Military OneSource

Military OneSource

Service Providers General Eligibility Active duty, National Guard and Reserve Component service members Immediate family members Coast Guard when activated with the Navy Civilian Expeditionary Workforce

2 Private and Confidential Privacy is protected Your personal information will not be Provided to the military or chain of command Shared with family or friends Released to other agencies

Privacy Exceptions Duty to warn Suspected family maltreatment (domestic violence, child or elder abuse/neglect) Harm to self or others Illegal activity 3

Range of Support Community Resources & Referrals Financial Deployment Life Transitions Health Coaching Relationships

Moving Libraries Children & Youth Special Needs Career & Education

Confidential Non-medical Counseling 4 Military OneSource: Something for Everyone Did you know Military OneSource has

Smart shopping tips (audio clips) Planning for your golden years (video) Connecting with your child (booklet) Dealing with your stress (downloadable)

Disaster preparation (webinar) 5 Our Websites 6 Military OneSource Homepage

7 Military OneSource Homepage 8 Confidential Help

9 Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Program Military Spouse Career Center at Military OneSource

Spouse Education and Career Opportunities comprehensive counseling service available to ALL military spouses. Career exploration and discovery Education, training and state licensing/credentialing requirements Employment readiness Career connections and My Career Advancement

Accounts Scholarship Program Financial assistance for spouses of Service members in pay-grades of E1-E5, O1O2 and W1-W2 Up to $4,000 for education/training and license/credential in a portable career Financial assistance provided to more than 43,000 spouses in fiscal year 2012 Military Spouse

Employment Partnership Web-enabled employment and career partnership connect military spouses with vetted Fortune 500 PLUS employers 231 corporate partners Partners Statements of Support to increase employment, provide career promotion opportunities and ensure pay equity for military spouses Spouse Ambassador Network

02/01/2020 MySECO Website Launch 10 Login 11

Accessing Service Provider Home 12 Service Provider Home 13

Service Provider Resources 14 Monthly Focus 15 Events and Presentations

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Printable Materials Flyers Topical lists Program overview 19 Finding Information and Products Click to quickly access information available through

Military OneSource. 20 Affiliate Provider Information Affiliate provider network criteria Masters degree or higher Five years post-masters clinical experience

Minimum three years employee assistance program experience More information on additional criteria and joining the network can be found at 21

Social Media Hub 22 Online Library Resources Audio books, e-books, research, tutoring, exam prep, rsum builder and more! Image of various online library resource logos

23 Access You can expect: 24/7/365 worldwide access Masters-level consultants to answer your questions Objective, experienced and caring people

Up-to-date and useful information No cost A commitment to quality Toll-Free telephone 800-342-9647

Email your questions to a consultant Interaction with trained outreach professionals 24 Questions?

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