Motivations for Imperialism - History With Mr. Green

Motivations for Imperialism - History With Mr. Green

Imperialism in the Congo By: Rebeca, Mattie, Chad Per. 3 Motivations for Imperialism Economic Needs A need for raw materials that were not domestically available and those raw

materials were abundant in Africa. Social Darwinism Only the strongest nations survive and only the strongest nations have colonies in Africa. Motivations for Imperialism Adventure Inspired by stories of Dr. Livingstone, people wanted the excitement of adventure. Missionaries/ The white mans burden Europeans felt that they needed to civilize the rest of the world. They also felt that

they needed to convert everyone in Africa to Christianity. Imperial Power Gained Control Henry Stanley was hired to find Dr. Livingstone and he became famous with his saying, Dr. Livingstone, I presume? This new fame encouraged King Leopold of Belgium to hire Stanley Stanley surveyed the basin of the Upper Congo River and traced the course of the Congo River To control land in the Congo,

Leopold founded the International Association of the Congo Imperial Power Gained Control Stanley began to sign treaties with over 450 native chiefs from the Congo As a result, Leopold gained rule of these lands given up by the chiefs In 1885, after the Berlin Conference, Leopold was given personal rule over the newly declared Congo Free State Leopold had what he wanted

because other European powers recognized his hold over Congo Effects of Imperialism on Congolese Ideas were forced on them and lots of repression and assimilation molded them daily. Africans had a restriction of movement and had to live in villages or shantytowns. They didnt have nearly as much freedom or rights as the white people. Africans were treated brutally

everyday. They had very poor working conditions Effects of Imperialism on Congolese Continued They were forced to collect sap from rubber plants by European Companies that King Leopold II issued. A near 10 million Congolese died from the brutality of Leopolds rule. Humanitarians all around the world wanted big changes because of the horrible acts of Leopold. The Belgium Government took control in 1908, away from the vicious Leopold. There was slavery throughout Africa and they were

beaten and forced to work but that would soon be over because they were going to gain independence from Belgium soon. Imperial Power removed in Congo In 1908 the Congo was surrendered by King Leopold II to Belgium. It was renamed the Belgium Congo. Working conditions were harsh but the Belgium rule improved them significantly. People began to demand self rule. The Belgium government agreed to give their political power to the people because

they were so confident that they would later regain control. The Belgium Government was wrong, on June 30,1960, Congo gained their independence. Joseph Kasavubu and Patrick Lumumba were the new president and prime minister of the Belgium Congo. Current Status The full name of the former imperialized nation is the Democratic Republic of the Congo A constitution in 2005 divided the

country into 26 almost selfgoverning provinces After 4 years of instability between 2 different constitutions, they are now settling into a stable presidential democratic republic Population has increased by 6 million since 1997 Current Status The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a developing country with many valuable resources Economy has declined drastically since mid1980s This is as a result of the First and Second Civil Wars that have reduced national output,

increased debt, and killed more than 5 million people Most citizens are farmers Wars have made women of almost no value and they are not treated as equals Many children are not able to attend school because of enrollment fees Many languages and cultures make it difficult for the nation to be united

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