize Your User Experience with SharePoint Web Parts

OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC 16 SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint Advantages 5/14 Robust, Rules Driven Workflow Automated Workflow Workflow runs automatically without any user intervention. The workflow engine will automatically send the document(s) on a route template based on predefined business rules for content type, participants, lifecycle status, etc. Manual Workflow End user are able to intercept a template driven workflow to select the workflow participants and/or add additional documents to the packet All other processes follow the predefined business rules of the workflow All workflow templates can be configured to pause at any step, so a workflow template can actually be a combination of a fully automated and semiautomated workflow OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint Advantages 6/14 Workflow Guides Secure Collaboration That Includes Real Time Co-authoring 2. A copy of the 1. Author initiates workflow and invites contributing authors 4. An audit trail is kept of all actions

for the updated document and the collaboration site is deleted upon completion of the workflow OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC document is automatically exported to a controlled SharePoint site 3. Contributing authors and external business partners can simultaneously collaborate in a secure and controlled setting using Word Track Changes 18 SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint Advantages 7/14 Intuitive, Robust User Interface that Shows You Where You Are in the Workflow Our Advanced Workflow Engine comes with countless options to meet your specific business needs OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC

19 SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint Advantages 8/14 FirstPoints Metrics and Reporting Feature FirstPoint provides a powerful reporting tool to support basic document management reports as well as workflow processing metrics Predefined models and reports provide out of the box industry standard reports for quick deployment Configurable tool enables you to create your own data models and reports Metrics and Reporting Document Information Metadata Audit Workflow Workflow Management OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC 20 SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint Advantages 9/14 Workflow Task Notifications Fully configuration notification email templates with rich formatting for email messages OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC 21

SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint Advantages 10/14 Streamline and Automate Your Change Control Process from End to End Based on Microsofts advanced Silverlight technology providing an intuitive, electronic formsbased interface Business process is automated based on user selections within the form Users can manage the documents, reason for change, and reviewers all from right within the form Microsofts InfoPath forms are also fully supported OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC 22 SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint Advantages 11/14 Advanced Life Cycle Management OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC 23 SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint Advantages 12/14

Auto-Numbering/Auto-Naming Automatically names and numbers documents based on any metadata Naming and numbering rule can be assigned to properties such as Name, Title, Number, etc. and different rules can be assigned to various content types Uses system generated numbers, property fields, literals or a combination OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC 24 SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint Advantages 13/14 PDF Renditions FirstPoint supports the creation of PDF Renditions through an OEM integration with AdLibs Express Server PDF Renditions can be created on demand by the end user or automatically as part of the workflow process The workflow template can be configured to route the native document, PDF Rendition, or both PDFs are stored on a separate SharePoint sub-site FirstPoint manages all relationships between source and rendition to ensure that they are in sync FirstPoint supports PDF annotations (sticky notes) as part of the workflow review process. PDF Watermarking is available to provide overlays to renditions at the Content Type Level OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC

25 SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint Advantages 14/14 Compliance Advanced Security Easy to access and read document Audit Trail Report Electronic Signatures Built into Workflow FirstPoint meets global regulatory requirements such as : FDA ICH GcP GMP OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC 26 Architecture SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint Architecture 1/3 FirstPoint Architecture OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC 28

SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint Architecture 2/3 Product Release Schedule 2009 Q1 J F Q2 M A FirstPoint V1.6.3 M 2010 Q3 J J A Q4 S O

N FirstPoint V1.6.4 Q1 D J F Q2 M A M Q3 J FirstPoint V2.0 J A FirstPoint V2.1 Q4 S

O N D FirstPoint V3.0 SharePoint FirstPoint V1.6.3 Core Document Management FirstPoint V1.6.4 R&D TMF ** Release date may vary depending on analysis outcome OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC FirstPoint V2.0 FirstPoint V2.1** FirstPoint V3.0** Quality and Manufacturing Advanced Q&M SP2010

Advanced R&D and actual release date of SP2010 29 SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint Architecture 3/3 SharePoint 2010 FirstPoint Areas of Focus Metadata Services Service Architecture Taxonomy and Content Types Content Authoring Document Sets Development Environments Silverlight Workflow User Interface Office, SharePoint OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC 30 Business Model

SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint Business Model 1/2 Partnership Business Model Item Microsoft CSC Service Licenses Delivered by CSC Development : Visual Studio 2008 Server : FirstPoint 2.0 Server : Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise SP2 or later Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 or higher Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Office 2007 (SP2) is required for crawling into Office 2007 documents Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 with latest security updates Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or 2008 Reporting Services Add-in for Microsoft SharePoint Technologies Client :

Since in V2.0, the Office client is optional, it depends if you need/want the Office integration (2003 or 2007) and/or the Web interface) Support OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC % of each license Third Party Maintenance 32 SOLUTIONS PHARMA CSC FirstPoint Business Model 2/2 Partnership Business Model: Office client OFFRE PHARMA MICROSOFT CSC 33

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