MKT 452 - Compliance Techniques - John Stockmyer

MKT 452 - Compliance Techniques - John Stockmyer

What do you do when the consumer either does not want your product, or does not want to pay attention to your message? Use Persuasion / Compliance Techniques

1) Use Attention Getting Devices 2) Appeal to Attitudinal Consistency 3) Use Sequential Request Techniques 4) Appeal to their Norm of Reciprocity Attention Getting Devices Show concern for customer Student loan consolidators. . . Tell them its Local Organization

Portales Charity Name Recognition Letter in the mail... Personalization techniques The Persuasive Effect of Name Recognition on Compliance Compliance

Request Y ES Is Name Remembering Perceived as Compliment? Increase in Compliance

NO YES Remember Name? No Effect on

Compliance NO Howard / Gengler / Jain (1995) Journal of Consumer Research Appeal to Need for Attitudinal Consistency Get consumer to say yes. Increases likelihood of saying yes again

Would you like to win a new Chevy Blazer? We thank you for your support in the past, Mr. Stockmyer some completely bogus Sequential Request Techniques 1) Foot-in-the-Door Get agreement on small donation, then go for a larger amount

Initial request may not be monetary... 2) Door-in-Face Ask for a LARGE donation, get turned down, then go for a more reasonable amount Youre a real jerk if you cant give $5.00 Sequential Request Techniques 3) Lowballing Get an initial agreement to buy, then reveal hidden

costs Optional Alarms in wifes car Magazine girl 4) Thats not all technique Either reduce the price at the end of ad, or offer Free bonus products to make the deal seem better Infomercials Appeal to Norm of Reciprocity

People feel the need to repay favors Even for small amounts like 10 cents Ever receive a penny or nickel in mail? Free Stamp to order magazines

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