Ms. O'Keefe's classroom

Ms. O'Keefe's classroom

Science 9 Ms. OKeefe/Ms. Booth Rm 10 Science 9 Agenda 1.Course outline

2.Introduction - KWL chart 3.Observations and Inferences 4.Observation activity 5.Dismissal KWL chart K what do you know about Ms. OKeefe?

W what do you want to know about Ms. OKeefe? KWL chart L what have you learned about Ms. OKeefe Observations and Inferences

One of the key skills of a good scientist is the skill of observation. It is also important to understand the difference between observation and inference. Observations Any information collected with the senses.

Quantitative measureable or countable 3 meters long

4 marbles 50 kilograms 35 degrees Celsius Qualitative describable, not measureable red flowers smells like fresh baked cookies

Tastes bitter The skill of describing scientific events Inferences Conclusions or deductions based on observations. The process of drawing a conclusion from given

evidence. Practice: Observations: I hear people screaming I smell cotton candy, popcorn, and hamburgers I see a lot of people

Inference = ? Look at these two sets of animal tracks. List 3 OBSERVATIONS.

Make an INFERENCE. Now what do you think? List 3 OBSERVATIONS.

Make an INFERENCE. Now what? List 3 OBSERVATION S.

Make an INFERENCE. Scientific knowledge Scientists construct knowledge from observation and inference, not observation alone.

How does what you think is real affect what you think you observe? Describe an example of how scientists use observation and inference to understand some aspect of the natural world.

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