Multiplying Fractions - Mrs. Baker's Math Class (Ms. Fryar)

Multiplying Fractions - Mrs. Baker's Math Class (Ms. Fryar)

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Mini B Now, lets not get all crazy with this friend stuff, Mr. Sunshine. Made easy! Mikes Math Mall Warm Up In the table of contents of your notebook write the date in the left margin, title: multiplying fractions, and P. 5&6 in the right margin: 9/20 Multiplying FractionsP 5 & 6 On page 5 Learning Goal: I can fluently multiply fractions in real world situations. WIK: 3 sentences WIL: Proof: Hi! My Oops!is Sparky

name My bad! OFlannagan! Psstits not that kind of introduction, Sparky! Multiplyin g Fractions Introduction Multiplying What I know if Iyoure toldFractions you notthat a bigwhen fan of we fractions,

multiply Sparky, fractions, butwe I have dont some havegood to worry newsabout when making it comes common to multiplying denominators? them. No, sir! Good news I would call and fractions allitin super-duper the same

sentence? fantabulous, Impossible! news! Really? I wouldnt call that good news! I knew youd come around! P6 Multiplying Fractions 101 When we multiply fractions, we use the multiplication symbol: A raised dot:

Or parenthesis: Multiplying Fractions Some terms you numerator 101 Voc section need to know: denominator Simplify reduce a fraction to its simplest form using the GCF (greatest common factor) Example: The GCF of is 4. Use the GCF to reduce the fraction! Multiplying Fractions Mixed Practice Number

changing 101 a whole improper number Improper Fraction a fraction with a combined fractions into with mixed a fraction. numerator larger than thenumbers. denominator. Write 5 with the remainder 1 over

the denominator 2: Now you try some! 1) 2) 3) Multiplying Fractions 101 Practice changing mixed numbers into improper fractions. Take the whole number times the denominator, add the numerator, and place over the denominator. + Give it a try! 1) 2) 3)

Part 1 Multiplying Proper Fractions P6 Multiplying Fractions To multiply fractions: Example 1: Im finding this somewhat interesting. Continue, please! Always check to be sure the product is simplified! is simplified! Multiplying

Fractions Example 2: Example 3: Dont forget to simplify! Change to a mixed number! Time to Show Your Stuff! Multiply the following fractions. P6 1) 3) 2) 4) Crafty Cross-Cancelling P6

Step 2:1:See if those numbers have a Steplets Look at numbers across Now, look at the a method called crossGCF 1. If so, divide each number by from> each other numbers). cancelling, using

a(diagonal previous problem. that GCF. So the answer is already simplified? 1 4 1 1 Sparky approves but needs to see more! Whats the GCF of 3 and 3? 3 Whats the GCF of 2 and 8? 2 Yep! Crafty Cross-Cancelling Lets do Method: a side-by-side comparison to

Standard Cross-cancel method: see how cross-cancelling makes multiplying fractions1easier. 3 4 4 It makes Ifraction hate theThis is to admit it, but numbers smaller not going to this cross-cancelling andover helps simplify

go well with thingy is kinda the the answer! ladies! sweet! You sound like a math Iteacher, agree!Sparkles! Part 2 Multiplying Mixed Numbers P6 Multiplying Mixed Numbers Before we can multiply mixed

numbers, we need to change them into improper fractions. Example 1: Multiplying Mixed Numbers Example 2: 2 4 1 1 8 But isntwrong, that a Whats Great idea, chief! good thing? Sparkington?

This Im looks likeAll it this might not used to be a good time to use junk actually Imismaking really things some ofto senseNeed starting make starting tothat wigfancy crossair now! sense!

out here! cancelling! We better practice! Show us how its Done! Multiply the following mixed numbers. 1) 2) 3) 1 11 1 7 3 2

1 Multiplying So, how did itFractions go with the mixed numbers, Sparky? Fantastical! But Im starting to get a little worried. Oh, really? And whys that? Mikes Math Mall Because I think I actually wanna start becoming friends with fractions! Thats just weird, Mr. Sunshine!

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